April 20, 2016

The Time I Took Viagra and Other Interesting Tidbits

I think we're all friends here, right?   And I hope this isn't TMI for anyone but if it is I apologize in advance!

So about the Viagra.....a couple of years ago I was at a doctor visit and mentioned that I was having to get up frequently during the night to go "potty".    He said he'd give me some samples of an Rx and if it worked, he'd give me the prescription for it.    The samples/prescription was Vesicare

Not long after that I was talking to some people and as "old" folks do, we were comparing our aches and pains and how becoming older was affecting our lives.    I said I was taking Viagra for my frequent bathroom visits during the night.    No one said anything and the conversation resumed.

Later on I was telling my husband about it and he said "you didn't really tell them you were taking Viagra did you?"   I said well, yes, I did.....then I realized it wasn't Viagra but Vesicare!     When I ran out of my "Viagra" I didn't get the prescription for the Vesicare as I couldn't tell it helped but it might be time to give it another chance (LOL).

ETA:   I was going to post a cartoon image of Viagra but when I googled it there were several sites but the one that caught my eye was the "before and after" page....uhhh, I don't think so.   

For some reason, I have a hard time remembering people's names, or call them something other than their real name.    I blame it on my BFF Judy.   She and her husband are the "king and queen" of calling people by their wrong names so I tell her that has rubbed off on me.     We have a friend named Scott but he looks like a "Chris" to me.    So I call him Chris and he's in my phone as Chris.    It doesn't hurt that he also looks like Toby Keith so every year he sends me a message on my phone that says "Merry Christmas from Toby Keith"!

Talking about my friend Judy and her husband, years and years ago she and her husband had a car for sale they had listed in a local publication that you advertised in for items to buy or sell.    Her husband was in insurance and worked at night sometimes.    So one night they got a call inquiring about the car for sale.   Judy told them she really didn't know a lot about it but to call her husband back to get all the details.    When the caller asked when was a good time to call back, she said that they kept "erotic" hours so they would just have to keep calling until they reached him.   Of course, she meant "erratic".   I don't know if the person ever called back though!

One year her husband asked me if "Bob" could get him some Auburn-LSU tickets.   I said "who's Bob"?   He said you know, your son-in-law.   I said "his name is Don" to which he replied "I've always called him Bob and he always answers." 

This next little "tidbit" I may have shared before but I love to tell it.    My mom and I were traveling to my sister's house to visit for the day a few years ago.    She's a huge reader and was always getting books at the local library before she got her Kindle.    She asked me to pick up a book for her when we got back home and I asked her what the name of the book was.   She said "Killing KFC".   I said you mean "Killing JFK" and she very calmly said yes!    Guess where we ate lunch that day.....yep, KFC!    One time she had a yard sale and sold a wheelbarrow without a wheel!   (You can't make this stuff up, right?)

When my granddaughter was around 3 we were at their house one night having a big Mexican spread.   My daughter had put all the fixin's on the table, including a carton of sour creme.   Taylor (my granddaughter) looked at it and said "I not like hiney creme mama"!    She thought the sour creme looked like the "hiney creme" she used when changing their diapers!

Whenever we're up on the lake and out on my son's boat, we love to see all the huge McMansions that are usually 2nd homes to some of the elite.    My son always calls that "stupid" money (ok, that's not really funny but it kinda is to me).

By the way, the above lake property belonged to former CEO of Health South in Birmingham, Al who is now serving time in prison.   Greed doesn't pay off!   It is amazing to see in person!

Just one more thing before I go.....(I can hear you breathing a sigh of relief)!    My favorite show is back on....Southern Charm!    It's trashy and classy, all at the same time.    Love me some Southern Charm!

My friend Katie from Preppy Empty Nester wrote a great piece about her love of this show over on her blog here.  

That's all the tidbits I've got for now (you can exhale now)!

Ya'll have a great week!

