January 28, 2014

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Please remind me to NEVER, EVER complain about our scorching hot summers…please!   We’re just not used to these extreme cold temperatures here in the Deep South but that’s exactly what we’re getting.      My brother commented earlier to me that our weather was “lightweight” and I guess it is to him…although he lives in Kentucky, he’s still used to more wintery type weather than we are.    


View outside my kitchen window this morning…ice just starting to form on the windows



I’ve never seen ice on my windows like this!






My car is covered with snow



Early this morning you could see ice starting to drip off our firewood



Late this afternoon ice is really clinging to everything



My birdbath is completely frozen



Back deck mid-afternoon



I took this just after dark

This morning I started potato soup in my crock pot.    I had to run to the grocery story for a few things and meant to pick up some crème cheese to add to the soup but completely forgot it!    It still tasted good and since I’ve never made the soup before, not sure what difference the crème cheese would have made but I plan to add it next time.    I crumbled up some bacon and added shredded cheese to mine and it was soooo good.   



I know my pictures don’t look as bad as other areas of the country but since we just don’t see the level of ice and snow we are experiencing it’s a real novelty to us here.      My son lives 100 miles north of me in Birmingham and his office is 10 miles from his home.    He said it took him 4 hours to get to his subdivision (after picking up 2 kids at daycare and school) and then he had to park his car at the entrance to his subdivision and walk home!   He said cars were parked all over the roads into his subdivision, which is very hilly, and everyone was walking.    Fortunately someone was able to give him and the kids a ride to their house.    My daughter-in-law left work at 11:00 this morning and she still had not made it home when I spoke to him at 5:00!    He is in touch with her but the roads are slick and cars are at a standstill.     I’m praying for her to arrive safely.

Strangely enough, we are supposed to back up in the 60s this weekend….crazy, huh?   I sure hope so because we’re supposed to go to the lake to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday, and my son and daughter-in-laws anniversary.    

Toodles poodles!

January 26, 2014

The Heart of A Child

I hope you all will indulge me while I share a little about my granddaughter Taylor.   She is my daughter’s 9 year old, and she has a twin brother.   We have been overly-involved with these two sweet peas since the day they were born and make no apologies for that!   (I’m sure all grandparents out there can understand that)!    Taylor and I have always had a special bond, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.     She has a heart of gold and has always been a friend to everyone.


taylor 2014

She took this “selfie” recently


Way back in 2nd grade she had a little friend “Mary” (not her real name) who took a growth spurt and was a lot taller than any other child in her class.   “Mary” also had some learning disabilities and a little bit of a speech problem.    One day the class was taking a field trip and each child had to have a “buddy” on the school bus.   No one wanted to be Mary’s buddy so before it became obvious that Mary was being left out, Taylor quickly spoke up and said she wanted Mary to sit with her and be her buddy that day.    It happened that Mary’s mother was chaperoning the field trip and was so moved by Taylor’s actions that she fought back tears….she later sent my daughter a message about how much she appreciated Taylor’s kindness to Mary and even sent Taylor a letter thanking her for being Mary’s friend.    Taylor and Mary have not been in each other’s class since the 2nd grade but remain friends.    And every year when awards are being handed out, Mary always has one of the highest AR reading scores!   

Last year each student had the opportunity to be selected either “Queen of the Jungle” or “King of the Jungle” for a week.    Taylor has been selected “Queen” several times.    One week when it was time to vote for a new King, there was a little boy in her class who had never been chosen and according to Taylor, no one wanted to be his friend (why are kids so cruel?).    Anyway, Taylor elected him and more or less convinced the other kids to vote for this little boy….he was crowed King of the Jungle for a week!    The teacher knew what happened, and who was behind his being crowned, and wrote the sweetest letter to Taylor.   I wish I could share it here but it would be too personal with children’s names and I respect their privacy too much.

Just this past week, Taylor wanted to invite a little classmate to go to Wednesday night church with her.    Taylor called the little girl’s grandmother, who is raising this child, and invited her friend.    The grandmother then called my daughter, Taylor’s mom, and they met on Wednesday night so the little girl could go to church with Taylor.    The grandmother explained the circumstances by which she was raising her granddaughter and it had nothing to do with the little girl, but the grandmother’s son…don’t know anything about the mother.    But the child is being well cared for and taken care of….don’t you love it when a grandparent steps in to see that her grandchildren are being raised right?     Once again, the grandmother was thrilled that Taylor had included her granddaughter and invited her to church.

A couple of years ago one of my daughter’s friends little boys had some serious medical issues and spent a good bit of time at Children’s Hospital in Birmingham.    During one of the times the little boy was at Children’s, was the same time Taylor’s class was learning to write checks.    She wrote a check for $900.40 for her friend Chase.    I shared this story earlier but think is bears repeating.    When Shannon told her friend about Taylor’s “check” the friend relayed the story to her husband and told Shannon that the husband never cried, even when they got married and at the births of their  boys, but when he found out what Taylor had done, he cried!   


