July 21, 2014

Sunroom Vignette

Yesterday morning was dark and rainy and I woke up before daylight. I decided to sit in the sunroom so I could watch the rain coming down.   I took a few pictures of the vignette on my sideboard and wanted to share them with ya'll, you know, mix things up from all the gloom and doom I've been posting about lately!

We bought this sideboard at an auction several years ago.   Someone had slapped some varnish on it before bringing it to the auction...it was still sticky wet!   But I bid $25 for it and won it!    I painted it black (back in the days when black furniture was all the rage) and loved it for a while but later stripped it down and painted it white and staining the top a dark walnut color.  

I found this wonderful old turquoise chippy "tray" in Gulf Shores a few years ago in a little shop and loved it....love the handles.   I added some old books tied with ribbon, a faux plant in an old terra cotta pot and a stack of smaller pots I bought for $2.00 in a local antique mall.   I love how it all looks together.

Here's the burlap monogrammed canvas I made a while back.   You can read about that little project here.

 And some close ups that I took.....

Here's my wet, sad looking deck.   Please forgive the floppy umbrella...that's not staying.   I have a newer cable spool that I'm working on to use as a stand for the umbrella but just haven't got around to replacing this old one yet.   

Most of my plants have wilted in the hot summer sun and I'm just not going to replace them.   They looked really pretty this spring.    I also bought new black and white cushions for our chairs.  I used hot pink flowers and ordered some pink pillow covers for the chairs....it looked really nice but the pillows have been brought inside so they don't fade in the sun.    The hot pink and black and white combo looked so pretty together.

Now if you've been following along with me lately, you know all about the situation with my mama.   She's back here at a rehab facility and so far (fingers crossed) she's doing remarkably well.    She will most likely remain there for 20 days then we're hoping she can go back to her assisted living facility.     Thank you for ALL of your prayers for her.

I have a fun week planned....I'm meeting up with a couple of friends from high school....one I haven't seen in years....not saying how many but it's a lot!    This particular friend was the "it" girl in school....head cheerleader, beauty, homecoming queen, you get the idea.    We're on the reunion committee together and are having dinner one night this week to start planning for next May....I've been shopping for outfits cause I gotta look good! (LOL)   

And I'm also going with my daughter for her dr. appt. the same day as the dinner party....hope to find out the gender of the baby but daughter doesn't want to know that day....she wants to have a "gender reveal" party!    I told her she needs to have the party that same night cause my heart can't take "not knowing" what she's having much longer!

Hope you all have a fabulous week!

July 17, 2014

Life Lately

It seems like all I do lately is post "debby downer" stories but that's the reality of my life. I love a good decorating post as much as the next girl but since my "job" for the last 4+ years has been my 94 year old mother's caregiver, decorating, DIY-ing and other "fun" things don't always fit in. And while being a caregiver is sometimes an overwhelming and thankless task, being able to see that my mom is happy and in the best place, as strange as it may sound, I'm grateful I have this time with my mama.

Okay, so with that being said, here's what is happening around here this week. A little background....my mom turned 94 years old on June 22nd. The very next week she started going downhill quick, to the point that the director at her assisted living thought it might be helpful to have her sent to an out of town hospital for elderly patients to run extensive tests to see what might be causing her depression and other symptoms she was exhibiting. She was transported to the hospital this past Monday...and let me say here that God always goes before us to meet our needs no matter where we are....the town where she was sent is where my sister lives and in fact she was the social worker at the hospital mama was sent to so she knew all the right folks there. The staff and personnel were so very kind to her and took their time in answering our questions and putting us at ease. It was found that her potassium levels were very low so that was treated and by Monday evening and Tuesday morning she was more like her "old" self....which is a good thing! So now the plan is to put her into a rehab facility back here at home (in fact she's on her way here right now) to try and build up her strength a little bit. Then she can go back to her "home" at her assisted living residence...that's our hope. So please forgive me if I don't have any pretty pictures or wonderful DIY projects to share like I have in the past but right now my focus is my mama. I know all of you understand as you have shown me such wonderful support in the years I have posted about my mama.

