January 31, 2011

Word To Ya Motha

My son was a big fan of Vanilla Ice back in the early 90’s when he came out with his hit song “Ice, Ice Baby.”    In fact, my son had mono that year and because he was spending a lot of time resting either on the sofa or in bed, I bought him the VHR video so he could watch it as much as he wanted to.     I actually got to where I liked the song itself….not so much the lyrics but just the “beat”.    


vanilla ice#1 

Now Vanilla Ice a/k/a Robert Van Winkle has a home improvement show on the DIY network!    Who woulda ever thought this “rapper” would turn “flipper” but that’s just what his show is about.    I don’t get the DIY Network on my cable TV so I haven’t been able to check it out but from what I’ve read, he’s getting high marks for his expertise in flipping houses and extensive knowledge on landscaping.   






vanilla ice #2

Apparently “Mr. Ice” himself is flipping a million dollar mansion in Palm Beach, Florida.    Have you had a chance to see his show?    And does anyone know what “Word To Ya Motha” means?

Would you want Mr. Ice decorating your space?    I might if he’d teach me how to dance…..


ButterYum said...

I have no idea what Word to your Mother means, but I watched the series and I actually think he did a great job flipping that house. Can't wait for the next season.


Donna said...

He's on HGTV here....haven't see the show but looks like it'd be good!

Angela said...

I think "word to your ya motha" means take notice. Funny! I haven't seen it but have seen it advertised on HGTV and it looks good. Looks like it's just beginning. I think the first episode might be on some time this week.

Abramyan Avenue said...

Haha!!I remember this song. My goodness I can't tell you how many times I danced to it!! Of course I thought I was sooooo cool!! haha! I haven't watched the show but my husband has and he also said it was very good. I guess I'll have to give it a try.

Kat said...

I remember the song...loved it...very addictive rhythm. Hard to believe he's in that business now though.


Anonymous said...

We have DIY and HGTV. If I can remember I'll see if I can find the show. I saw it the other day when I was scrolling along the guide. I thought to myself, is that THE Vanilla Ice?

Have no idea what word to ya motha means.

mississippi artist said...

I watch this show and let me tell you he does some kind of beautiful makeovers on houses! He and his crew are very entertaining also. I have become addicted to it. He may look kind of rough with all those tatoos, but he has wonderful taste.

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