January 9, 2011

Princess In Training

Seems like I fell off the face of the earth since Christmas, I’ve been totally uninspired to post anything, I think I was just wore out from the holidays.    And now today, this part of the country is under a severe weather advisory with ice and snow warnings!    The south totally shuts down with those dire warnings, we just aren’t equipped to deal with that kind of weather.    Husband went out to get some firewood this morning and then we went to the grocery store and when we got home I made chicken tortilla soup AND hamburger soup, don’t want to go hungry!

The twins (our 6 year old grandchildren) just got their progress reports last Thursday….both had all A’s!!!   So Saturday was “their” day to do whatever they wanted.     Taylor wanted a manicure so after lunch at The Golden Corral (Jackson’s choice) we headed to Tips & Toes for Taylor’s mani.   

I had picked up mama and took her to lunch with us and she really enjoyed her lunch at Golden Corral.     I’m so lucky she can still get out and about at 90 1/2 years old, she is amazing!

Here’s my Tater Bug getting her first mani….

manicure 034


manicure 035 


manicure 036


manicure 037

Look at those sweet little hands….she’s growing up way too fast for me..


Taylor then decided she wanted green polka dots on top of the pink polish


manicure 045  


 manicure 044


manicure 041

She recently lost both of her front teeth!


After Taylor got her manicure her mom decided to get one as well


manicure 043  

Taylor is “consulting” on her mom’s polish color….they decided to get the same color.   


manicure 048


manicure 049


After the manicures, we headed out to do some shopping then on to Game Boy for some Wii games for Jackson.     At that point, I left to come home cause I really don’t understand all that Wii business!

I just got off the phone with daughter and she told me that after they got home last night, Taylor said “mom, this is the greatest day ever, I don’t want it to end!”


Like so many of my Southern sistas, we might be without power for the next few days.    I hope it doesn’t get as bad as predicted….just as long as we have power Monday night so we can watch our Auburn Tigers play Oregon for the National Championship.     WAR EAGLE!


Kat said...

War Eagle & stay safe! We realized that DH can get the game on his phone, so even if we lose power and can't get to his brother's (who has satellite and a generator), we can still get the game.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm so praying that all of y'all keep your power during game time. We still have our hotel room booked in Auburn for Monday night...I'm having a very hard time making that phone call to cancel it, but I know I've got to:( My Mary Claire got back to her condo yesterday and if those students loose their power at game time, this will be one crying AUBURN MOM!!!! I'm watching a great show right now about our AUsome team....I;m sooooo excited...come by tomorrow and check out my TREE...I think you will like it. Your little Taylor is such a doll...she does look like she is having a wonderful day...congrats to both of them on those great grades!!! WAR EAGLE and let's beat those ducks!!!!


Simply LKJ said...

Aww...that brings back memories of my girls when they were younger wanting their nails and toes painted. Back then they wanted "rainbow", every nail a different color!!! We are bracing for the snow/ice as well!! Stay warm my dear friend.

Kat said...

Gosh, I heard about the crazy weather expected. Stay safe and warm.

Taylor is a cutie pie. Uh oh, you might have started something. I'm SURE that won't be her last manicure. LOL


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Judy, I took my six year old granddaughter for her first manicure a couple of months ago. They are so cute at this age! Your granddaughter is adorable.

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