April 11, 2016

A Boy's Room In The Making

When my son and his family moved from Birmingham to Spanish Fort last year, my daughter-in-law immediately asked me to help her decorate their new house.   Well, now, you're talking my love language!   She has got a great start in the den with the addition of the sectional she ordered.    I have to say it is the most comfortable sofa I've ever sat on.    It's a gray linen fabric from the Paula Deen line (those of you that don't like PD please don't jump on me!).      There are two La-z-Boy leather recliners also.    We gifted them a rug (she picked out and ordered) and when we were down after Christmas I bought her a couple of lamps, one a floor lamp and the other a table lamp.    So "we've" got a good start and plans to finish out with wall art, pillows and accessories down the road.   I'm so sorry I don't have a picture to share but next time I'm down there, I plan on taking some interior shots of the den.   Since I don't have a picture of the den right now, how about a few of their backyard?

The other room she's concentrating on is my little 5 year old grandsons room.    His bedroom in Birmingham was just the baby bed converted to a "big big" bed and a changing table.     I'm kind of surprised my 10 year old granddaughter hasn't insisted on a room re-do (yet) but seems satisfied with what she has for now....thank goodness!

I'm very fortunate in that my DIL asks my opinion on her ideas and never seems to get insulted or mad if I am honest with her.    Some things are too pricey (she has good taste) and others just aren't to my liking, but in the end it IS her house and her child so that is always in the back of my mind.     But I must say, so far she's taken all of my suggestions/ideas and is implementing them in the room.  

The first thing (and only thing done so far) was deciding on a paint color.    The room has a chair rail and she wanted contrasting paint above and below the chair rail.      At my suggestion, she had the wall above the chair rail painted Kendall Charcoal and below is an off white (I'm not sure the name of that paint color, her painter suggested it).      I sent my DIL a photo of Melaine's son's bedroom (My Sweet Savannah) and she loved the wall colors which is the inspiration we used for the walls.     

She is looking for a headboard and nightstands.    She will also use a bamboo shade and possibly I'll be making drop cloth drapes, unless I can find something else that I think will work.    We are ordering the duvet from Ikea. 

The closet has a great closet system and built in drawers so there is really no need for a dresser in the room.    She wants him to have a little desk and chair and he got a teepee from us last Christmas which takes up a lot more room than I thought it would.   There is a playroom upstairs so he doesn't keep many toys in the bedroom.     Here is basically what she'd like to do....seems like it would not be too hard to DIY and fairly inexpensive, useful until he needs something more substantial.

She's been looking at some wall sconces from Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware, but I told her if she had to have them wired to the wall, she'd have to patch those holes if she ever wanted to rearrange the room but she seemed determined to use wall mounted lamps.    Last week on one of my numerous trips to Target (LOL) I found two table lamps almost identical to the ones she'd been interested in from PB and RH at a fraction of the price.    I face timed her and "convinced" her I thought she'd be better off with two table lamps vs. the hard wired wall ones, and she totally agreed once she saw the lamps.    They are nestled in my trunk along with some other goodies to take to her next time I'm down that way in a month or so.

Oh, and they were on sale!   Yay me!!!

I think she (we) have a good start on his room, even though it's only been painted.    She's taking her time finding what she wants, and trying to keep within a budget.  Once she finds a headboard and end tables we can start putting the room together, hopefully by the time I get there in a couple of months.     I'll definately be taking photos and sharing them on my blog.

One last thing....I've been having a lot of trouble with my left leg and foot since last November.    I've been to my orthopaedic doctor, a neurologist for nerve damage testing and my general doctor, and so far they can't determine what's going on.    I'm going back to my orthopaedic on Tuesday and I'm hoping he can figure it out.    It's so aggravating to hear "can't find anything" yet I'm in constant pain.    It hinders our traveling and my day to day activities.    I just hope we can figure it out and get on the road to recovery.

Ya'll have a great week and I'd love any good thoughts or prayers you could send my way on Tuesday.

