January 9, 2013

Ballard Inspired Lamp Shade

Now that Christmas is over, I wanted to make a few changes around the house.      I’ve been studying a lot of my Pinterest boards and found that while I love the all white look, black and white really speak to me.    Fortunately, I have a lot of black & white accessories so I decided I’d incorporate those colors throughout the house for a cohesive look.   

“They” say that your foyer, which is usually the first room people see when they come into your home, should give an impression of what is in the rest of the house.    I decided to ramp up my foyer table by adding a new lamp and lamp shade.    The lamp that had been on the foyer table for years was a yard sale find which had served it purpose so I wanted to replace the lamp and use some things I had around the house so this would be a fairly cost effective change.    I found a lamp at my favorite flea market and used a drum shade off another lamp I had (of course, now I have to replace that shade!).    

I’d seen a black and white check shade in the Ballard's catalog but it was waaaay more than I was willing to pay.   I can’t find it on line or in their catalog so I don’t know if they still offer it….both reasons to make one.

There are numerous tutorials on line about covering a lamp shade so I didn’t photograph the steps.    Since the shade I was covering was a drum shade, it was very easy to just cut a piece a little bigger than the shade without having to make a pattern.     After cutting out my piece of fabric, I folded over the top and bottom and pressed it to have a smooth edge.   

ballard lampshade 007


Then I just hot glued it around the top and bottom edges.

ballard lampshade 008

I tried to keep it smooth but after it was all glued down, there were a few wrinkles and the edges didn’t come out as smooth as I wanted.    So I added a piece of trim to the edges.


ballard lampshade 010

I think it adds a nice finish.    (There was still a wrinkled place but hopefully no one will notice once it’s on the lamp)

Want to see how it looks?    

ballard lampshade 020



ballard lampshade 014

Everything on the table I already had.    The only thing this “makeover” cost was the flea market lamp base.


ballard lampshade 021


When my husband came in tonight he even said he liked it!   He either doesn’t notice anything new or doesn’t comment.

ballard lampshade 015

I put some old books under the cloche and added a little frame with our initial.    I’ll probably change out the computer printed monogram but since I was trying to use what I had, I just went with it.


ballard lampshade 023


I also added some black and white frames to the mantle and a piece of subway art…of course I need to add a picture to the large white frame.

ballard lampshade 004


ballard lampshade 006


I really love how the mantle looks so it will probably stay like this for a while.   See that pretty little shell?    My sweet granddaughter gave that to me at Christmas…she said she picked it up last summer at the beach and knew how much I loved shells!    Sweetness, I tell ya!

Next on my radar is making a burlap runner for the dining room table.    Since I’ve been in “project mode” lately, I hope I can get it cut out and made while I’m in the mood!

If you read my blog lately, you know my SIL went to Miami for the Alabama-Notre Dame game.    He is a H-U-G-E Alabama fan while the rest of us are Auburn fans.     I do want to offer my congratulations to Alabama for a fantastic game….this means our state has won the last 4 BCS Championship games!   


Dixie Delights said...

looks fantastic!!

Diane said...

Love it and it looks like an easy thing to put together. I have been thing of covering a lamp shape and I will use this tutorial! Thanks for sharing. Diane

Kelly said...

Love your pretty lampshade! You did a great job transforming it. We watched the game too and even though we're not AL fans we were pulling for them.

Deserae said...

Love the little black and white lampshade....so cute! Your mantle vignette looks so fabulous too! What a sweet little grandaughter you have :o)

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Love your "new" shade! That's a great fabric. I have black and white in my living room {which is basically right at my front entry} and I love it. Went that route when we moved here Fall of last year. I'm trying to use what I have also and am hoping to change up some vignettes.

NanaDiana said...

Your lamp and table and whole foyer look fantastic. I love it and love what a difference just a few accessories can make. xo Diana

Ron said...

The foyer looks great, Judy! I love the lamp shade too. What a terrific transformation! xo

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Judy your lampshade turned out fabulous and I love the beautiful vignette you created!!

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Judy, The lampshade turned out wonderful and the vignette is beautiful!
xx, Sherry

Stacey said...

That looks just great Judy. I love the new setup in the entry way. The lampshade is amazing. I love patterned lampshades so much more than plain.

Your mantle is nice too. You got the size of everything so perfect up there. That's hard to do.

Southern Lady said...

I love your foyer's new look, Judy ... it's just perfect. And what a precious gift from Taylor ... I know it melted your heart for her to give you one of her shells.

pam {simple details} said...

What a pretty statement for foyer, Judy! The fabric is perfect and I think the trim detail finished it off so nicely!

One More Time Events said...

You did a great job! It really turned out nice and the mantle looks just as good.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I am agreeing with your black and white pops!
I am also in a 'mixed' Alabama/Auburn marriage... I for one am ready to get back in the swing. This year was a disaster for us! As they say in Auburn~ we are now on the Gus Bus.
All In!

Andrea said...

sweet lampshade! It all looks so pretty. I need to work on my foyer, as well!

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

What a beautiful knockoff! I found you through KnockOff Decor and think your blog is fabulous! Don't want to miss anymore so I'm now following you!

Unknown said...

That looks absolutely fantastic. I like yours better than Ballards b/c of the beautiful trim you added. Wonderful job!!

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