July 27, 2010

The Sky Is Falling

….or in my case, the ceiling!    When we got back Sunday afternoon from our little trip, hubby was laying on the bed watching TV when he noticed some pretty serious water damage on the ceiling.    Our water heater is directly above where that damage was.     So  he went up in the attic and long story short, we had to turn off the water heater, drain the darn thing, and go to HD for a new water heater and drip pan.    Hello big bucks!    

On Monday afternoon water heater fix it guy came by and let’s just say it was about 150 degrees up in that attic!    After removing the old water heater and putting the new one in the attic, he someone cut a water line and water gushed out everywhere!    Hubby ran out to where the water main line is to turn it off but water was pouring out of the ceiling in our bedroom and den.    I was running around putting towels, bath mats, pots and pans under all the drips until they got it stopped.       About 8:00 last night water heater guy left so he could return today to finish up.      He notified his insurance company so now I’m sitting here waiting on Serve Pro to call me to come out and “assess the damage”.     I see lots of drywall mess in my immediate future but I guess I could look on the bright side cause I’m getting my ceilings fixed and painted (which they desperately need).

So now 25 years worth of “stuff” in the attic will have to come down (don’t know where all THAT will go) so the Serve Pro folks can be sure there is no mold growing up there (yuck)……

….how’s your day going?


I was on the phone with hubby and heard a sound….went in the bedroom and here’s what I saw!!!

water heater damage 022

water heater damage 020

water heater damage 010

This was before the ceiling fell….still waiting on Serve Pro, they are being pulled off another job.

Below is a pic of the ceiling in the den:

water heater damage 016

Just spoke with the insurance lady and she assured me everything will be taken care of….new ceiling, new carpet, hardwoods (if necessary) and whatever else is damaged, plus clean up.    However, she warned it will get worse before it gets better.

July 18, 2010


My little grandson is due in just a few weeks so Saturday I helped my daughter host a baby shower for son and DIL.     We got up bright and early Saturday morning and drove to Birmingham with the car loaded down with what we hoped was everything we’d need.      Shannon had ordered the cake here in Montgomery at Publix and we picked it up at the Publix in Birmingham near my son’s house.      I had purchased one of those neat drink dispensers for the lemonade but it sprung a leak.    Fortunately, that was the only “fly in the ointment”  so we had to serve drinks from a plain ol’ pitcher.     Other than that, everything went pretty good.

I took some quick pictures of the table after we got it set up.    Nothing fancy, we just had a very simple menu.  

jennifers shower 006

There were three sweet little ladies at the shower.    My two granddaughters, Taylor and McKinley, and a little friend of McKinley’s who is the daughter of Jennifer’s best friend from high school.    Another friend from McKinley’s school came in later with her mom.

jennifers shower 009

jennifers shower 016

jennifers shower 015 

They played dress up by putting on different princess outfits.    For some reason, Taylor didn’t get in on the first dress up go-round – she’s wearing the dress I had made for her last fall for Little Miss Christmas On the Coosa.

jennifers shower 005

Love this frame Shannon had made for the baby.     A  good friend of Shannon’s makes these frames and sells them on line.    She has a link on her Facebook page so if anyone local is interested in seeing more of her work, let me know and I’ll give you the link.    By the way, these are the colors we’ll be using in the nursery.      We’ll also be incorporating beadboard wallpaper!

jennifers shower 004

Here’s our little baby’s first official “photo.”   I can’t wait to meet him!

jennifers shower 010

Jennifer (middle) with her sister and mother.

jennifers shower 014

Daughter (Shannon), me and Jennifer.

jennifers shower 013

Little mommy (she never gains much weight).

jennifers shower 017

One of Jennifer’s friends made the darling diaper “cake”

Since I’ve been having so much going on lately, I decided to treat myself to a little pampering this week.      I remembered that I had not used two of the spa treatments in the spa package Shannon gave me a few months ago.     I had to schedule both treatments this week as the package expires on July 31st.    So here’s what you’ll find me doing….

Tuesday – body glow treatment (not exactly sure what this is)

Wednesday – manicure

Thursday – hair appointment (not part of the spa treatment but a necessity – gotta keep those gray hairs under control!)

Friday – hubby and I going to the gulf coast for a couple of days for a little get-a-way!

Hope everyone has a great week and do something special for yourself!

July 15, 2010

Short Break

I’ve got so much going on in my life right now that I haven’t had time to blog about anything but I’m hoping things will slow down for me soon and I can share more than just all the craziness going on.        This weekend I’m going back to my son’s to host a baby shower for son and DIL as our little grandson will be arriving mid-August.    We are making more repairs/improvements to mom’s house since her sale fell through and our realtor wants to hold an open house.     So please don’t forget about me while I’m on this short break!