February 23, 2016

Focus on Fashion Unfolded by Mandy

I go through what I call "stages" which chiefly revolve around decorating or fashion.    Right now I'm in my fashion "stage".    I've lost about 20 pounds during the last year which necessitated a new wardrobe (yay!).    However, I usually stay true to the style I'm most comfortable with....casual but classic.

I'm not sure how I found out about Mandy and her Instagram page but boy, am I glad I did!   She's one stylish lady that has given me a lot of inspiration about putting outfits together and even branching out beyond my normal comfort zone to try other things.

Please meet Mandy....the force behind the wildly popular fashion Instagram called Fashion Unfolded by Mandy.

I just love her hair too!   In fact, I recently changed my hairstyle (it was time too) and it's similar to hers, just not quite as short.    Since I had my hair cut in a similar style (just last Friday) I get compliments everywhere I go!   In fact, on my way home the day I had it cut, the toll booth guy said "darlin', I love your hair"!     The next day at a restaurant, the waitress took out her phone to take a picture of it!     But I digress......

Based out of Davenport, Iowa Mandy is a wardrobe stylist who helps women organize their closets.    She can help you weed out unwanted and unused clothing and accessories, take you shopping to buy needed items and style you so you look your best using things you have!

Look how she takes a simple classic black jumpsuit to get all these different looks.       You could also do this with a black dress or black top and pants.     I have styled black on black with a denim jacket and zebra scarf like Mandy and love this look!

This is one of my favorite go-to outfits....so simple yet looks fabulous!   And check out the red purse!

I'd love to find a denim tunic to wear with my black leggings....throw on a scarf and it takes it up a notch.

Does it get any classier than a great white shirt and jeans?  

I'm looking for a black denim vest to get this look....add some silver jewelry and you can go anywhere

I've featured the above outfits as they represent how I usually dress so I was happy to see I have a little fashion sense!   I love having simple, classic pieces that you can pair with accessories for completely different looks.

I recently had a chance to ask Mandy a few questions and wanted to share with you a little about her.

 1.   When you can't think of anything to wear, what's your go to outfit?

As of right now, I would say it's a pair of distressed slim boyfriend jeans, a pair of heels or booties, a long sweater/jacket/vest layered over a basic t-shirt or tank.   I also throw on a long necklace or scarf to balance it all out.

2.    What's the one wardrobe essential you can't live without?

A structured blazer!   Love, love love!!   A fitted blazer just looks so polished and put together.   I love pairing my blazers with boyfriend or flare jeans.

3.    What would you say is your favorite fashion piece at the moment?

That's a tough one.   I have so many right now!   If I had to pick one, it would be my long black leather vest from Vince.   It's a fabulous layering piece and adds interest to any outfit!

4.   Where do you get your fashion inspiration?

Being from the Midwest, I have always drawn inspiration from magazines and looks I have seen on television.   However, one of my favorite hobbies is to go shopping!   Not always to purchase items, but to see what the latest trends are.   This would be my main source of inspiration!   Of course social media too....Instagram!!

5.   Have you always been interested in fashion?

Yes!   Growing up in a small town in Iowa, my exposure to fashion was limited to say the least.   Despite this, I was particular about how I looked even from a very early age.   Fashion magazines and television were my resources as I found my personal style.   I learned to put together stylish outfits by using the clothes and accessories that I had, taught myself how to do my makeup, and even cut off my long hair myself to prepare for the new school year!

6.  Where do you live and tell a little about yourself.

I live in the Quad Cities, which is on the Iowa/Illinois border and my business is located in Davenport, Iowa.   We have all heard the expression, "If you love what you are doing, you never work a day in your life!"   This certainly has become true for me as I have decided to turn my love of fashion and great style into a business.   My name is Mandy Wiebenga, and I am the founder and owner of Fashion Unfolded by Mandy.    

My husband and I have been married 21 years and we own a landscaping company in the Quad Cities along with some rental property.

