April 20, 2016

The Time I Took Viagra and Other Interesting Tidbits

I think we're all friends here, right?   And I hope this isn't TMI for anyone but if it is I apologize in advance!

So about the Viagra.....a couple of years ago I was at a doctor visit and mentioned that I was having to get up frequently during the night to go "potty".    He said he'd give me some samples of an Rx and if it worked, he'd give me the prescription for it.    The samples/prescription was Vesicare

Not long after that I was talking to some people and as "old" folks do, we were comparing our aches and pains and how becoming older was affecting our lives.    I said I was taking Viagra for my frequent bathroom visits during the night.    No one said anything and the conversation resumed.

Later on I was telling my husband about it and he said "you didn't really tell them you were taking Viagra did you?"   I said well, yes, I did.....then I realized it wasn't Viagra but Vesicare!     When I ran out of my "Viagra" I didn't get the prescription for the Vesicare as I couldn't tell it helped but it might be time to give it another chance (LOL).

ETA:   I was going to post a cartoon image of Viagra but when I googled it there were several sites but the one that caught my eye was the "before and after" page....uhhh, I don't think so.   

For some reason, I have a hard time remembering people's names, or call them something other than their real name.    I blame it on my BFF Judy.   She and her husband are the "king and queen" of calling people by their wrong names so I tell her that has rubbed off on me.     We have a friend named Scott but he looks like a "Chris" to me.    So I call him Chris and he's in my phone as Chris.    It doesn't hurt that he also looks like Toby Keith so every year he sends me a message on my phone that says "Merry Christmas from Toby Keith"!

Talking about my friend Judy and her husband, years and years ago she and her husband had a car for sale they had listed in a local publication that you advertised in for items to buy or sell.    Her husband was in insurance and worked at night sometimes.    So one night they got a call inquiring about the car for sale.   Judy told them she really didn't know a lot about it but to call her husband back to get all the details.    When the caller asked when was a good time to call back, she said that they kept "erotic" hours so they would just have to keep calling until they reached him.   Of course, she meant "erratic".   I don't know if the person ever called back though!

One year her husband asked me if "Bob" could get him some Auburn-LSU tickets.   I said "who's Bob"?   He said you know, your son-in-law.   I said "his name is Don" to which he replied "I've always called him Bob and he always answers." 

This next little "tidbit" I may have shared before but I love to tell it.    My mom and I were traveling to my sister's house to visit for the day a few years ago.    She's a huge reader and was always getting books at the local library before she got her Kindle.    She asked me to pick up a book for her when we got back home and I asked her what the name of the book was.   She said "Killing KFC".   I said you mean "Killing JFK" and she very calmly said yes!    Guess where we ate lunch that day.....yep, KFC!    One time she had a yard sale and sold a wheelbarrow without a wheel!   (You can't make this stuff up, right?)

When my granddaughter was around 3 we were at their house one night having a big Mexican spread.   My daughter had put all the fixin's on the table, including a carton of sour creme.   Taylor (my granddaughter) looked at it and said "I not like hiney creme mama"!    She thought the sour creme looked like the "hiney creme" she used when changing their diapers!

Whenever we're up on the lake and out on my son's boat, we love to see all the huge McMansions that are usually 2nd homes to some of the elite.    My son always calls that "stupid" money (ok, that's not really funny but it kinda is to me).

By the way, the above lake property belonged to former CEO of Health South in Birmingham, Al who is now serving time in prison.   Greed doesn't pay off!   It is amazing to see in person!

Just one more thing before I go.....(I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief)!    My favorite show is back on....Southern Charm!    It's trashy and classy, all at the same time.    Love me some Southern Charm!

My friend Katie from Preppy Empty Nester wrote a great piece about her love of this show over on her blog here.  

That's all the tidbits I've got for now (you can exhale now)!

Ya'll have a great week!

