December 28, 2010

Top Projects of 2010

I wanted to join the party and share a few projects I did in 2010.    Some are still in the “pending” stage (i.e. not quite complete) but hopefully they will get finished in the new year.

Okay, starting in January, I did a fun little project using two of my favorite mediums, monograms and drop cloths!     I ironed our initial to two dining room chairs that needed a little TLC.


    monogrammed dining room chairs 027 


I also started working on a couple of pieces of furniture in my sunroom and did get them done but for the life of me I can’t decide on a wall color so the room is still in limbo.  


 turquoise chest 001


I don’t think you can count this as a project unless you count it as getting my wall planters planted last spring…..springtime in Alabama….the best time of year!


flower planters 014


Oh, now here’s a project I really had fun working on and I love the way it turned out….my guest room “Guest Cottage” sign.   It hangs over my daughter’s bed in her old room.


guest cottage sign 022


As the summer wore on, I was “commissioned” to decorate my granddaughter’s bedroom as she was getting a new baby brother in August.    DIL was going to move McKinley out of her old nursery into the children’s den across the hall and put the new baby in her OLD room.    We are 95% done with McKinley’s room but I’ve not finished her bed yet nor made drapes for the room.    However, I did get this cute oversized frame ready to hang over her bed (if I ever get the bed refinished!)




And here’s what we have done so far in her bedroom.    This photo was taken right after we finished painting and before her furniture was moved in.   I will post pics when we get it all done….it is really a sweet little room.   My inspiration was from Melaine at My Sweet Savannah….when I first saw her daughter’s bedroom a few years ago, I fell in love with it.   She has completely redecorated it now as that daughter is getting a little older but McKinley is only 5 and I think she’ll be fine in this room for a while.


mckinley's room 071


Then we got started on baby brother’s room.    We have got to add chair rail all around and a few other touch ups.     How is it that projects are never ending?    These grandchildren live  1 1/2 hours away and it’s hard to get everyone off work long enough to finish!


cades room 016


I tried my hand at making little slipcovers for my ladder back chairs.   They turned out okay but “someday” I’m going to redo the bottom ruffles….my first try at making them and you can tell I don’t know what I’m doing!


bed and chairs 021


That about wraps it up for 2010.    A few other little things here and there but nothing spectacular like a lot of other blogs I’ve seen.   I really want to tie up loose ends on the unfinished projects and then I have two rooms that are going to get a complete makeover…..son’s old room and the sunroom (just as soon as I decide on a paint color!)

I’m linking to Kim’s party at Savvy Southern Style and her Boring to Better Wednesdays.


savvy southern style button


There are a lot of great projects featured at Rhoda’s so be sure to check them out.




Ya’ll have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm Still Here.....!

Not sure what's going on with my Windows Live Writer but it gives me a message to the effect it does not recognize my user name and password info.   I thought I could just delete the program and reload it but that didn't work either!    So I'm having to use the old blogger method to get out this post.    I was planning on posting about my FEW and FAR BETWEEN projects of 2010 but looks like that's on hold for now.

Anyone have anything similar happen to you with WLW?    Any ideas on how I can fix the problem?    

So for now I'll just wish everyone a safe and Happy New Year!


December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours!



December 12, 2010

Cameron Newton–Auburn’s 3rd Heisman Trophy Winner

cam newton heisman trophy winner


Congrats Cam!   The Auburn family is very proud of you!

December 7, 2010

Simple Supper of Cornbread and Milk

easy supper 003


This is an old time supper that I remember my mom serving on Sunday nights.     Nothing better than big ole’ pan of hot cornbread and a tall cold glass of sweet milk.   


easy supper 002


My hubby likes to start with filling an empty glass half way with crumbled cornbread, then adding milk, and topping off with more cornbread…..yummy on the tummy!   (He even called his mom to tell her what we were having!!!)

Have you ever heard of cornbread and milk or have you ever tried it?   If not, I encourage you to give it a try, I think you’ll like it.

If you’d like to see my cornbread recipe you can find it here.

December 5, 2010

It’s Great To Be An Auburn Tiger!

sec 2010 auburn v s carolina 016


I am exhausted from our weekend trip to Atlanta to see our Auburn Tigers beat South Carolina 56-17!    Here are just a few pictures and will post more later but right now this girl is pooped!


sec 2010 auburn v s carolina 090


sec 2010 auburn v s carolina 096


sec 2010 auburn v s carolina 097


sec 2010 auburn v s carolina 100


sec 2010 auburn v s carolina 107

Cam Newton and Coach Gene Chizik


Now on to the desert to play for the National Championship – watch out Ducks – we’re headed your way!

December 1, 2010

Christmas Vignettes Around The House

Don’t ya’ll love this time of year?    So many blog parties to check out and join.     Earlier this week I showcased my Christmas mantle (and if you missed it, you can see that here).      Now I’m joining the vignette party over at my sweet friend Rhoda’s.  