(original story here)


At no time did Taylor ever share any of these stories with her mom, the adult or teacher always told my daughter what Taylor had done.     Taylor does not see what she does as something special, it’s just how she is.    I think part of it may be that her twin, our precious Jackson, also has learning disabilities and speech problems.     It makes Taylor sensitive to what the world may consider an “underdog” but to Taylor, everyone deserves to be treated fairly and with respect.   

She is growing up way to fast for me but I’m so proud of the child she is and the young lady she is becoming.    

Over the years:



taylor & jackson

The twins in 1st grade


shannon and taylor

Her mom (my daughter) and Taylor at my mom’s church



Me and my Tay-Tay at a church banquet



Posting one night when she was spending the night


taylor and pop

Taylor and her Pop (my husband) discussing the merits of their ice cream! 


taylor and mckinley

I had to share this one of both of my beautiful granddaughters!



taylor all stars

She loves playing softball (summer 2013)


taylor 2

Taylor and her cousin at the ball field


taylor boots

Posing at her mom’s office last summer

Thank you for allowing me a walk down memory lane with my “heart” and granddaughter.       I will end my post by saying what we always say to each other….”I Love You More” Taylor!

January 22, 2014

New Pillows for New Chairs

A few weeks ago I shared the two new chairs I picked up at Pier 1.   I immediately started looking for a couple of pillows to use with them as they looked kinda “nekid” on their own!   My first though was to use a couple of leopard print pillows but so far I’ve not been able to find any…I will most likely have to make them.    But last week I was killing time before my hair appointment and went into K-Mart, of all places, when I saw these pillows.     The price was really great and when the clerk rang them up, they were on sale….so yay for me!   


They are a little big for the chairs but I really like how the colors work not only  with my chairs but they give a little pop of color with all the neutrals I have in my den.   


I still haven’t cut the price tag off my chairs **in case** I change my mind about them but I doubt I am going to so it’s time to cut those suckers off!









I’ve decided I’ve got to upgrade my camera, take a course on how to use it and invest in a tripod and wide range lens….I never can get my colors to be “true” to life…my floor is not as red as it seems in these photos nor is my wall color so washed out!    I also noticed some of the chairs seem “bluer” and sometimes a washed out color….I really want to be able to take better pictures!    I’ve been using my Canon PowerShot for a few years so I think I’ll stay with a Canon.   

It’s been soooo cold here….at least as far as this Southern girl is concerned!    I’m really ready for some warmer temps but I know we’re not having it as severe as other areas of the country.    My sister and I are planning our annual getaway to the beach the last of April and I cannot wait.    We usually go to the lake house for the weekend but this year we’re doing something different.    We even talked about taking a little cruise but she can’t take off enough time from work.   

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are!

January 10, 2014

We’ve Lost One Of Our Own

Yesterday I was saddened to learn that Michelle from the inspiring blog Sweet Something Designs had lost her battle with cancer.      I’ve followed her blog for several years and loved her sweet spirit and creativeness.     Her mother in law has kept us advised of her on-going struggle on Facebook as Michelle had not been able to post anything on her blog since October.    



This quote was taken directly from Michelle’s last post back in October 2013.

She leaves behind a husband and two boys.    If you’d like to send her family some love and prayers, I’m sure her family would appreciate it.    You can probably just do that on Michelle Edward’s Facebook page or her blog.

Michelle Edwards

January 7, 2014

New Year–New Bathroom

I’ve been tossing around ideas for redoing our guest bathroom which my husband also uses as his.    I have a confession to make…it hasn’t been touched (redecorated) in about 8 years which is a record for me!    It’s chocolate brown and while I loved it, and still do, it’s way past time for a change.    I posted these pictures on Rate My Space years ago and got a lot of positive comments on it….but now it just looks out of date to me.   I took these off my old RMS page:


The wall color is a much richer brown…this looks washed out



I have a vision of how I want the bathroom to turn out but I also know I have to work with what I have.    In other words, no new tile, floor or vanity.    The floor and wall tile are very neutral (off white) and the vanity is a dark brown free standing cabinet that looks like a piece of furniture with a pretty neutral top.    Over the years the vanity has taken a beating and I’m debating on painting it or just trying to clean it up some by re-staining it to hide the dings and nicks.     

While I’d love to have planked walls in there, I just don’t see that happening.    So instead I’m probably going to do beadboard wallpaper below and painting above.

Here are some inspiration pictures that I like.


I like the idea of painted beadboard and love the mirror!



I like the wall color here



Although this is a curtain panel it would be an easy DIY to make.   I’ve always made my own shower curtains since I like them to be longer than the ones you can buy.    This is from Restoration Hardware and in order for me to get a pair (they are sold as individual panels) it would be over $150!    I can make one for much, much less.



Love the towel combination



I love this whole image….painted beadboard….pretty monogrammed towels, and the shower curtain



I love these kinds of photos…I got lucky and recently found one at a local flea market which will be used in a collage in the bathroom



Here you see white painted beadboard with a dark gray paint above…I like this too!


bathroom ideas 001

These are a few things I’ve been collecting for the bathroom re-do.    I’ve got an idea for using that flash card….will share about that later


bathroom ideas 002

Three paint samples I’m considering.   The bathroom is an interior room and has no window but I’m not really worried about it being too dark with painting it gray because it’s a dark chocolate now and there is good overhead lighting and I have a lamp in there too


bathroom ideas 003


bathroom ideas 005

I will be replacing the light over the vanity and change out the gold towel bar for a silver one.   