I enjoy traveling, shopping, working out and entertaining friends and family!

I appreciate Mandy sharing a little about herself with me.    My only complaint is she doesn't live close enough for me to get some help with my wardrobe!    Maybe one day she can do some kind of Skype or come into our homes via computer to help!

You can find Mandy on Instagram or Facebook here.

I hope you visit Mandy....I know you'll love her style as much as I do!

February 15, 2016

Annie Get Your Gun...and other random musings

What a week last week was!   If you read my blog you will recall I asked for prayers for a precious family whose daughter had taken her life on Super Bowl Sunday.   She was a friend of my 11 year old granddaughter, they had played tee ball and softball together for several years.    The memorial was held this past weekend at the high school.   There are just no words to describe something this horrendous....I still can't take it in.   

I started having a stomach bug that Sunday night and into Monday.   Then on Tuesday my daughter called saying she and the baby were home sick.   I went to her house and she was literally lying on the floor burning up!   I took her to an Urgent Care as the doctor couldn't work her in until Thursday!   I knew she couldn't wait that long.    Oh, and did I mention the baby had been diagnosed with the flu on Monday!?    She did not test positive for flu or strep but the doctor put her on Tamiflu and an antibiotic anyway.    I went to her house Tuesday through Thursday and by then she was much, much better.    But I forgot how much work a little 13 month old baby is....he's constantly on the move!   I had to run to the store to get some groceries for her as she had not had a chance to go.    Thankfully her husband has not been sick (yet)!

My husband and I had planned on going out of town on Friday then onto our son's house for the weekend but I got up Friday morning with major headache and sore throat.    I got my doctor to call me in a prescription and I stayed in bed all weekend.

Yeah, it's been fun around here but I think we're all on the road to recovery, finally!

This may be a touchy subject for some of you and I don't want to post anything that will bring about conflict or disagreements.    I'm talking about gun ownership.    For years my husband has wanted me to get a small one for protection.    I'm terrified of guns and don't even like to look at them.    But some things have happened to me recently that have me giving consideration to owning one.

About a month ago I was at one of our local malls.   I had picked something up I'd ordered and was just browsing on my way out to my car.    All of a sudden I heard a man yelling very loud the word "B_____________" (fill in the blank).    He yelled it several times and I thought maybe a couple was having a big argument in the store.   When I turned to see what was going on I saw this huge guy yelling at the security cop!   The guy was taking clothes off the racks and throwing them at security....he even threw the metal rack at the security man!   I was scared to death!   I hightailed it out and as soon as I got in my car I called the police who said they had someone either there or on the way (I was so shook up I couldn't remember what they said).     I later found out the guy had been banned from coming to the mall but he came anyway.

The very next day I was in a drug store and heard a woman yelling!    She didn't curse but she was telling the pharmacist she was "tired of it" and just generally making a fool of herself.    When she went to check out she had a small package of toilet paper and was yelling at the manager that if he wouldn't take her coupon that wasn't "the end of it".....I really don't know what she was talking about but when I checked out the manager said she didn't want to follow rules.    I guess with this happening the day after the mall incident, it brought home to me how vulnerable we are when we are out and about going about our day and something like this can happen anywhere and any time.

Now I know neither one of these incidents is extremely bad but they were (and are) upsetting to me.   I now am having second thoughts on having something to protect myself in the event I find myself in a precarious situation.     I don't even know if I could use a gun.    I do know that if I go that route, I plan on taking a course in the proper use of handling a weapon and defending myself.

Do any of you have a gun?   Did you take a course and do you feel that helped?   

I don't want this post to evolve into a political discussion....I will just delete those comments as I have found you can't argue politics or religion with anyone.    I simply want to know how you would go about defending yourself if you are even in a situation that you would need to.

On a different note, I hope anyone in the path of the severe weather headed your way stays safe and warm.   I think we are only supposed to get some pretty heavy rains.    Spring can't get here soon enough for me!

