July 30, 2008

Cheers for Caty

This is a little different post for me but something I felt compelled to do. I received an e-mail tonight from a fellow blogger, Amy at 3cheers4mom. You can go to her blog and read about her daughter's friend Caty. It seems that Caty, who is 13 years old, has recently been diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. Now I don't have a clue what Ewings Sarcoma is, but Amy tells a little about it on her blog. From what I understand, Caty has already started her chemo treatments. When Caty found out she had this form of cancer, she shared with her friends that she believed her purpose on earth is to bring others closer to God. Just before starting her chemo, Caty had her beautiful red hair cut off to donate to "Locks of Love." What an amazing young lady.

Amy is asking that as many people as can to write Caty and send her "cheers" during her ordeal. If you feel as moved by Caty's story as I have been, and you would like to write Caty, you can send your cards and/or letters to the following address:

Cheers for Caty
2935 Thousand Oaks #6-220
San Antonio, Texas 78247

I would also ask that you add sweet Caty to your prayer list and the prayer list at your church.

We all know the power of prayer....let's let Caty know she has a lot of folks "cheering her on" in this difficult time for her.

Thank you

July 27, 2008

Beachy Keen Weekend

Last Friday my sister and I headed off to Gulf Shores, Alabama to spend the weekend with my best friend Judy. Since my name is also Judy, and we didn't want a lot of confusion going on when my sister called one of us, my BF went by "other Judy" so in keeping with tradition, she will be known as "other Judy" here!

I had been trying to visit with Judy at the beach all summer. But due to schedules and other family related issues, I had not been able to go. She dropped by my house a few weeks ago, made me get out my calendar, and we were able to come up with a time that I could come to the beach. She and her husband take their camper there for the summer and she has been there since April! Her husband is taking the camper back home soon cause football season is right around the corner and the camper is "tailgate headquarters" in Auburn for a lot of us! Anyway....I'm getting off my point here, which is to say that I asked my sister to come along with me because to put it mildly, she has been through some life-changing events for the past few months and she really needed some time to regroup and just be with the girls.

So Friday morning we started out bright and early, stopped for breakfast at Shoney's, and headed toward the Gulf! When we got there, we did a little shopping and then went back to get ready to go to dinner. Judy had a place she wanted to take us in Orange Beach called The Wharf. The Wharf is actually an outdoor shopping destination with wonderful shops and great places to eat right on the water. Just beautiful! We got there around 6:00 so we could have our choice of tables outside, take our time ordering and eating and stay around to enjoy an outdoor concert at 8:00. The restaurant we ate at is called Guy Harvey's, right on the water next to where the yachts dock. Our table was not 10 feet from where the boats pull in.

I just had to take a picture of this sweet lady....this was her first night as a "cigarette girl". How many of ya'll remember seeing someone like her in old movies where a girl floats around a restaurant selling cigars, cigarettes....? She was very nervous but kept coming back to our table because she said we were so nice to her!

Judy and my sister ordered the same thing, a shrimp platter. I won't go into the problems I had with my order because they first brought out the wrong order, then when they went to correct it, it was still wrong! Oh, well....

My sister (the short one) and my best friend "Other Judy"!

The two Judy's!

My "little" sister and me

Raspberry margarita (very yummy!)

As you can see, Other Judy's drink was delicious too!

Gorgeous sunset

View from our table looking out to the "mall" area

All the trees are wrapped in white lights and when it gets dark, it is something to see!

Anyone want to buy a boat?

We went shopping for a little while before we ate. This sideboard was in the window of a store we loved....you'll see more of it further down

Here's that bright green sideboard in a shop called Bungalows....

...and here is the original location of their store in Foley

Saturday we HAD to get in a little retail therapy and this sofa caught my eye

Ya'll know how much I love black furniture!

There is a well-known restaurant in Foley called Lamberts where they are famous for throwing rolls at customers (to my knowledge, no one has ever been injured by this practice!)

Unfortunately, our trip was cut short Saturday morning. Judy's husband had been in N.O. for work-related school for 3 weeks. He called Saturday morning to say he was pretty sick and was driving up to where we were - about a 2 hour drive. My sister and I decided we'd go out and do a little sightseeing and shopping and check with Judy from time to time to see what was going on with her hubby. We had already decided we'd just drive back home late Saturday evening so that Judy's husband would not be in the camper with 3 girls and one bathroom! Then to top it off, his car broke down in Gulf Port, MS and she had to drive over there to get him, getting caught in a significant storm coming back to Gulf Shores! So my sister and I went home, getting in about 9:00 Saturday night. She dropped me off and drove to their lake place where her family (plus some of mine) were for the weekend. We had a good time while we were there and I hate we didn't get to stay the entire time, but things happen that you have no control over.

I talked to Judy this afternoon and her hubby is okay.....he might have had food poisoning and then got "overloaded" on medication given to him by a doctor....he got a little R&R and has gone back to work so thank goodness he's okay.

