August 26, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Saturday we will be heading to Birmingham to celebrate my Birmingham grandchildren’s birthdays.     McKinley will turn 6 and Cade will be 1.       Of course, it’s hard to forget your grandchild’s birthday but McKinley’s will always be marked by a major event….she was born the day Hurricane Katrina hit!    A couple of weeks ago she was visiting with her other grandmother and I picked her up and took her to lunch.   



(None of my granddaughters have any front teeth right now!) 






Her sweet baby brother arrived last year on August 18th…fortunately there were no natural disasters that took place that day!


cades bath

Here he is getting one of his first bath’s at home


cade and mckinley

Christmas 2010

We’ll be having cake & ice cream with family in the afternoon and then McKinley is having her first spend the night party….we’re not invited to that!    Just imagine a bunch of 6-8 year old girls jumping on the beds, playing dress up, primping and doing all things girly! 


I also have to share these photos of my other granddaughter Taylor when she posed the other night while we were at their house eating supper.     




I have been trying to get a picture of her in the little top I got from this sweet friend so Taylor called me to tell me she had it on and to bring my camera….so of course I did just what she said!



She had to put on all her bracelets and that big green ring!    (Love the chippy nail polish and dirty band aid!)   



Not really sure what this pose is about but she said “Mimi, take my picture of me doing this”!


I hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Irene takes heed of all the warnings and stays safe.   

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Simply LKJ said...

Happy Birthday to the sweet little one! They sure have grown!! Have a fabulous weekend.

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