February 8, 2016

Prayer Request

I had a post ready to go this morning but last night we got some devastating news right in the middle of watching the Super Bowl at my daughter's home.   A precious 14 year old girl, who had played on my granddaughter's softball team, unexpectedly took her own life.   At this point, no one knows why and I can't even imagine what her family is going through.     They were a very close family who doted on and loved their two girls.   

Please keep this precious family in your prayers.    

January 6, 2016

I'm On Instagram!

You'd think since I can't post regularly on this blog I wouldn't have time to get on any social media but I am really enjoying following some great accounts on Instagram.     A year or so ago my granddaughter set me up on Instagram but I never did much with it (you 'll see some of my earlier feeble attempts!).    I still don't post a lot on it but I'm hoping to post more often as it doesn't take as much time as my blog and gives instant 'gratification'!

Here are a few photos I've posted:

 Fall den

Son's backyard

Lake neighbors

 Grandson (in swing) and my sister's grandson (they are 1 year apart)

Starbucks with granddaughter

I'd love for you to follow me on Instagram....you can find me here.

January 3, 2016

Favorite Things - Beauty Edition

I hope everyone had a happy New Year!   We went out for Mexican, then home to watch the Alabama-Michigan game.    My son-in-law is a huge Alabama fan so needless to say, he's a happy camper.   So happy in fact that he and their next door neighbor immediately bought their tickets to Glendale, Arizona for the National Championship game.

We went to their house on  New Year's Day for lunch....my daughter and I served ham, black eye peas, mashed potatoes, english peas, potato salad, two kinds of corn bread, and sliced onion.     The baby (who turned 1 on December 21st) is now on table food and I had a ball feeding him.   He loved the ham, mashed potatoes and english peas!

Now it's back to healthier eating!

I've shared some of my favorite beauty products in the past and wanted to update it.    You may see some of my favorites I've previously mentioned but that's because I really love them and use them all the time.

For years I used Merle Norman makeup.    I used to buy it here in town but the owner moved so I had to go about 20 miles to find another Merle Norman store.    Sometimes it wasn't convenient for me to go that far so I experimented with other foundations.    The one I'm using now is probably my favorite of all other brands I've tried.

L'Oreal True Match.   It gives pretty decent coverage and is a great match to my skin.   I wear "warm".

I apply it with a sponge I get at Target.  It's the Sonia Kashuk foundation sponge....two come in a package for around $5.79!

I set my makeup with a neutralizing powder I discovered a few years ago on one of the home shopping networks.   It also helps with redness on the face.

I don't have a huge makeup routine but I like to stick with one that is tried and true and these are the products I use every day. 

I  also use  Merle Norman lasting cheek color in Dusty Rose.

Since I'm getting to a "certain age" my usual full eyebrows have started thinning.    I don't have to have my hairdresser pluck them anymore!    I don't like to have a harsh drawn on eyebrow so when I found this little eyebrow pencil it quickly became part of my makeup arsenal.

I also like to use a little illuminator around different areas of my face......down my nose, across the forehead and to highlight areas of my eyes.   I found this chart on Pinterest on how to use illuminator and it really helps know where to place it.

Before I put on my makeup I use this moisturizer.    It lasts forever and I really like it.

To remove my makeup at night I use these wet cleansing towelettes I get at Target.

 I also use baby oil to remove my eye makeup.   I rarely wear mascara anymore so taking off my eye makeup is easy. 

I've shared this product before but I thought it was worth mentioning again.   It's their Moroccan Infusion Dry Body Oil.   I squirt this on my legs and arms for a little healthy glow.  I also will squirt on some of the L'Oreal Magic Lumi on my shoulders and down my arms with the Dry Body Oil....makes your skin gorgeous!  

I know it's wintertime and we're not  thinking of looking tan right now, but it can't hurt to get a jump on a little color!   I have a couple of products that I've used that give a good, natural looking tan without being orange or streaky.   