I’m pumped about getting started on this soon.    Once I decide on a paint color I’ll have our painter come start on the room.   In the meantime, I’d like to get the shower curtain made and towels monogrammed.     I also need to figure out what to do with that vanity….paint or stain.     Decisions, decisions!

Like most of the country, we are in the middle of unbearably cold weather.    I don’t think anyone could get used to it for long, but here in the South it’s a real problem for us as we’re not used to temperatures plunging into the teens!     We are keeping the fireplace going and trying to stay in and stay warm.   Hope you all are doing the same!

January 2, 2014

Reflections and Looking Ahead

Well hello everybody!   I didn’t mean to take such a long break but it seemed like December just flew by and then I got the crud and have been pretty much “out of it”.    

We had our annual family Christmas at the lake and my sister and I did not even put up a tree.   Her family was going on a cruise the day after Christmas and she had a full schedule all of December, plus a new grandbaby due any day now, so we couldn’t find the time to go decorate at the lake from Thanksgiving to Christmas….the kids didn’t mind because they still got lots of presents and there was a lot of food for the adults, so everyone was happy, happy, happy!


My daughter made this cute appetizer from Pinterest….strawberries, banana, grapes and miniature marshmallows….they were so good!


The kids always do a little craft


My sweet little grandson Cade’s Christmas tree!



I love that my “babies” love each other and love being together


My DIL Jennifer and new bride Stephanie (married my nephew last summer) wanted to get in on the photo fun


Oh, and my best friend also named Judy (what a coincidence!) came by Christmas Day afternoon to show me her new car tag….we even buy cars alike!    See that bald spot where my car is parked?    We’re planning on doing some major landscaping this year…removing two trees, new sod and landscape….can’t wait!

I did the least amount of Christmas decorating this year than ever before.    I usually put my stuff out the weekend after Thanksgiving but we bought tickets to Atlanta to see our beloved Auburn Tigers play in the Georgia Dome and that fell on the weekend I put out my decorations…then we had our big family party at the lake and the time just got away from me.

SEC game and CC Christmas dinner 028


SEC game and CC Christmas dinner 038


SEC game and CC Christmas dinner 039

After our win over Missouri….now it’s on to Pasadena playing for the National Championship!  

My husband takes off most of the month of December and let me just say….he can never retire!   Now don’t get me wrong…I love my husband but with him being at home during the day it just really messes up my schedule.      If I start to vacuum, he says he can’t hear the television, if I want to change the sheets on the bed or even MAKE the bed, he says he might lay back down….you get the idea.    But he does chop wood for our fireplace and keeps a nice, warm fire going all day and night….pick your battles, right ladies?!

We took my mom out to eat with us and my daughter’s family on New Year’s Eve.    Then after we got home, I got a text from my daughter around 10:00 saying that her husband had eaten Taylor’s leftovers from Outback and Taylor was upset so they were coming into town to Krispy Kreme for donuts and did we want them to bring us some?      Of course, we said yes, so here they all came in their PJ’s and two boxes of donuts from KK.    They stayed until around 11:30 and went home to crash…..my husband and I started watching a Twilight Zone marathon and finally zonked out around 1:00….we’re party people, I tell ya!

I learned a long time ago not to make any New Year’s resolutions because I don’t like to put that kind of pressure on myself if I don’t keep them, although some things I’d like to strive for would be to eat better and exercise more, reading a daily devotion or Bible study, make time to be a better friend, and be a better blogger than I have been in the last year or so.    December marked my 7th year blogging and I’ve noticed that for the last 2-3 years I’ve not put as much time on my blog as I did in the beginning.     In my defense, I will say that family will ALWAYS come first, and since I am my 93 year old mother’s full time caregiver, that takes precedence over my blog any day.    Plus I think my husband has felt “left out” from time to time and again, the blog is never more important than he is.     Family and friendship comes before the blog, always.

Guess I’ll wrap up this rambling post but before I go I wanted to show you my Christmas gift to myself.    I’ve been looking for a pair of chairs to go on each side of the sideboard in my den.    I had found 2 I liked at Pier 1 but just wouldn’t go ahead and buy them….however, I had a coupon that expired on 12/31 so I went in, looked at them again, and decided to go ahead and buy them.    That little ol’ coupon saved me $80 so I couldn’t pass that up.     I really do love them and they look much better in person than here.    I put that little zebra pillow there to judge what size accent pillow I need so it will not stay….I may have to end up making them if I can’t find any I like.   

PicMonkey Collage

I’m almost tempted to leave them turned around so you can see how pretty the backside is!    They are a pretty aqua color which is the accent color in the den, sunroom and our bedroom.  

Here it is on the Pier 1 web page:

Pier1 chair




Here’s to making 2014 a year to be happy and healthy!

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