November 27, 2011

Tis the Season

Christmas Village


Yes, the Christmas season  is here.    And here I sit with my fall stuff still out and no energy to get out my Christmas decorations to start decorating for Christmas.   I’ve never, ever been like this.   I love the Christmas season and all it represents…the decorating, family time, gift wrapping, and Christmas Eve service at church.    So I’ve made an “executive” decision….I’m not going to put up a tree this year!    Right now my plans are to decorate the mantel, the dining room and the outside.    At least, I hope I can even get that much done.     In addition, I’ll be working as well (yes it’s only 3 days a week but that’s time away from home when I could be doing things around the house).    And I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping!   

The month of December is packed with out of town travel plans and a big birthday party bash at my daughter’s house so we’ll be gone a lot of the time.   Here’s what our itinerary looks like so far…

  • Monday (tomorrow) meeting my sister in Birmingham for shopping and lunch
  • December 2nd-4th - taking all the kids and grandkids to Calloway Gardens for Festival Of Lights
  • December 10th – daughter is having her husband’s 40th birthday party bash at her house – I’ll be helping her decorate, cook and getting ready for the party
  • December 17th – annual family Christmas party at the lake house

That takes us right up to Christmas weekend which we spend going back and forth to visit with family here and out of town.   

Today we made plans to go out of town for New Years.    We had talked about going to New York with my sister and her husband for New Year’s but that fell through so we’re doing something different.   

I have mixed feelings about not going “all out” or not putting up a tree but I just don’t want to feel stressed.    Please don’t think of me as the “Grinch”…I just know my limitations!

But I can’t wait to see everyone’s decorations here in blog land.


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I believe that it is what is in your heart that embodies the Christmas Sprit...not the tree. I totally understand where you are coming from. It is a beautiful season, but boy, it is alot of work!! Enjoy!

Lou Cinda

Diana said...

I agree, it is so much work. I'm exhausted and feeling the way you are. If it wasn't for my kids, I probably wouldn't decorate at all. Having trouble finding my Christmas spirit right now. Have a good week Judy. :)

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Sounds like your calender is full and you don't need more stress of doing all the decorations you used to do. Change is good, maybe just for this year!!! Hey, after the kids left we didn't put a tree up.


The enchanted home said...
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The enchanted home said...

It IS a lot of work, sometimes I feel my knees buckle when I think of moving and Christmas decorating, shopping, having people over, dinners..ugh! CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!
I think its more much more relavent whats in your heart and the kind of person who are and how you choose to honor it then the fancy decorations you put up. I mean if thats your thing then thats great you should do it, but if you feel like just decorating your mantle...then so be it, there are no hard and fast rules. Its a beautiful season and as long as you carry the spirit and magic with you me, that is what really counts.

Highpoint Circle said...

I am feeling much the same and I don't want the visual clutter either. I've never been like this either, but change is good and I embrace it's newness too. Seek the peace that is Christmas in the midst of enjoying your season. I'm trying to do the same. highpointcircle.

Highpoint Circle said...

Love your blog--please don't give that up this season. highpointcircle.

Justabeachkat said...

I felt the same way last year. I didn't put up a large tree, but I did put out a few small ones here and there and I decorated my mantel. It was just fine. made me want to NOT do it this year. We have already bought our tree and I'm in the process of decorating now.

I say do what's best for YOU and don't worry...just enjoy the season.


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