  I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing a couple areas of my home as I couldn’t decide on just one.     First up is a little vignette on a small sideboard in my den.

christmas mantle 2010 026

I moved a clock from my mantle here, put out a pair of candlesticks with candy cane candles, added an apocathary jar with various ornaments and a cute JOY ornament from Wal Mart.    Very simple but it brings a little Christmas to this corner of the room.


christmas mantle 2010 027


christmas mantle 2010 028


christmas mantle 2010 031


Next we’ll see the tray in the kitchen where I put whimsical snowman and gingerbread themed items….

kitchen 2010 001

My grandson loves anything gingerbread man related so this is for Jackson!    (who ARE those people in that frame?  LOL!)


kitchen 2010 003

(please excuse the light cords…a big no-no!)


kitchen 2010 004

I saw someone use a cheese grater with lights a while back (wish I knew who it was) so I added a bunch of lights to mine and just sat it on the tray.    I need to add a bow to the grater!


I have a large tray on my coffee table year round.    Here I just added a fabulous lantern I got on clearance last year and sat it on a wreath, added a big bow and called it done.   

christmas 2010 coffee table 002

Here you can see how pretty it looks with the candles lit


christmas 2010 coffee table 004


christmas 2010 coffee table 006


christmas 2010 coffee table 007


christmas 2010 coffee table 008



christmas 2010 coffee table 010


christmas 2010 coffee table 011

I know the glass and wrought iron coffee table may not be “in” but I love it’s size and my room is pretty big so a smaller one just doesn’t look right, so for now, it stays.   (A little story about my coffee table, I bought it for myself one year before Christmas right after my divorce and I was so proud of myself for being able to make a big-to-me purchase)


christmas 2010 coffee table 012



And finally, the dining room.     This is the room where I can indulge my love of creams and whites along with wood tones, so classic!   

christmas 2010 vingettes 001

Is there anything prettier than whites and cremes mixed with dark wood and texture?    Thanks to Joni @Cote de Texas, I discovered this wonderful combination and completely redecorated my dining room about two years ago.    I also added slipcovered chairs and seagrass rugs (Thanks Joni!)


christmas 2010 vingettes 002

I have an abundance of pine cones in my yard ….I  simply sprayed one with a little bit of snow and sat it under a cloche on top of a small set of plates.


christmas 2010 vingettes 003

I love how it looks with my silver lamps and mercury glass votives.


christmas 2010 vingettes 004

Some faux and real “sticks” placed inside an urn I spray painted creamy white


christmas 2010 vingettes 025

I did a very simple tablescape, I wanted an uncluttered look on the table


christmas 2010 vingettes 009

I bought gold chargers at Kirklands and sprayed them a flat white.    I know this may not be “typical” colors for a Christmas table, but I really like how they compliment the overall theme of the room


christmas 2010 vingettes 026

Oh, and here you can see my new rug I got recently to replace the one the dog had a big ol’ accident on.     It’s a lot bigger and Joni recommends having almost wall-to-wall seagrass so that’s what I did!


christmas 2010 vingettes 005

A great way to use extra ornaments is to just pile them up in a container.   


christmas 2010 vingettes 007



christmas 2010 vingettes 006


Here’s my new to me dough bowl piled with ornaments, a moss ball and pine cones


Sorry for the overload of pictures but I decided to show them all at once.    This will probably be my last Christmas party this week.    We are leaving Friday morning for Atlanta for the SEC Championship game.     If you see me there, holla!

Merry Christmas!

November 29, 2010

My Christmas Mantle

I’m joining the party over at Layla’s showing off my Christmas mantle.    




While I love the look of all white for Christmas, it’s not feasible for me to change up all my reds, greens and golds for an all white look.    I do have that look in my dining room and will share that later.      Also, my den lends itself to the more traditional colors I’ve been using for years.    So with that being said, I’d love to share my 2010 Christmas mantle….


christmas mantle 2010 006

I changed up the garland a little bit this year, swagging a large one in front of the mantle and then placing one along the top as well.


christmas mantle 2010 005



christmas mantle 2010 007


christmas mantle 2010 008

I wish I knew how to make those big gorgeous bows but I confess, I buy mine pre-made!


christmas mantle 2010 010


christmas mantle 2010 011



christmas mantle 2010 012

Two new additions this year…nutcrackers.    I liked these two little guys and might buy a few more and start a new collection (like I need something else to collect!)


christmas mantle 2010 013

Put Santa Claus on the mantle for the grandkids


christmas mantle 2010 015


christmas mantle 2010 016


christmas mantle 2010 021

Saw an urn done similar to this one in one of Mary Carol Garrity’s Christmas books a few years ago….it stays up year round and I just add the green ornaments at Christmas


christmas mantle 2010 023

And finally a little glimpse of my tree.


Hope you enjoyed seeing my Christmas mantle.    I’ll be sharing a few vingettes over at Rhoda’s later this week….hope to see you then!

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