And on top of all this, I developed a pretty severe rash on my stomach and back.   I went to see my doctor yesterday and he said it most likely is related to stress!    I don't like to take any kind of medicine but he thought it might be helpful if I had something for anxiety and stress to take from time to time, as needed.   I took 1/2 a tablet yesterday and it did seem to help me.    It's not something I will take on a daily basis but only as I feel that I need to.  

I want to thank all of you that let me know you have our family in your prayers.    

July 11, 2014

Happy Birthday To My Son!

You know that Kenny Chesney song "Don't Blink"? That's how I feel today...my son is turning 40 years old! How can that be? I still think of him as my "little boy" even though he towers over me.

Me and my baby boy at 2 1/2 months.    I still remember the day this photo was taken.   My husband was working full time and in college part time and we didn't have much money at the time but I couldn't wait to have some pictures made of our darling boy.   So off we went to K-Mart (which was basically all we could afford at the time).   I had dressed him in one of his Feltman Brothers outfits.   Since he couldn't sit on his own, the photographer had me hold him....I sure wasn't dressed or made up for a photo but I didn't care....sorry it's so grainy but it's quite old!   

Of course, we've had our ups and downs over the years, what parent and child haven't, but he has far exceeded my expectations as an adult.   He is so successful in his job and is a great daddy and husband.

Both of my "babies" at the Summit in Birmingham a couple of years ago for another birthday celebration....aren't they "purdy"?

Shane and his sweet family.... (this granddaughter loves to "pose"!)

I took this one at the lake over the 4th of July...look at those dimples!   That was the first thing I noticed about him when he was born...he was such a pretty baby!

A few years ago, my sister gave me a book entitled "I'll Love You For Always".   I thought it was a little strange but after I read it, it became one of my favorites.   I can't read it without crying.   I loved it so much I gave a copy to my daughter and daughter in law when they became mommies.    It still makes me cry!
 (source unknown)

Happy Birthday Shane!   I love you!!!

July 7, 2014

Thankful for.....

I had planned to post about our 4th of July lake weekend but instead I'm going to give a shout out to my wonderful son-in-law. Let me tell you briefly about "The Don".... He was a friend of my son's and was 21 years old when I first met him. He came by the house one day and as corny as it sounds, when he saw my 16 year old daughter, I think he lost his heart to her that day. He kept hanging around and "dropping" by when my son wasn't home....after several weeks of this he asked me how I felt about him asking out my daughter. I told him it wouldn't work, he was too old for her, she couldn't go places with such an "older" guy and while I didn't mind him being her friend, that would be as far as it could go. Well.....five years later the week she turned 21 they got married!

He hung out at the house for those five years and I really got to know him. He was always respectful to me and my daughter and at that time, her dad and I were going through a long, drawn out messy divorce, my son had joined the Navy and to be honest, he was a real blessing and joy to have around. They had their twins (now 10) after 7 years of marriage and now are expecting baby #3 in January 2015. 
 (Shannon and Taylor - 10 weeks)

(Chilling at the lake)!

 When the twins were in day care and they would act up, the helper would say "I'm going to call your dad" to which Jackson (the boy twin) would reply "don't call the don" (their dad's name)! So now he shows up as "The Don" on my caller id!

