November 7, 2011

Beautiful Day at the Lake And Setting The Record Straight

If you’ve read my blog lately you know we went to my sister’s lake house to start decorating for Christmas this past Saturday.    Also on tap was watching the Alabama vs. LSU game.    For some reason, some of you thought I’d be pulling for Alabama….let me make it perfectly clear that was not the case!!!!    We are Auburn fans through and through and would NEVER pull for any other team.      Frankly, I didn’t care who won (probably not a smart thing to say)….my son in law is the only Alabama fan in this family.     Now that I’ve cleared that up, here’s a few photos I snapped late Saturday afternoon at the lake.


fall 2011 164

My brother in law has a green thumb….he loves to work in the yard and babies his plants year round.  


fall 2011 166

The lake water is down some, but not as much as it was this time last year


fall 2011 169


fall 2011 170


fall 2011 172



fall 2011 175

The water was so pretty and calm


fall 2011 176

Here’s her neighbor’s place I showed in a previous post


fall 2011 177

We were shocked to see some folks on a jet ski this late in the year….but they were having a good time!


fall 2011 179

Brother in law was burning some limbs and leaves


fall 2011 180

Looking back from the dock at my sister’s place, a little smaller than some of her neighbors!


fall 2011 181

Tortilla soup almost done!   


I didn’t take any pictures of the Christmas mantel….it looks just like the one from last year which you can see here.     Actually, neither one of us was in the mood to decorate for Christmas, the day was so nice we sat out on the dock for a long time just visiting.      I guess it’s too early to get in the “spirit” for Christmas for us.    

Happy Monday!


Simply LKJ said...

Ha! I figured some would question you watching the LSU/Alabama game. I "jokingly" said Roll Tide, as I KNOW you bleed orange and blue through and through! LOL Our neighbors son played for Alabama awhile back, so we do route for them on occassion, but don't "officially" have any ties to the school. Looked like a great weekend to be at the lake.

Blue Creek Home said...

Of course you're a War Eagle fan through and through!!! It was hard to cheer on either one of those teams during the game! I was okay with the outcome - ;-)

The lake house look lovely. I know you guys love gathering there with family and friends.


Justabeachkat said...

Gorgeous photos of the lake and homes!

Can't believe you're thinking Christmas already. I still can't wrap my brain around the fact that it's November. lol


Rhiannon said...

looks absolutely beautiful! living in hawaii we dont ever see that kinds of stuff

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