February 28, 2014

This and That and Hello March!

Well, it seems I’ve only posted one time this month…after such a good start in January!   I don’t have any excuses except that we’ve been busy with LIFE! 

Anyhow, if you’re interested, I’d like to share a bit of our busy February with you.   

Most of the country was hit with one of the hardest winters in a long time.     The South was especially hit hard, and while a lot of folks thought we were “pansy's” for making such a big deal over a little bit of snow, it wasn’t the snow that made life difficult, but the ice that formed.    So many unbelievable stories of people trapped in their cars for hours and hours, as they were stranded on the highways and interstates.    Atlanta and Birmingham were two of the worst hit.

ice storm#2

My DIL (in Birmingham) took 8 hours to get home that is a normal 1/2 hour drive!    My sister was in Birmingham at a conference and she and a co-worker left the conference early to try and avoid the coming disaster but had to stay in a Waffle House (!) overnight before they were able to travel to their town of Talladega.     I think everyone is ready for some warmer temps and SPRING!

ice storm#4


On Valentine’s weekend my husband and I had a little weekend get away to Fairhope, Alabama.   Such a charming town!    The weather was wonderful, and we got out and did a lot of sightseeing and of course, eating at some of our favorite places.     We traveled over to Magnolia Springs and Gulf Shores, both just a quick and easy drive from Fairhope.    If you’re ever in Magnolia Springs I would suggest eating at Jesse’s and in Gulf Shores we went to one of my favorite places, Lulu’s.    The shrimp salad there is to die for!

fairhope pier


This is the Fairhope pier and the weather was exactly like this the day we visited.   We sat on a bench and people watched then walked allllll the way to the end of the pier and back!    We got some exercise that hopefully off-set all the good food we ate!     

Whenever we’re in the Fairhope area, we love stopping by The Grand Hotel by Marriott.   We had our wedding pictures made on the grounds which are spectacular!

Grand Hotel Fairhope


Grand Hotel#2


Grand Hotel#3

(source for above photos)


And what would a vacation be without some retail therapy?    I did my share and found some darling things for the house.      I bought some planters for outside the french doors at the back patio and some boxwood items that look sooooo real!  

Just as soon as we got home my husband and I dedicated ourselves to better eating habits.    We just eat out way too often and not always the right kinds of food either.    Plus, we’ve gotten so sedentary this winter and packed on too many unneeded pounds.     This is our 2nd week of eating better and he’s lost about 10 pounds and I’ve lost about 7!    Nothing to shout from the rooftops but we both feel so much better.     My weakness is Cokes and I’m proud to say I haven’t had one Coke in 2 weeks…..only water.    We’re lucky our daughter and her husband own a bottled water company so we can get all the water we want (free!)

I’ve also done some retail therapy on line (which can be a dangerous thing, right?)!     I love baskets and when I saw this one on sale at Pottery Barn, I couldn’t put it in my basket quick enough.   

PB Beachcomer tray

It’s huge….so many places you can use this.   I still don’t know where I’ll put it but I’m sure it will find a home!

My ordering/buying of things usually come in spurts….I either buy things for the house or clothes/shoes.   But lately I’ve been doing both!     The prices range from really inexpensive to a little more than I usually want to pay but somehow it all evens out.    I’ve wanted some skinny ankle length pants for a long time but never could find any that fit the old body.    I’m not a teeny bopper (does anyone even say that anymore?) and don’t want to look like a ‘ho but when I found these I was pleasantly surprised.     They fit really well and the price is fantastic….I ordered 2 pair in white.    (Note:  The picture on the web site looks like some kind of camouflage but click on the other colors…I got mine in white).

My next purchase was inspired by a pair of shoes I saw on a lady at my hairdressers last week.    They were the cutest “shooties” and I wanted them!    Unfortunately, I couldn’t talk her into giving me hers so I set out to get my own (LOL)!   


I ordered these but until I get them and see if I can walk around in them comfortably, the jury is still out.

This week I had my mammogram on Monday (ugh but necessary…everything’s good) and dentist on Wednesday.     I also took my mom to the dentist…she’s been having some problems with her teeth.    Turns out she needs 5 extractions and a partial plate!    My mama is 93 years old so I’m not looking forward to this for her.     She’s a tough old bird though and I pray she’ll do good.

I guess that about wraps it up for me.     I’m so excited because on Monday I’m going to visit my very best friend!   Her name is Judy too!   We’ve been best friends since the 1980’s and gone through a lot together….she says I’m the sister she never had.    There have been times in my life I don’t know what I would have done without her.    


Judy and Judy

BFF Judy in white and me in black and white


Goodbye February….I don’t think anyone will miss you!

February 4, 2014

Snow Babies

PicMonkey Collage

Last week the South experienced a freak ice/snow storm that paralyzed many thousands, if not millions, mainly due to the ice.    But my grandchildren (and their cousins) took advantage of the rare snow and had a lot of fun! 

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