Today my daughter and her husband were supposed to leave for a week in the Big Easy. I met them at the mall for lunch and Jackson had a meltdown about them going. My precious grandson has a mild form of Asperger's and is very attached to his daddy. While he can go a day and sometimes a night at our house, he just wants to be at his house and with his mama and daddy. He had a little meltdown at the mall and was very upset. I tried to comfort him by telling him we were going to the zoo, would get ice cream and all the other things I know he loves to do. My son in law got very teary and said they just would not go...it wasn't worth Jackson getting so upset. I really don't think my daughter wanted to go anyway....walking around in that heat and being 15 weeks pregnant she just wouldn't have a good time. When we got to our cars, Don said he didn't like going anywhere without the kids anyway....they are a very, very close family and do everything together....which I think is so sweet. He kept saying to my daughter "Honey, are you alright"..."what do you want to do"...."don't worry about going to work this week, we'll all just do something together" (they own their own business and she works there). I guess the point of this rambling post is to say how very blessed I am to have "The Don" as my son in law. He's truly like a son to me and while we've had a few ups and downs, we've never ever had words or disagreements. The only thing "bad" I can say about him is he's a huge Alabama fan....and we're all Auburn fans!

I'm still planning on doing a post on our lake weekend....it was wonderful.

Also, I would appreciate you all remembering my 94 year old mom in your prayers. She has been having some set backs at her assisted living residence and next Monday we are taking her to a hospital for testing for depression, dementia, etc. After that, she may be entering a 21 day rehab facility to try and get some mobility back in her legs....she has been confined to a wheelchair for over a year now. She is very confused and depressed....not like her at all. If the hospital stay followed by rehab doesn't work, we will be moving her into a nursing home....something none of us want. Any prayers would be appreciated.

Have a great week!

July 3, 2014

Happy July 4th!

Long May She Wave

Hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!  

June 19, 2014

Art For Nursery

You might say I'm becoming a little obsessed with "all things baby" since our daughter recently found out she's having another baby in January. Her twins are 10 so while this was a complete surprise, we are sooo excited to add another member to our family. That being said, both Shannon and I have started Pinterest boards and I've been pinning like a crazy woman. If you'd like to see some of my ideas, you can check it out here. If you'd like to see Shannon's board, you can follow along here.

This week I was in Hobby Lobby, land of all things cute and 40-50% off, and lo and behold when I came around a corner, I saw the ca-utest pictures for a baby's room. I'm not tech savvy enough to know how to take a picture and text it to her so I called her and told her I was going to go ahead and buy some things for her "approval" and if she didn't like them, I could always return them. But I'm her mama and I know what she likes!

 "All of God's Grace In One Tiny Face".....love!

When she saw these, she said they were just what she had in mind. We think they are gender neutral and will work for a boy or girl.    THEN, I was in a flea market yesterday checking out my favorite booth...this guy (yes a man's booth) has some of the best stuff!   I saw an old fashioned changing table already painted a pretty shade of gray and seeing as how this will be the only piece of furniture we have to purchase for the room, I went ahead and bought it too!   Oh, I did text her a picture of it by having my 10 year old granddaughter giving me step-by-step instructions while I was on the phone!

This is not the table I bought but looks almost identical to it including the baskets.   All the other furniture is dark cherry wood (previous baby bed) and bachelor chest.   I thought a painted piece would add interest to the room.

The baby's room is the smallest room in their house....now used as the twin's play room....but we think we've come up with the best way to arrange everything.    Of course, we can't wait to find out what she's having...hopefully no later than August....then the decorating can commence (my grandmother used that word a lot and sounds soooo Southern to me)!

I played around a little on Polyvore and came up with a very loose version of how the nursery MIGHT look....this site is addicting!

This was my first attempt to create a "mood board" and I'm not sure the room will look anything like this but what I do know is she wants to use the colors of gray, white and turquoise mix, and of course, throw in a monogram somewhere!   I kinda think this looks more like a little boy's room but if she has a girl, we will be sure it will reflect her girliness!    We are trying to work with most of what she already has and not spend a ton of $$.    Taylor was promised a room makeover for her 10th birthday back in May but in light of the new baby news, that got pushed to the back burner a little bit.   Luckily we had already purchased new things for her room before we knew about the baby and she's been promised her she will still get her "new room!"