Famous Dave's Self Tanning lotion is a good self tanner.   I always apply all my self tanners with a mitt that I buy at Ulta.  

Jergens Natural glow instant sun.   Right now this is my favorite of the two products.   I put a little moisturizer on my feet and then work my way up from my feet to my upper thigh area.   I don't have to use anything on my arms since they tan pretty easily....my legs not so much so I need all the help I can get on tanning my legs.   I NEVER use tanning beds at all (I have in the past but I know they are terrible for anyone to use).

A have a friend whose daughter has a little spray tan business in their media room.    I used her for the first time last summer for the 4th of July at the lake and it was the most natural looking spray tan I've ever received.....it lasted about 7 days too!    I'll get more spray tans from her this summer and found out the "tan" won't come off in a salt water pool which is what my son has.  

As far as my hair products, I don't use a lot.    My favorite hairspray is Kenra Professional Volume Spray.  

Sometime back I shared how I was looking for a new hairdresser.    You can read the original post here.    Basically, I was looking to change hairdressers after using the same one for a number of years.    When I wrote that post, I had just found someone I liked a lot but since I was "looking" I had another girl I wanted to try out before making a commitment to someone.    I liked the 2nd person better than the first one I changed to and she charges a little less too!     Believe it or not, I have one other person I'm considering for a haicut (not color) since a good friend of mine uses her and I know she can cut my hair in the style I want.    I just don't want to commit to one person like I did before until I'm sure I'm going to be happy!

A few years ago I wrote a post asking for suggestions on perfume.   For years I wore Beautiful by Estee Lauder but unfortunately my body chemistry doesn't work with that scent any longer.   I got some great suggestions but so far I haven't found anything that "speaks" to me.   I'm still looking and would love any suggestions you might have.

Well, I guess that about wraps up some of my favorite beautify products/tips.     I'd love to know if you try any of them and how you like them.    Also, please let me know your favorite products,  I always love hearing your recommendations.

Have you put your Christmas decorations away?    We got ours down and put away and my husband put away the floodlights today.      It feels good to have my house back in order!

Have a great week!

December 31, 2015

Happy New Year and A Year In Review

Well, 2015 is almost in the books and it has been a good year. There have been some times that I wasn't real happy about but I can honestly say "it was a very good year."

As I reflect back over 2015, I'd like to share a few thoughts. We started out (well really it started on 12/21/14) with our newest addition to the family....our 5th grandchild and 3rd grandson.


Weighing in a 9 lb. 4 oz. he was a big boy!   His big sister (shown above) has become his 2nd momma....she has been such a big help to her momma.    

And a year later at our family Christmas get together at the lake

January saw some good news and bad news:   Our son got a huge promotion but it meant they would be living further away from us.    For the past 10+ years they have lived in Birmingham which was only a little over an hour away but they would now be living about 3 hours away.    Of course, it could be a lot worse, like a plane ride away as he reminds me, but still....not as easy to visit like before.    They found a gorgeous home in a wonderful neighborhood with the perfect back yard...and the beach about 30 minutes away too!

This is the view from the 2nd den (yes they have 2!) the gazebo is fully fitted out with a great sound system and TV.....perfect for watching the kids in the pool and enjoying time outside .

My granddaughter said they will just have a stay-cation at their home....they have everything right in their own backyard!

February I had some fairly major surgery and the next few months were spent getting back on my feet.     

Early spring an old friend from school and I started putting the finishing touches on our class reunion that was to be held in May.    I won't say how many years but it's been a while!    I attended a very small private school and we only had about 25 in our graduating class.    I think 3 are deceased, some didn't attend the reunion, but the ones that did had a great time.    We combined our class with the class below us and the class above us so we had about 100 people there.    I know that sounds insane when some schools graduate upwards of 500 students that that wasn't the case for us.

That's me on the end in black and white....my friend that I worked on the reunion with is also in black and white!   It was a good thing we had name badges....that's all I'm going to say!   Funny coincidence....one of the guys is a local dentist that my daughter goes to!

