November 7, 2011

Surprise Visit At Hobby Lobby

Today I ran into Hobby Lobby to check out the sales for this week.    Coming around a corner I had to stop so I wouldn’t bump into another person’s buggy.    You know how it is…you glance up at the other person, say “excuse me” and move on.     Well, about that time,  I realized I knew the other lady pushing her cart.    We both stopped when we realized we knew each other and had a nice long visit in the floral aisle for about an hour!      I’ll call her “D” and while I don’t think she’ll read my blog (I did give her the name of it) she says she doesn’t get on the computer very much, I wouldn’t want to make her uncomfortable.    “D” and I have known each other since 8th grade.    She was a grade ahead of me but we were always friends.    

One time in the 8th grade my winter coat went missing from the coat closet.     Somehow I found out “D” had taken my coat and hidden it!   I told my mama and she sent a note to the teacher and lo and behold my coat reappeared!    Now don’t get the wrong impression, we were pre-teens and I guess she thought it was funny, we’d never had words and were casual friends at the time, so I don’t know why she did that.    But after that, we became good friends throughout our school years.

“D” dated this one guy throughout junior and senior high school.    He was a little bit older than her, went to another school and drove a Corvette!    Were were all in awe of “D”’s big city boyfriend.     He was so good to her too.    They got married a few days after she graduated from high school and had a very successful real estate business here in town.    Her husband was killed in a tragic auto accident in 1986.     Fortunately, “D” met “S” about two years after that and has been happily married to him since 1988.

“D” was my idol in high school.     She was tall & blonde, had perfectly straight hair, big blue eyes, was a cheerleader, beauty queen and homecoming princess.     Although she had all those honors, she was very down to earth and sweet to everyone.    She was never a snob and had a great personality.

I had semi-straight hair but in the 60’s and 70’s straight hair was the thing to have.     Our maid (don’t judge – it was the south in the 60’s) ironed my hair every morning before school.    That’s the only way I could get it straight.   OR sleep with my hair rolled in orange juice cans!!!   

“D” caught me up with a couple of our other friends that I haven’t seen in a while.    One of the girls (“P”) husband died several years ago of cancer.    Just recently “P” found out she has breast cancer in both breasts.    She got a 2nd opinion and her prognosis looks better than first believed.  

It’s always fun to run into old friends and catch up.   I just hate that we let so much time pass between visits but it seems like we all have so many obligations and busy lives we don’t make time to stay in touch.     Right now we’re planning to get together with “P” and another friend for lunch.   

I hope you’re lucky enough to still be in touch with your childhood friends.    If not, I challenge you to look them up and reconnect.    


Cheri said...

That is terrific that you ran into your friend. I have tried to find some of my high school friends but with no luck. I think it is harder to find gal friends because they get married (maybe more than once) and so you have no idea what their new name is.

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful post. LAST WEEK I reconnected with two cousins that I had lost contact with over the years. One was in my grade at school and "the brain" and we had great fun together. The other was an older cousin (and my Dad's favorite neice). She caught me up on everyone but is, sadly, in poor health herself.

You are right-don't wait! I have one best friend from high school that I have been trying to find for a long time. xo Diana

Simply LKJ said...

What a great surprise! Always fun to catch up with an old friend.

Anonymous said...

hey, dont any of u have Facebook? its the greatest thing ever to keep in touch with old school friends and fam and friends you blog!

life just saying said...

Loved your post! I totally get the straight hair thing. I have curly, curly, curly hair. So NOT the thing in the 70s. Although we didn't have a maid (not judging) I had my best friend iron it once. It didn't work out so well so I made peace with my hair. Thank God for all the products these days! And I have a few childhood friends that I keep in touch with. That's great to hear you reconnected with yours. New follower!

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

How interesting talking about P and D. I just use my friend's first names and they don't seem to mind. One got annoyed that I didn't mention her. Can you imagine? Too funny.

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