This Sunday my mom will turn 94 years old!   Three of her four children and a good many grandkids and great-grands will be celebrating with her at her favorite Mexican restaurant and then having cake and ice creme back at her assisted living residence.  

Hope you all have a great weekend!

June 13, 2014

First Look at "New Baby"

I just wanted to pop in and share the first official photos of "New Baby"...that's the name we've given to grandbaby No. 5 until we know what it will be...hope to find out in August. If you're new here, our daughter is 10 weeks pregnant. Her twins turned 10 on May 21st so this was a bit of surprise.  After getting over the initial shock, we are all excited. I thought I'd do what I've seen other bloggers do and try and document her pregnancy...I'm hoping to get a weekly photo (please indulge me) but might be more like monthly.

She stopped by to pick up Taylor this afternoon so these were taken in a hurry...she was tired and my house is a mess!   Her husband and son were waiting at the office to head out to the ballfield...I think she planned to go home and take a nap!

So without further, ado here are her first photos...10 weeks this week.

10 weeks

 I love this next photo of Shannon and Taylor....

This baby will have two mamas, well, three counting me!   Taylor is going to be an awesome big sister!     

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.   We're off to spend the day tomorrow at the lake with our son and his family for a spaghetti dinner and getting out on the water on the boat....hope the rain holds off!

June 5, 2014

Friday Favorites

I would love to say that I'm going to start posting Friday Favorites every week but we all know that would be a big fat lie so what I'm going to attempt to do is post my favorites every month...hey, at least I'm trying!

First up let's look at some of my favorite reading material.   Many years ago a fellow co-worker introduced me to Anne George's books.   Ms. George passed away several years ago but I still love reading her books over and over..   Part of the charm is that her stories are set in Birmingham and the Gulf Shores/Orange Beach area....two places dear to my heart.    The main characters are two sisters who are as different as night and day...."Mouse" (who is based on Anne herself) and "Sister" her older and much larger sister.   They get into a lot of mischief and while it sounds strange to say they are murder mysteries, there is nothing gory or sad about the murders...an oxymoron, I know but true.    Her books are styled as Southern Sisters Mysteries.


Now that I've reached a "certain age" with that hopefully has come some wisdom...I'm talking about tanning!  In my youth I baked every summer using iodine and baby oil and I was one of the lucky people that tanned easily.    Then later in life I started using the tanning bed.   Now that I know the dangers (and stupidity) of that, I began my search for tanning lotions that (1) didn't have that awful smell (2) worked in a reasonably short amount of time; and (3) didn't cost and arm and a leg.    I've used several products over the years that I was pretty happy with but the one I'm using now is hands down the absolute best I've ever tried!    All the reviews were at least 4-5 stars so I ordered my first bottle about 2 months ago.   I knew my sister and I were going to the beach in May and neither of us wanted to look pasty white.   As a wise attorney friend used to say "tan fat looks better than white fat"!


This stuff is the bomb-diggity (I've been seeing some of ya'll use that term and I think it fits this product perfectly - whatever bomb-diggity means)!   It's a little pricey (I think $30 for the bottle?) but, depending on how often you use it, can last a couple of months.   I just ordered my 2nd bottle this week as I was almost out.    By the way, I ordered mine from Amazon.   I get a good tan during the summer up on the lake but for some reason my legs don't tan anymore like they used to....so I only use it on my legs.    When I came back from the beach I had used it the night before we went and once there.   I'm telling you, my legs were so dark I couldn't even believe they were my legs!    Git ya some!

I found this fabulous recipe here and I couldn't wait to try it out.   I tweaked my recipe a little.   Instead of grilling the chicken I tossed several chicken tenders into a baggie.   In the baggie I had a packet of Buttermilk Ranch Seasoning mix and added some creme.     Shook up the bag and baked the tenders on 350 degrees for approximately 30 minutes (depending on how many tenders and your oven will determine how long to bake yours).   Oh my gosh, ya'll, this stuff is delishious!

