September 26, 2012

The Heart of a Child

I wanted to share something that makes my heart full to overflowing about my granddaughter Taylor.    Recently her 3rd grade class was being taught about money and writing checks.    Let me tell a little background story first….

My daughter has a good friend who has four little boys!   The 2nd son was born with some medical issues which has necessitated him to be treated at a children’s hospital on a fairly regular basis.     Just recently he had a little incident which meant another trip to Children’s Hospital.     Daughter was telling Taylor a little about it….not to scare her but so they could include the little boy in their prayers.    

When it came Taylor’s time to write her “check” in class, she made it out for $900.40 (we don’t know what the .40 cents is for or the odd amount of $900) but she made it out to “Childred Hospital” and on the “for” line put her little friend’s name.



My daughter was telling the little boy’s mother about this and the mom told my daughter she could hardly respond because she was crying.   The mom also said her husband was not an emotional man, never even cried when their children were born, but when he saw this he cried like a baby.   

Taylor says she wants to be a nurse (or professional softball player!) and I think she certainly has a heart for helping people.  

On a very different note, I don’t have any of my fall decorating to share like I wanted to because we recently rented out my mom’s house and it’s been one thing after another wrong with the house!    Today we had to have one bathroom completely gutted and the tile man can’t start until next week, then we found out the 22 year old air conditioning/heating system is on its last leg and will most likely have to be replaced too….Cha-Ching!     I’m trying to stay on the positive side by thinking this will be a good resale feature down the road but it’s hard to be positive when the $$$ keep flying out the door.      My husband has been on vacation this week but spent his time running around town and working his butt hiney off at the house, with no end in sight any time soon.      We are accepting any and all donations (LOL!


joanne said...

maybe your grandgirl could write you a check for those extra expenses! Isn't she the sweetest, she has a huge heart and a helping spirit, she will go a long way in life..;j

Christine said...

Taylor is a product of her parents, parents! Lovely story.
She will be one to watch!

I hear you about fixing up a rental! We are almost finished with one we have been working on since July! ($$$$). God answered our prayers. We have a renter starting Oct.4th.

Southern Lady said...

What a precious and uplifting story, Judy ... I know the little boy's mom and dad weren't the only ones who cried.

I can imagine how proud you are of Taylor. She sounds like a very loving and caring little girl.

Anonymous said...

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Leigh Anne said...

So very sweet! It's moments like these that make parenting/grandparenting so wonderful! Sounds like she would make an excellent nurse!

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