April 28, 2011

Tornado Alley

Normally you wouldn’t think of Alabama as being considered “Tornado Alley” as I have always heard that description being attributed to Texas/Oklahoma areas.    However, Wednesday afternoon multiple tornadoes ripped through our state, killing over 150 people at last count.

Sitting in our den late yesterday, we watched live coverage of this killer tornado as it bore down on Tuscaloosa, Alabama, one of the hardest hit cities.   


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The daughter of one of my friends attends the University of Alabama….she was only a couple of miles from one of the streets totally destroyed but thankfully is okay.

There are several small towns completely destroyed.     

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This same tornado bore down on Birmingham, where my son and his family live.    I immediately called him and they were all at home, safe & sound, thank goodness.

I also understand there was quite a bit of damage to the Lake Martin area where my sister and I are planning on spending the weekend at her lake house.     

Please say a prayer for everyone who has lost loved ones or everything they have worked for.  


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Such devastation and hardship...thank you for the photos so I can at least pray for the victims.

Loui♥ said...

Prayers for all affected in any way to the horrific destruction and loss..
I have strong ties and property in Clay County,as well as connections in several other southern states..
warmest thoughts and prayers..

Simply LKJ said...

So glad you're family is all safe. We too watched as the devestation unfolded, waiting for the storms to then come through here. We too were spared, but those to our north were not so lucky. Just like some of the towns in AL, they too were destroyed. Prayers going up!!

Anonymous said...

We have family and friends all over AL, including B'ham. Thank God, they are all safe! My heart is breaking for the loss of life and destruction in this beautiful state. God Bless.

Melissa Miller said...

Judy my sister is without power in Birmingham. Just a block away from her several cars and buildings were smashed to bits. It's beyond devastating the destuction and loss of life. I'm sick over it. Take care of yourself too.

My prayers are with all of Alabama and the others affected. ~Melissa

Becca's Dirt said...

So glad you are OK. I can't believe so many lives were lost. That is one huge tornado. Such horrible devastation. Prayers for those who lost family.

Laura S Reading said...

These storms have just been unbelieveable. Even way up here in the northern midwest our tv screens are filled with the devastation. We had a series of tornadoes pass through a couple weeks ago, thankfully without the fatalities. It breaks my heart to hear about the casualties.
Sending prayers to all affected.

larkswing said...

My reaction to your pictures and post was the same at 3:00 this afternoon as my reaction to TV shots at 7:00 this morning - tears want to pour for all effected. And, in reality, this will be a long haul for those towns. So overwhelming to try to imagine how long it will take just to go through the debri, have it removed before homes can begin to be replaced. And then the shell shock and fear everytime there will be a rumble of thunder. Bless them all!!

9405018--Pat said...

so glag your family is safe. My prayers and thoughts for the south.

Stephanie@SweetTeaAndSunshine said...

I hope your sisters house at the lake made it without any damage. Eclectic is very bad, I'll be posting pictures this weekend. Last I heard there are 7 dead, although they have only "confirmed" 5...so sad. It tore my little town all to pieces. :(

A Vintage Vine said...

Amazing the destruction.....I am thinking of the victims too and praying for the lives lost! Thanks for sharing!

joanne said...

my mind can not fathom the destruction of these storms...Please stay safe and know we are praying for all of you.

PAT said...

The images are incredible.

I grew up where tornadoes are quite common. I even lived in Texas, in 1953, when they experienced one of the most terrible tornadoes they ever had, killing 114 people in one town. I still live where tornadoes happen. There was an EF4 in ST Louis, last Friday. By some kind of miracle no one was killed.
I have seen the devastation of tornadoes in real life and I've never seen anything like what happened in Alabama.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

I live in Montgomery and we watched TV coverage of the tornado as it bore down on so many people north of us. My heart is just saddened by the loss of life and the devastation.

Blue Creek Home said...

I hope we never have to witness anything like this again. It is hard to believe it really happened, even as we drove by a lot of the devastation today. Still cant' get through to the Poplar Dawg area.
It breaks my heart to see the devestation - can't imagine how these people must feel.
My neighbors two sisters who live side by side on 49 were sucked right out of their homes. How horrible must that be?
I usually don't get too scared during storms, but these things had me praying nonstop.

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Thanks for sharing these photos and I am so glad your family is safe and were unharmed by these horrific storms. I will say prayers for all the people whose homes and lives were taken away in a matter of moments.
Bless you and your family.

EFT Tapping Points said...

I applaud the way the people help each other. IN times like this, this is what matters the most.

Carol Look said...

I pray for all the victims -- both harmed and unharmed, and for immediate recoveries of those harmed.

insemination said...

These storms have just been unbelievable,Amazing the destruction,This blog is related to the earthquake,Many people should be pray for safe the your family, Lives were taken away in a matter of moments.

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