Not as many pictures as I would have liked to had, but even the day and a half we were there was a lot of fun.

(One of) My Favorite Things

Cindy at My Romantic Home is hosting a "favorite things" post. She asks that you post a picture of your favorite thing or things. Since I just returned from the beach and have been inspired with beachy, cottagy-type things lately, I thought it appropriate to lighten up my usual dining room vingette. So today the dining room centerpiece and vingette on the sideboard are my "favorite things"!

Also, this post happens to be Number 100 for me! When I started my blog in December 2007, I had no idea of the wonderful journey which I was about to find myself on. I have "met" so many wonderful folks....so many of you with my passion of decorating and fluffing and primping my home, but also the unbelievable goodness, kindness, compassion and "sisterhood" that is so willingly and unselfishly shared. To think that we all meet as strangers, and while the likelihood of many of us actually meeting in person is slim, I still feel a closeness to everyone of you who visit, make comments or just "lurk"! I appreciate each and every comment. And while I don't always respond please know how much it means to me that you would take the time out of your busy, hectic lives to "make my day."

Here's to the next 100+ posts!

July 24, 2008

Off To The Beach

My sister and I will be heading to the beach Friday morning for a 3 day girly-girl weekend. We will be meeting my best friend Judy there and stay at her place. Three days of eating, shopping, talking, primping, more shopping, more eating.....it doesn't get any better!

I'll talk to ya'll next week! Have a safe and wonderful weekend...

July 22, 2008

I'm A Copycat!

Wow! I feel like I'm on a blogging marathon lately! Guess I'm on a roll so ya'll please bear with me!

I saw this pretty shower curtain in the Ballards catalog Saturday night and thought how pretty it would be in hubby's bathroom. His bathroom is done in cremes and chocolate brown....he loves it. I started to order the shower curtain but just before I did, a light bulb went off in my head! The curtain in there now is a white quilted one like in Ballards, it just didn't have that strip added to the bottom. Why order the $46.00 shower curtain when I could just add a piece to the edge of my existing curtain for my own Ballards look-alike shower curtain! So Sunday afternoon I went off to Wally world to see if I could find anything. They did not have anything in the fabric department at all but on my way out I strolled through the home section. There I found the perfect chocolate brown color in a drapery panel and it was out of the same waffle weave material as my shower curtain. The price was not bad, $15.00, but when the clerk rang it up, it was only $11.88!

My sewing skills are a little rusty and it took me a couple of hours but I think it turned out just as good as the one from Ballards, and a whole lot cheaper. I'm a happy girl!

Here's the Ballards shower curtain

Up close....the brown trim is done in a twill ...

....and here's my copycat shower curtain

I see that I need to iron my shower curtain but I'm really pleased at how it turned out

It's hard to get a full shot of the bathroom but I think you get the idea.

It just goes to show that if you see something you'd like for your home, it's possible to re-create the look for far less....but I don't have to tell you ladies out there that.....all of you amaze me at how wonderfully talented you are!

July 20, 2008

Angel's Flea Market

Saturday my mom and I met my sister in Opelika. She is "loaning" me her sewing machine so I can create all kinds of fabulousness for my home. Thing is, my sewing skills are very rusty so right now I'm sticking with very simple stuff.

First stop was at Cracker Barrell where of course, they had a great display of my favorite team! Can you guess who that might be???? (Please ignore the Alabama stuff....but they always put it with Auburn things).

After eating we went to one of my favorite flea markets. I've been to Angel's several times and always find stuff to drool over. Hubby was happy that I only bought 3 little things!

Come on in and let's see what all they have........
This is such a great color and she had her booth staged so pretty

I just love this little table with it shabbiness!
Here you can how it looks....plus she has those wonderful shutters (I have a pair like them on my patio)

Beautiful mirror

Never seen a suitcase this color but it is so vintage looking....

....as well as the birdcage

This was a neat booth....the lampshades were done on burlap and painted!

Interesting door

There were quite a few trays in several booths

Here's that little table again

This chandelier makes me wish I had someplace to put it. What a delicious color!

My favorite way to decorate....using distressed black pieces

Close up of that color

This booth was so whimsical and pretty....lots of painted furniture...also the "home" of the blue chandelier

Love that mirror!

Handpainted chair

I thought $100 was a little pricey for this chandelier....it did have pretty black shades though

Four needlepoint chairs

The blue pieces on this black hutch were so pretty

Tassel trimmed pillow

This toile lamp was only $12! These are the colors in my dining room and bedroom but I am trying to get away from that now....otherwise I would have bought it

Metal chairs, don't know if they were original or reproduction

Always a good decorating tool.....old books

Look, even King Tut's been here!

Cupcake stands....so pretty

I just loved this little booth! Lots of hot pink and black which is what we've done in Taylor's room

Hand painted floor cloth

If you are ever near Opelika I'd highly recommend a stop at Angel's Antique Mall.

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