 I melted 1/2 stick of butter in a large skillet, added about 1 tbsp. of minced garlic and when the butter was melted I added a small bag of spinach and a carton of cherry tomotoes that I cut in half.   Stir that all together until blended.

 Next I added a small carton of creme (next time I'll add a little more) then stirred it all again

Finally add the penne pasta to the mixture.   I cooked a whole box (12 oz) because I plan on taking some to my daughter's office tomorrow for her lunch (aren't I a good mama?!).    After the chicken baked, I cut it up in bite size pieces and added it to the skillet along with grated parmesan cheese...lip smackin' good ya'll!   Basically, just follow Jenny's recipe and tweak it to suit you....I don't believe you can go wrong with this recipe.

My super smart granddaughter introduced me to this app for my phone.   Please don't tell me ya'll already know about it....I'm always the last to know....but in any event, we love anything monogram and right now I'm loving chevron so put the two together and what do you get?   Monogrammed chevron phone app (lame joke) but I bet you'll want one for your phone too!   

She downloaded the Marley Lilly app and from there you choose your backgrounds and fonts.   I can't wait to play with mine and change it up (she'll have to help me because I was driving when she did this and have no idea what to do)!


Apple App Store Link: http://tinyurl.com/k5ubyj6
Google Play App Store: http://tinyurl.com/nytywoe

When my sister and I were at the beach a couple of weeks ago one of our first stops was Old Time Pottery (my husband calls it Pottery Barn)....we were strolling through looking here and there.  I really didn't have anything specific I was looking for but you never know what you'll find there.    We came around a corner and practically bumped into this cart that was piled high with the most fabulous things....including two gray and white chevron stools.    

The lady was standing nearby and I asked here where she got them and she said she got the last two (boo)!   BUT she said she was getting them for her new beach house to use as seating for her kids and if they didn't work, she would call me if I'd give her my phone number.    The next day she DID call saying they didn't work and she was returning them to the store the next day at 10:00 a.m.    The only thing was I didn't get the message until 3:00 the next afternoon but since we were out I rushed over and sure enough, there they were!    I only got one with the intention of using it in one of the guest rooms that will be getting a makeover in gray and white but it looks good in my kitchen too!  

I'm going to do a separate post on beauty products soon.    Oh, I do have one more "favorite" to share...this past Monday my daughter went for her first sonogram and we saw only one baby!     If you are new to my blog, my daughter has boy and girl twins that turned 10 on May 21st...the next day she found out she was 9 weeks pregnant....surprise!    Of course, we still don't know yet if it's a boy or girl but you can bet I've already got a pinterest board started which you can see here.

 Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend!

May 31, 2014

Backyard Ocean Pool Sweepstakes

While I've always wanted an in-ground pool in our backyard, it's just not gonna happen! So when the good folks at Backyard Ocean contacted me about their products, I was really excited to see their products and share them with you. Would you like to have a chance to win your very own backyard pool? Read more about these products and how you can enter for a chance to win one for yourself here.

May 26, 2014

Remembering and Honoring Our American Heros

Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ and the American Soldier, one died for your soul and the other for your freedom

May 18, 2014

Beach Bound

Monday morning will find my sister and I heading to the beach for a full week of fun in the sun, eating, shopping, girl talk, room service, and just plain ol' fun. After the month I've had, I am going to thoroughly enjoy my time at the beach. See ya'll later! 