April 11, 2016

A Boy's Room In The Making

When my son and his family moved from Birmingham to Spanish Fort last year, my daughter-in-law immediately asked me to help her decorate their new house.   Well, now, you're talking my love language!   She has got a great start in the den with the addition of the sectional she ordered.    I have to say it is the most comfortable sofa I've ever sat on.    It's a gray linen fabric from the Paula Deen line (those of you that don't like PD please don't jump on me!).      There are two La-z-Boy leather recliners also.    We gifted them a rug (she picked out and ordered) and when we were down after Christmas I bought her a couple of lamps, one a floor lamp and the other a table lamp.    So "we've" got a good start and plans to finish out with wall art, pillows and accessories down the road.   I'm so sorry I don't have a picture to share but next time I'm down there, I plan on taking some interior shots of the den.   Since I don't have a picture of the den right now, how about a few of their backyard?

The other room she's concentrating on is my little 5 year old grandsons room.    His bedroom in Birmingham was just the baby bed converted to a "big big" bed and a changing table.     I'm kind of surprised my 10 year old granddaughter hasn't insisted on a room re-do (yet) but seems satisfied with what she has for now....thank goodness!

I'm very fortunate in that my DIL asks my opinion on her ideas and never seems to get insulted or mad if I am honest with her.    Some things are too pricey (she has good taste) and others just aren't to my liking, but in the end it IS her house and her child so that is always in the back of my mind.     But I must say, so far she's taken all of my suggestions/ideas and is implementing them in the room.  

The first thing (and only thing done so far) was deciding on a paint color.    The room has a chair rail and she wanted contrasting paint above and below the chair rail.      At my suggestion, she had the wall above the chair rail painted Kendall Charcoal and below is an off white (I'm not sure the name of that paint color, her painter suggested it).      I sent my DIL a photo of Melaine's son's bedroom (My Sweet Savannah) and she loved the wall colors which is the inspiration we used for the walls.     

She is looking for a headboard and nightstands.    She will also use a bamboo shade and possibly I'll be making drop cloth drapes, unless I can find something else that I think will work.    We are ordering the duvet from Ikea. 

The closet has a great closet system and built in drawers so there is really no need for a dresser in the room.    She wants him to have a little desk and chair and he got a teepee from us last Christmas which takes up a lot more room than I thought it would.   There is a playroom upstairs so he doesn't keep many toys in the bedroom.     Here is basically what she'd like to do....seems like it would not be too hard to DIY and fairly inexpensive, useful until he needs something more substantial.

She's been looking at some wall sconces from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, but I told her if she had to have them wired to the wall, she'd have to patch those holes if she ever wanted to rearrange the room but she seemed determined to use wall mounted lamps.    Last week on one of my numerous trips to Target (LOL) I found two table lamps almost identical to the ones she'd been interested in from PB and RH at a fraction of the price.    I face timed her and "convinced" her I thought she'd be better off with two table lamps vs. the hard wired wall ones, and she totally agreed once she saw the lamps.    They are nestled in my trunk along with some other goodies to take to her next time I'm down that way in a month or so.

Oh, and they were on sale!   Yay me!!!

I think she (we) have a good start on his room, even though it's only been painted.    She's taking her time finding what she wants, and trying to keep within a budget.  Once she finds a headboard and end tables we can start putting the room together, hopefully by the time I get there in a couple of months.     I'll definately be taking photos and sharing them on my blog.

One last thing....I've been having a lot of trouble with my left leg and foot since last November.    I've been to my orthopaedic doctor, a neurologist for nerve damage testing and my general doctor, and so far they can't determine what's going on.    I'm going back to my orthopaedic on Tuesday and I'm hoping he can figure it out.    It's so aggravating to hear "can't find anything" yet I'm in constant pain.    It hinders our traveling and my day to day activities.    I just hope we can figure it out and get on the road to recovery.

Ya'll have a great week and I'd love any good thoughts or prayers you could send my way on Tuesday.

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