August 27, 2008

Football on the Plains

Who says football is only for the fellas? Around here, as I'm sure in all parts of the country, football is in the air! I love watching the game on TV and really "getting into it." But nothing can be any better than actually being at the game, tailgating all day, cheering on your team, fun (and foolishness) with friends and family, and then dragging home at the end of a long day (or night). Here in the deep south, when football season starts, it is soooo hot you just about melt! Then it seems like overnight the air changes, the weather gets crisp and cool, and there is excitement in the air the day of the game that you can feel in your bones! We stuff ourselves with food all day and drink hot chocolate or coffee at night. Of course, you can't forget those delish hotdogs at the game! I love night games, especially when the weather turns cold....sometimes I can hardly feel my feet at the end of the night! We get in our car at the end of the game, turn up the heat, and slowly make our way home. Fortunately, we are only about an hour from our college team but with the traffic, it can take quite a while to "get out of town" and make it home.

I'll leave ya'll with a little story my mama used to day the lady of the house was getting ready to do some laundry. She was in her laundry room and decided to strip off her clothes and toss them in the washing machine since she was already in there when she noticed her son had left his football helmet in the laundry room. She plunked it on her head so she wouldn't forget to take it to his room. On her way to her son's bedroom, there was a knock on the door and forgetting she was bare nekid (as we say here in the south) she went to answer the door....only to find a repairman there who had come to fix some ailing appliance. He took one look at her and said "Lady, I don't know whose team you're rooting for, but I hope they win!"

I guess I told that little story to say.....I hope all of ya'll's teams win this year!



Lawsy Mercy said...

Football is in the air here in Maryville TN for sure! We've won the last 4 state championships and we're at fever pitch!

I LOVED your story about the lady, the helmet and the repairman. I tried to read it out loud to my husband but was laughing so hard I had to stop to compose myself. Very funny!

Go Vols! Go Maryville Rebels! :)

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

We were sweating it out on the plains saturday... Not because of the game, but it was hotter than blue blazes!
We need a little fall weather to go with the fall football.
War Eagle!

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