December 30, 2007

First Big Boo-Boo

Saturday my son-in-law called about 8:30 a.m. to tell us that our little man (a/k/a Jackson) had a bar stool fall on him and it put a big ole knot on his head and his little front tooth was dangling down! Oh my goodness.....we met them at the doctor's office who quickly sent us to the ER. How many of ya'll have experienced the ER on a Saturday morning? Actually, it wasn't as bad as I thought. They called Jackson and his mom and dad back pretty quick. Of course, Taylor wanted to go back there to check on her "brodder" (remember they are twins and have quite a bond) but Pop and I assured her that her brodder was okay. About 11:30 Taylor was getting a little restless and so we decided to get her something to eat and take her to Mimi and Pop's for a nap (that would be me and hubby). We went to the back to tell Shannon and SIL we were leaving. On our way back to the room where little man was, we could hear him singing a song and clapping his hands..... like he didn't have a care in the world! All us grownups were about to hyperventilate but that little boy was having the time of his life. After we got home and we got Taylor to sleep, my daughter and her husband came in with Jackson and they had pulled his the tune of $150! Of course, my SIL said he could have saved himself the $150 if that's all they were going to do and could have pulled it himself but I don't think he really would have....I believe that was $150 well spent. Jackson is as good as new, talking, singing, eating his "butter" (PB&J which he would eat all the time if Shannon would let him). I'm so grateful he is okay but it just goes to show that you can be right in the room with your children and accidents happen. Apparently, he was climbing up on his stool when it toppled over and those stools are real heavy. We are so lucky it wasn't even worse but man, did it pull my heart strings to see my little buddy hurt like that. He got extra hugs and kisses which he loved! Thank God he is okay.

December 25, 2007

Over the River and Thru the Woods to Sister's House We Go....

We went to my sister's house on Saturday to have Christmas with her family. Ya'll come in and enjoy!
Frosty greets you in the driveway

We're almost there
Up the driveway!
View off her back deck
Display of snowmen on table in kitchen
Portraits of her children when they were little

This is supposed to show her nativity scene on top but looks like I cut it off

Desserts on the sideboard
Food, food and more food!
Dining room looked really pretty
Two darling little boy cousins playing with trucks
My precious grandson Jackson (Taylor's twin)
My sister and her first grandson
McKinley, Taylor (on chocolate overload) and Jackson - my three angels

Looks like Jackson is reading to the dog!
Our newest family addition and my sister's first granddaughter
McKinley got into the chocolate kisses!

She's a little crazy here!
Hope you enjoyed spending a little time with our family. I hope everyone had a wonderful, Christ-filled Christmas!
Hugs - Judy

December 21, 2007

What's Up?!?!?!

This morning when I checked my blog all my links were missing and other stuff was going on that I couldn't figure out! Didn't have time to find out what had happened but this afternoon I somehow managed to fix it. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused anyone. I hated that all my blog links were gone but for now, everything seems back to "normal" (whatever that is).

December 20, 2007

Dinner and a Little Tour of the Heart of Dixie

We ate dinner tonight at a place in downtown that's been there 90 years! Nothing fancy, just good hotdogs, hamburgers and fixins. Also some pictures of our beautiful historical downtown. Enjoy "dinner and the tour!"

How many of ya'll remember this look?

"Mr. Chris" as we say here in the south

World famous hot dogs and hamburgers - it might not look like it but they are delish!

This is the "dining room"

This is what you see coming into Chris'

Menu and prices today (sorry it's blurry)

Look at these prices!

Connie doing what she does best - fixing the "dogs" and "burgers"

World Famous Chris' Hot Dogs!

This is the church where Dr. Martin Luther King started out - also Gov. George Wallace visited here after he was shot

Better shot of the house and tree

You can't see it good but there is a huge old magnolia tree in front of the house

First White House temporarily closed for renovations

First White House of the Confederacy where President Jefferson Davis lived with his family

This is our beautiful state capital

My First Tag!