May 16, 2014

The Week That Almost Did Me In

This past week started out extremely stressful but ended with an exciting announcement. Tuesday morning I got a call that my mom was found "unresponsive" at her assisted living cottage when they went in to get her up for her bath. Her eyes were rolling back in her head and she stated "I'm dead"! That was really scary as she NEVER says anything like that. An ambulance was called and I rushed out to the hospital emergency room, not knowing what I would find. The scary thing is that when my daddy passed away in 1980 he was taken to the ER where he died of a heart attack. So, in my mind, I was silently screaming and begging God to not let me find out the same thing had happened to my mom. I was by myself as my husband had not made it to the hospital yet and my daughter and her husband were coming from about 30 minutes away. When I got to her room, I could see three nurses attending her but she was awake and looking pretty good...for almost 94! Long story short, a CAT scan and MRI were done, along with a barrage of other tests and nothing could be found that caused her situation. She was admitted for the night and released Wednesday afternoon. She was worried about how her hair looked and wanted to get back to her room so she could get something good to eat. As of today, she acts like nothing happened and is anxious to get her hair done!

Wednesday night our phone rang around 8:00 p.m. That's not unusual because a lot of times our granddaughter Taylor calls us after she gets home from church on Wednesday evenings. It was my daughter Shannon and she asked David if I was in the room and if the phone was on speaker. About that time her husband yelled out in the background "Shannon's pregnant"! I about had a heart attack as the twins will be 10 on May 21st and we assumed all the baby business was over...I guess the Good Lord had other plans! After finally convincing me she was not joking I got on the phone and we started making plans for the new addition...how to decorate the room, all the "stuff" we've got to buy, etc.

She put a message on her FB page and it went "viral" as they say....everyone is soooo happy! Of course, there is a 50/50 chance she could have twins again (my great grandmother had two sets of twins, my mom had a set of twins and of course, Shannon had a set of twins)...while we'll love two babies again, I really hope there is only one this time! Thursday she and the twins picked me up and we went shopping for her some stretch pants...I could really see her tummy and she really does look pregnant! She's so tall and slim and I just saw her on Sunday but sure didn't notice anything. She was dying to tell us but had a doctor appointment on Wednesday to get confirmation before telling anyone. She is due January 8, 2015 so we will have a new little one to love on next year. The twins are thrilled....especially Taylor.

So with the bad comes the good....I just don't know how much more "bad" or "good" I can take anytime soon. I'm still planning on going to the beach with my sister on Monday for a week....I hope I get lots of rest (because I'm gonna need it)!!!

May 12, 2014

Sneak Peek At Southern Living Guest Room

Almost two years ago my husband and I visited the Southern Living home in Senoia, Georgia. I fell in love with one of the bedrooms that had white plank walls and buffalo check fabrics. So I set out to recreate my own Southern Living bedroom in one of our spare bedrooms. I got all the bedding and we even cut out a headboard template and then.....nothing! It's sat in that stage for almost two years....shameful, I know!

Here's the state of the room as it has been for the past 2 years!   I can't believe I'm telling ya'll that but just keeping it real around here.  

 The "headboard" that's propped up behind the bed is the one my husband cut out for me but it's been bothering me that it's just not wide enough.    That might be part of the reason I just couldn't finish it so I'm hoping the one from Ballards will be just right.   The plan was to cover it with a drop cloth and add nailheads. 

I recently got a new Ballards catalog and found this headboard that I really liked...and the price was very reasonable. So yesterday I ordered it!

I got the burlap headboard and I plan on adding nailhead trim to "customize" it. Although the bed is a full size, I ordered the queen headboard in the event we "upsize" the bed down the road. I don't think the extra few inches on the queen headboard will really matter with the double bed....i've done all the measurements. One good thing about the headboard is I will have 30 days to return or refund so if I need the full size, I can just return the queen and get the double...they will even pay for return shipping! I might have to do a little rearranging in the bedroom and I want to add a gallery wall but if I can just get that bed finished, I'll feel like I'm nearing the finish line on this room.

It's on backorder until early June but since I've waited this long, what's a few more weeks?   I'll be so happy to have this project done so I can focus on another bedroom and bathroom this summer...that's the plan anyway!   Hope it doesn't take another 2 years to get those two things done!

Hope you all have a wonderful week.   Next Monday my sister and I are planning on taking our delayed annual girl's trip to the beach....I cannot wait!

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