April 21, 2013

Hello Strangers!

It’s been a while but I’m still around.   My mom is still in the rehab facility with no release date yet.   Some days she’s a little better than others but we have a long way to go…thank you for all your prayers.

On the home front, my garbage disposal died and while replacing it we found out the H&C pipes need to be replaced as well.    Thankfully we have some good friends who are coming to our rescue and it won’t cost an arm and a leg to get this done.    Also, our renter at my mom’s house skipped out this weekend!   I have bent over backwards to accommodate this person….I let her move in without a deposit, gave her 2 weeks free rent, and have worked with her the past 4 months since she got fired from her job.   Both my sister and myself have given her job leads and other assistance in getting her help during this time but some people you just can’t help….they have got to want to help themselves.   We went by the house today and it’s not too bad….mostly just needs a good cleaning and I will have a cleaning company go in and I’ll also change the locks as I doubt she’ll return my keys.

Other than that…things are great Confused smile!

I’ve been making myself eat better to try and get to a healthier weight.   I have been drinking a Special K Protein Shake every day for lunch and it really has helped to curb my appetite.   I’m not even “starved” at night.   I’m also trying to cut out Cokes…my weakness!    I’ve been substituting with fruit instead of eating chocolate and fattening desserts.    I must say that I feel much, much better!    I have an outdoor wedding to go to this summer and hope to look a little more fit and trim for that.  

I’ll try and post more often, depending on how my mom does.   I would appreciate your continued prayers for her.


Christine said...

Yes, life gets in the way of blogging sometimes.
You are a good daughter and your mother will get better. Keep up the loving work.

NanaDiana said...

Judy- It never rains but it pours! I am sorry that your Mom looks like she will be in the rehab facility for a while! And, then you have a deadbeat tenant on top of that! At least she didn't trash the place. Keep in touch and I'll keep praying for you- xo Diana

Kelly said...

So glad to hear how you're doing. Sorry to hear about your renter situation. My mom used to rent out houses and it always seemed like such an added burden to deal with. She finally got out of it altogether. Hope your mom continues to make progress. So good to hear that you're taking care of yourself throughout this experience. So important!

Diana said...

Good for you Judy! I'm trying to eat healthier as well. My weakness is sugar. Oh how I love dessert. Continued prayers for your mom! Sorry about your renter problem, that stinks. xo

Southern Lady said...

It sounds as if you have your hands full these days, Judy. I hope your mom will get better soon. I can imagine the toll that takes on you physically, and I admire you for eating healthier and taking care of yourself. I'll remember you and your mom in my prayers and hope you will have some good news to share about her soon.

Cheri said...

Hope this week goes better for you, Judy.

I will be rooting for you on the healthy eating...good for you and praying for you momma.

We are presently waiting on the arrival of our first grandson and hoping all goes well there.

Unknown said...

I am sorry that your Mom looks like she will be in the rehab facility for a while!
You're a good daughter.
We should cherish a grateful heart.

Red Pea Coat

Randy said...

Good for you on the Cokes! Pretty soon you won't miss them at all. :0) I was the same way about Mountain Dew.

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