I've been tagged by Mary of Little Red House to play Christmas Hoopla. I will give it my best shot:
1. When I was growing up we spent every Christmas at my grandparents' farm. On Christmas Eve we'd go to candlight service at church and then everyone at the church would go back to my grandparents' house for eggnog, coffee and other goodies. My mom always had a special outfit for me and my sister and we'd get all dressed up for a magical Christmas Eve. Then it was off to bed and dreaming of Santa!
2. The first year my first husband and I were married I was expecting our first baby (I got pregnant 3 months after we got married) and could not even get out of bed to see my parents or his family because I was so sick. He went off to pass out presents and collect ours and when he got home he came in and sat next to me and we opened our gifts. I'll never forget he gave me a beautiful watch. I'm surprised that memory is making me sad thinking of something that happened more than 30 years ago - we were so poor but so much in love! (We're not together anymore).
3. Growing up I was horse crazy. I always got the neatest presents from my bachelor uncle who indulged my horse obsession. One year I anxiously tore into his gift - only to find a Whitman's sampler box of candy!!! My mom said the expression on my face was priceless as I lamely exclaimed "Oh, candy." When I opened the box, inside was the most beautiful horse shirt I'd ever seen - I should have known Uncle Charlie would come through!
4. I always try and get my Christmas decorations out and up the weekend after Thanksgiving but it didn't happen this year - too much going on.
5. Every year I buy beautiful Christmas cards but never send any out! Am I lazy or what?
6. When my children were little we went around to both sets of grandparents houses to open gifts and then Santa Claus came that night and they got their "big" gifts the next morning. Now that they are grown, we don't always get together on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day - now, Pop and MiMi (me and David) travel around to see what Santa brought the little grandbabies.
7. I love watching Christmas Vacation - it makes me laugh and cry. I also love A Christmas Story.
8. I try and take down my decorations on December 26th but for the last year or so my best friend begs me to leave them up so she can come to visit and see what I've done. She lives about 2 hours away and doesn't make it to my house until a day or so after Christmas - I HATE leaving those decorations up beyond Christmas!
9. After the decorations are down, my house looks empty and different. I forget where I put stuff that I took down in order to put up the Christmas stuff and I'm like a kid in a candy store when I "discover" all my "lost" items.
10. I am usually buying "one more thing" right up through Christmas Eve!
11. My husband and I don't buy each other big gifts at Christmas because we usually buy what we want and/or need all during the year. About two years ago, we had had our usual discussion about not buying each other anything - I did buy him a pair of sweatpants to wear around the house. Everyone was at my house on Christmas Eve and all the gifts had been passed out when he said he thought Santa had left something under the tree for me - OMG! He had bought me an "eternity" necklace! I felt so bad about not buying him anything but not bad enough that I didn't put that sucker on right then and there!
12. I love Christmas bonuses! Today my boss gave me a little Christmas cheer in the form of cash - CASH works for me!

Okay, that was not so bad. I'm going to tag Heather at Basiques Boutique; Kari and Kijsa at Kari and Kijsa ; Tracey at A Cottage Industry and Janet at Housepeepers

Now the rules as I understand them are to:
1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas.
2. Refer to it as Hoopla.
3. Tag specific people.
4. See the rules on Mary's blog as these aren't very good (Little Red House)

December 19, 2007

Sweet Daughter's House

Taylor's red Christmas shoes - she had a fit for them in the store so of course I had to buy them!

This chest is in her den

"....the stockings were hung by the chimney with care..."

Sideboard in dining room

She has this on a tray in the kitchen

Just a few pictures I took tonight at my daughter's house. I wanted to take some good ones of the twins but they had other ideas!

December 17, 2007

I Love Shoes!!!!!!!!

What can I say but "War Eagle" (Auburn)
I about broke my neck coming out of church in these but I looked cute!

These are so cute in the summer with a tan (fake or real)

Okay, I know what you're thinking (what the he--- are these?) but my BF Judy wore these to a Kenny Chesney concert with a starched white shirt, starched jeans, THESE SHOES and turquoise jewelry - really sharp!

I love pretty shoes. Today these were delivered.....

I have got a lot of use out of this old chair using it for year round displays
Diplay on front of house - I really like the way this turned out

This is an old beat-up table I put on my front porch but is ideal for outside - see the old breadbox in the back? I love stuff like that!

I love this black table - I got it for my birthday last year
I love these green candles on the table - they smell so Christmasy!
More of foyer
This is the table in the foyer

Same little side table in kitchen
Three corner cabinet in kitchen
Goody tray on kitchen counter - for husband and kids!

Tabletop display in kitchen
Red and green ornaments hanging from chandalier in kitchen
Another close up of the mantel
A little closer look at mantel
Fireplace mantle - I didn't go "all out" with the mantel this year!
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