Not much exciting happened during the summer.   We spent some time at the lake but most of our time was at home.    I spend a lot of time at my mom's nursing home with her, they play bingo 3 times a week and she wants me to play too.    Since she's been at the nursing home, a little over a year now, I've got to know a lot of the residents and they seem to expect me there too!    I help some of the residents that don't see well, don't hear well, and some that just don't have the capacity anymore to know their numbers and/or letters.    It's very humbling to me and honestly I can say they do more for me than I could ever do for them.    When she's not playing bingo, we sit outside on the huge porch or in the "living room" as momma calls it and she shares about old times and people that have passed in and out of her life.    She will be 96 in June and I treasure every single moment with her.   But don't let her age fool you....she is very much in the present and knows exactly what is going on!    In fact, when I have my monthly meeting with her social worker and/or nurse, they just laugh and say sign the sheet of paper showing she has nothing wrong with her that needs attention.

Of course, fall bring football season.   I can't say it was our best year but I love my Auburn Tigers!
Soon enough it was Thanksgiving.    My ex-mother in law passed away the day before Thanksgiving.    There is a long story of our relationship but its not worth going into.   Suffice it to say that I made my peace with her a while back and last summer at the twins' birthday party my former husband brought her.    Strangely enough she spent most of the day with me talking and recalling old times!    I wasn't sure what to expect when I went to her funeral but I really felt like I needed to go.    I saw some folks I hadn't seen in 30 years and it was closure for me with some of them that welcomed me with hugs and open arms.    Our divorce was very nasty (thankfully my ex and I get along great now) so I didn't know what to expect but I'm glad I went.    My ex recently told me he was glad I came.

We had our annual family Christmas get together at the lake.   

My grandson (in white and red) and my sister's grandson in red shirt and jeans....can you believe these two are a year apart?   My sister's grandson will be 2 on January 4th and Ryder was 1 on December 21st!   But they had a big time playing....this summer they will have a lot of fun at the lake!

This wasn't at the lake but at Ryder's birthday party....he is a carbon copy of his daddy!

We had a low key Christmas.   Christmas Day my sister and her husband met my husband and I at the nursing home to spend time with our mom.    Then we 4 went to Waffle House for supper!    How classy can you get (LOL)!   They're going back to Hawaii in October and invited us to go but we don't have Hawaii on our bucket list.....we haven't made up our minds whether or not we'll go.    We usually take a tropical vacation in February since my husband owns a landscape business and it's hard for him to get away from spring to winter....thus we go somewhere warm in the dead of winter!    

Yesterday my granddaughter Taylor and I had one of our "special days" together.....I'll take all I can get since she's 11 going on 15 and the time will get here soon enough that it's not "cool" to hang with Mimi!    We went to a movie then Starbucks for hot chocolate.    She had a gift card I had given her and she wanted to use it to buy her own drink.    She had another gift card to Zaxby's so she wanted to go there and get lunch.    I offered to buy her hot chocolate and lunch but she wanted to use her cards.      After I took her back to her mom's office, she told me she had one of the best days ever.    Now that my friends is priceless!

Well, I can't believe there were no decorating posts mentioned.   Maybe that's because nothing much got done.    I shared earlier this fall that the hall bathroom and one guestroom were getting done.....that's still on hold as I'm undecided on bathroom paint color and waiting on our handyman to put up a plank wall in the guest room.    I really hope both of those projects get done soon!

As 2015 draws to a close, I realize how blessed and thankful I am.    I have a wonderful husband, good kids who have great spouses and kids, and my 95 year old mom.     I have everything I need (my husband says I don't have everything I "want" - LOL) but really, I count my blessings every day.    

I also want to than everyone that visits my blog, although this year I have blogged much, much less than in the almost 8 years I've blogged!    I can't promise that 2016 will be better but I hope I can get back to blogging on a more regular basis.

Hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

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