July 5, 2010

4th of July, a New Blog Friend & Some Good News!

What a title!    I didn’t think I had enough of each subject to do a separate post for each so I’m just going to lump all these three things together into one post.

First up, our 4th of July celebration was spent at my sister’s lake house.     My mom was rarin’ to go so we picked her up around 11:00 a.m. and headed out to Lake Martin.     We just fixed sandwiches for lunch and then hung out on the pier and took turns riding in the boat.    The lake was really crowded on the 4th as it usually is but there were more people than usual because (unfortunately) the oil spill on our beautiful gulf coast has prevented many people from spending their holiday at the beach.     Late in the afternoon my sister and I started the fixins’ for a “Low Country Boil”.      This is an easy, quick and delicious way to serve a crowd.     Basically, we just put several pots of water on the stove and added some seasoning to the water.     Then when the water boiled we added mini ears of corn on the cob, cut up sausage, small new potatoes and shrimp.      After it’s done, you just dump it all into a big bowl and that’s it!    We were going to have a salad too but somebody (me) forgot to bring the salad!

Here’s a few pics of our day on the lake and our Low Country Boil supper:

  4th of july 2010 002

The geese swam right up to the shoreline looking for food then lined up to follow the boat….the kids got a real kick out of seeing the duck’s “feet” in the water

4th of july 2010 004

4th of july 2010 005  4th of july 2010 007  

4th of july 2010 011

This sailboat is the first one I’ve ever seen on the lake but I loved it!

4th of july 2010 019

This beauty is my nephew’s girlfriend….we made her sit in the front by herself cause she made us feel old, white and fat!

4th of july 2010 014

Livin’ large on the lake

4th of july 2010 015

Wonder where they got a flag that big?

   4th of july 2010 021

The water looks  muddy cause we had tossed in some seasoning packets4th of july 2010 023

We used two bags of the shrimp

4th of july 2010 024

And here’s  it is all ready to eat.    This dish takes no time at all to cook and tastes wonderful!

4th of july 2010 025  

4th of july 2010 028


Now I’m going to tell ya’ll a little bit about my new blog friend, Elizabeth Ann.      Every time I go to Birmingham I try and stop in this great little shop called Consigning Interiors.     It’s a little mini mall where vendors display their items for sale.      Back in April I noticed a wonderful little booth so I took a lot of pictures of it.     At the time I was looking for a pretty turquoise mirror and I found exactly what I wanted in this booth.     Here are some pictures I took of  Elizabeth Ann’s booth back in April:

  consigning interiors 040

consigning interiors 041 consigning interiors 042 consigning interiors 043 consigning interiors 044 consigning interiors 045

consigning interiors 046

Above is the gorgeous turquoise mirror I bought which is now hanging in my dining room (see photo at below)

consigning interiors 056


consigning interiors 047   consigning interiors 050  consigning interiors 051consigning interiors 052   consigning interiors 055

 consigning interiors 057

turquoise mirror 014 turquoise mirror 012

When I was in Birmingham two weeks ago, I stopped off to check out her booth again.    I noticed she had a business card and on it she listed her blog name!     I couldn’t wait to see her blog.     I e-mailed Elizabeth and told her how much I enjoyed seeing her booth and how happy I was to find out she had a blog.     Elizabeth Ann was kind enough to allow me to showcase her booth here.      So now we are “blog buddies” and we have plans to meet sometime in the near future.   If you live in or near the Birmingham area, I highly recommend a trip to Consigning Interiors and don’t forget to stop by Elizabeth’s Ann booth and see all her wonderful items.     This week she has just restocked her inventory and redecorated.    I know she would love you to stop by her blog and welcome her to the world of blogging.


And finally, I would like to thank everyone who left a comment on my post about my mom’s house sale falling through.      It really meant a lot to me as I have been so discouraged with this particular buyer who is still causing problems.     BUT, on Saturday, we got a letter from our congressman who had received word from the VA that my mom is approved for the VA assistance I had applied for back in October!    This lifts a tremendous burden off my shoulders  as it means she will have now have enough money each month to help meet her expenses at the assisted living facility.    Plus she will get “back pay” from November 1, 2009!!!     I had contacted my congressman back in April and never heard back from his office so I was really pleased to see that his office had followed up on my inquiry.      We still need to sell her home but this will ease the financial burden for now.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement.

July 2, 2010


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