December 15, 2009

My Love of Sideboards

I fell in love with sideboards many years ago, long before I felt I could afford one.   My sister’s mother-in-law had the most beautiful sideboard in her dining room in Mountain Brook which my sister eventually inherited.    It came from one of their trips to Europe and was very valuable.

The first auction David and I ever went to (about 5 years ago) we went with the intention of hoping to find a sideboard we liked in good condition and at a reasonable cost.     That night we actually bought two!    One is in the den and one is in the dining room.   

Here’s the one in the den:

more christmas 2009 055

And the one in my dining room (my favorite)

Christmas 12-8-09 005

Then at another auction we attended a couple of years ago we weren’t looking to buy another sideboard but as we were leaving I saw one outside that was in pretty bad shape.     We bought it for $25.00 and when we got it home, I cleaned it up and painted it black.    It wasn’t the greatest looking piece of furniture but it served its purpose at that time.     Now that I’m ready for my sunroom to undergo a facelift, the sideboard was the first thing to get a new look.     I decided to paint the body of it with Heirloom White and stain the top in a dark walnut.   

Here’s the sideboard painted black:

sunroom sideboard 021                 sunroom sideboard 019 

And I just couldn’t wait to show you how it looks now:

     sideboard and lake 011


sideboard and lake 012


sideboard and lake 013

   sideboard and lake 016

Please excuse the mess and boxes in the background-----I’m still sorting stuff from my mom’s house and this has been the dumping ground for all those things.

sideboard and lake 017

I just added this little applique to the bottom drawer.    I have one I can use on the top drawer but I think I’ll leave it just like this.

Gone will be the red walls and in its place will be a creamy white.   I found an 8 x 10 seagrass rug at a local flea market for $19.99!      I already have a khaki loveseat and dark walnut TV cabinet.     I have a little something in mind for panels at all the windows and the french doors.    I plan to get started on a complete revamp of that room shortly after the holidays so you’ll just have to come back then to see how the room comes together.     I will also give a list of the products I used on the sideboard which made my job a little easier.

On a side note, on Monday my daughter and I went to Birmingham for our annual girl’s day Christmas shopping.    The weather was yucky all day long.    My son was also off doing some shopping of his own and he met us for lunch at P.F. Chang’s (my favorite place).      I am so fortunate that my kids love spending time together and Shannon has always loved being with her big brother.    I snapped this of them as we were walking out of Barnes & Noble (of course, they think I’m crazy always taking pictures)….

bham dec 2009 022

(Yep, they’re probably saying “why is she ALWAYS taking our picture)

Then to top off our shopping extravaganza I stopped by Rhoda’s so Shannon could meet her and see her house.     Well, as you can imagine, Shannon loved everything about it!     I have now been instructed that we MUST use beadboard wallpaper in the kids bathroom (Rhoda is the beadboard wallpaper queen).      Shannon and Rhoda’s hubby had quite a little talk about the upcoming National Championship game between Alabama and Texas that will be played in Pasadena, California.    Shannon’s husband is a huge Alabama fan (among all us Auburn folks) and they are flying out to the game…..guess who’s babysitting?


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Well, let me just say, that you are an OLD friend now & I just loved having you & Shannon drop by. Might as well share all that Christmas with everyone. Glad she loved the wallpaper, it is pretty awesome stuff.

Your sideboard looks great! I'm definitely painting my dresser too & I think I'll do the same thing & leave the top dark.

Stacey said...

I don't have a single sideboard but it's on my list! So you think auctions are the way to go? I've seen a few around town but the prices haven't been fantastic. It will have to be one that I can't walk away from.

The one you painted heirloom white and stained is fantastic! Great call. :)

Shelia said...

Hi Judy! Oh, I love your sideboards and you really made the one you painted just pop! Can't wait to see what you do with your room. How nice that you were able to pop in on Rhoda! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Justabeachkat said...

Gosh, I haven't been by in a few days and I couldn't believe all I've missed. Not a problem, I took some time and caught up. LOL

Merry Christmas sweet friend

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Hi Judy, I'm so happy I found your lovely blog. Wonderful posts and you have great style. I'll be back to visit, because I am your newest follower!

Simply LKJ said...

I love the sideboard! Can't wait to see the transformation. We have a few planned for after the holidays too. I love the candid shots! My kids hate when I do that to them, but they turn out to be some of our favorites!! I just recently discovered Rhoda's blog!! Love it!!

Janell @ House of Fifty said...

Your sideboard redo looks wonderful, it is so much fun to launch into a new project! Keep us posted on the room's progress!

Cass @ That Old House said...

You've given that old sideboard new life; it looks fantastic! Can't wait to see the whole room done over --those are ambitious plans you have.

I love sideboards, too -- just about the best thing we bought for this house was a broken down old marble-topped sideboard that we had rehabilitated -- and it is my pride and joy, in our dining room.

I have another sideboard holding up our TV in the study, and need a narrow one for the front hall... and I'm looking!

Bama Belle said...

Oh Judy, that is beautiful! Great idea. That sideboard was more than worth the 25.00! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie@SweetTeaAndSunshine said...

I love the sideboards. I especially like the one you have just painted the Heirloom White. I can't wait to see pictures of the newly redecorated room!

Sandy said...

I love your sideboards! My SIL has had one for years - an antique. I liked your kitchen sideboard black and I like it white with the stained brown top. You have such a beautiful home and I drool over all the photos.

Teacup Lane (Sandy)

Teresa said...

Oh my goodness I have a sideboard exactly like the black one- you are really tempting me to paint it white. Love it

Susan at Charm of the Carolines said...

Beautiful! You are very creative! THanks for sharing.

Susan at Charm of the Carolines

just ask beth said...


Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hi Judy~
I am loving your simple, white and elegant Christmas decorating, so pretty.
The sideboard came out wonderful!
Merry Christmas, Donna

Melanie said...

The sideboard is gorgeous! I love it.

Barb @ The Everyday Home said...

Ohhh - I love sideboard too. I have one in two rooms now, and have one similair to your painted one in the basement ready for a re-do. I liked it black but I heart it white. Your room sounds like it is gonna be an absolute charmer and I can't wait to see it when its done. Merry Christmas...Barb

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I love side boards as well. Great storage and they look so elegant. You know I love the one with the dark top and white base. :)

Tara said...

Oooh, and sideboards are so practical! This came out sooo pretty!

prashant said...

it is pretty awesome stuff.

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Michelle "Chaos Caretaker" said...

I know this comment is a bit tardy, but I claim recuperation from surgery as my reason for playing catch up. I love your sideboard obsession and love all fo the things that you do to pull it all together. I hope we can do lunch again soon so that you can give me a kick in the pants to start blogging again. ;)- Michelle Vilamaa

Anonymous said...


Miss Janice said...

I love sideboards as well and have two of them in my "little house." I love what you did with the new one!

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