July 21, 2011

Sunroom Finally Painted!

Fortunately I didn’t have to pitch another fit but I gave the evil eye a time or two to the painter brothers.     I will say that they did an excellent job and truth be known, it was their other brother who was originally supposed to do this job that deserves my wrath!   I’m just glad it’s over!!!!   (We have a wonderful painter that we’ve used for years that is fast, dependable and efficient and we only went this route because brother #1 owes us money).

Do you want to see how it turned out?   


sunroom 002

This is in it’s very raw stage.   I had husband roll up the rugs (I had one on top of the other for some  reason but only one will be going back down) last night and I vacuumed but I’ll be scrubbing that tile today or tomorrow.    Also, I have no idea what the wall color is because at first the paint store mixed it wrong and I had to have it remixed.   I can get the formula if anyone is interested.     I really do like it!


I would love to hang a gorgeous lantern for the light but we really need that ceiling fan in there.    I’ll probably just change out the fan and light cause this one is from the 80’s!

sunroom 007

Since painter guy had put the curtain brackets back up on one window, I went ahead and hung them….gotta see the whole effect, right?    (I was standing on that chair to hang the curtains)   I blurred out the background cause didn’t want you to see those ugly Adirondack chairs that are going to the lake.


These are some of my “custom made” curtains – ha!    They are a pair of full size flat sheets from Wal Mart with a 20” border of painter’s drop cloth.

sunroom 004


sunroom 006

Here’s my TV cabinet.   I’ve debated about painting it but really I love the rustic wood.    I bought this cabinet over 20 years ago when “country” decorating was real popular.    It came out of an old house in Greenville, Alabama and had been used on the porch to store jelly and the like.   The top and bottom doors are in storage and the knobs are old spools!


Here’s where it gets ugly…..I’m thinking about applying for an episode on Hoarders!

sunroom 008

Am I really showing ya’ll this?    This is what it looks like when the husband clears out a room….he just puts stuff all over the place!   Plus the grandkids were here for supper last night and they had out their books & toys.


sunroom 09


sunroom 10

Don’t you love this chippy turquoise box?    I bought it two summers ago at the beach in an old timey general store for $14.99!    This will be my accent color in the sunroom.    (why am I seeing clamps and a bag of grout – geez!)


I hope to get the other curtains made for the windows over the weekend.    We’re supposed to keep the twins Saturday for their mama and daddy to go to Aquapalooza on Lake Martin so I won’t get anything done then.   

Thanks for bearing with me during this whole ordeal…..ya’ll’s comments made me laugh and believe me, I’ve needed some laughs this weekOpen-mouthed smile!


Stacey said...

Lookin' good so far! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Cheri said...

It is coming along beautifully and I love that you are accenting in the turquoise. Funny how you can see what someone else should do with their space but not your own (remember I still need help with my dining room and you had some good ideas for me, Judy). I usually go the route you are going to...neutral and now I am still neutral but with a pop of color and for you that turquoise would be stunning...good choice.

Christina said...

Hoarders:whatever! You have some awesome treasures in there ;)

And yes I am LOVING that chippy turquoise box!

Lois--Huckleberry Lady said...

Hi Judy,
Your room looks really nice. Too bad you had to get tough to get the job done!!!!


Diana said...

Love it, Judy! The curtains are awesome! And the box is so cute! That TV cabinet is so rustic, I love it! I'm trying to find a TV cabinet/console/stand for my den redo for my hubby and having no luck. Anyway, your paint job is perfect and I really like the color!

Emily said...

looking good! love the chippy turquoise box...darling!!! can't wait to see it all put together.

The Anglin Family said...

Looks great!! I just bought the most perfect ceiling fan from Home Depot that looks like a lantern. I wanted a lantern kind of light for my master bedroom and needed the ceiling fan and I found this one and it was LOVE!

Pine Tree Home said...

Paint certainly transforms a space. I won't tell you how messy my hallway was while I redid my bathroom this past month. Stepping over nail guns, caulk, shampoo and towels was an obstacle course.

joanne said...

great color and with the turquoise it will be lovely!

Deserae said...

Glad to see the room is finally all painted and you didn't have to threaten anyone with bodily harm! Love the new color too...very pretty! Your new drapery panels are so beautiful...can't wait to see the rest :o)Have a great weekend with the grands!!!

Simply LKJ said...

I know you are relieved to have it done! I love the color. Similar to those we have in our home...neutral, easy to decorate around. Oh, and girlfried, you should see my basement right now! LOL

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Judy, I love the paint color and the turquoise box is wonderful. Have fun decorating your sunroom.

Sunrooms NJ said...

Gotta love a freshly painted and well furnished sunroom!

Sunrooms Northern Ireland said...

Congratulations! Your sun room is os beautiful. You made the transformation possible that it made me think its so easy to do. Thanks.

insemination said...

Gotta love a freshly painted and well furnished sun room,Glad to see the room is finally all painted and you didn't have to threaten anyone with bodily harm! Love the new color too...very pretty! Your new drapery panels are so beautiful.All people like this color and paint also.

Marqueziwmb said...

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