January 23, 2011

Grands Are Great! ….(and I don’t mean biscuits)

First, I’d like to thank each and every one of you that left a comment on my last post.    I think we all have times of feeling down in the dumps but what a blessing to be able to reach out and get the support you all showed.    I am truly grateful for all the love and encouragement ya’ll shared.


If you have grandchildren you know there’s nothing like them!   I sometimes wonder if my heart is big enough to hold the love I have for all four we have….it feels like I’m going to burst with love every time I’m around them.   On Saturday night we kept my daughter’s twins.   Now we’ve been around these little rascals since the moment they came into this world and I can hardly believe how fast they are growing.    They are 6 1/2 (Taylor wants you to be sure she’s that extra 1/2!).     We decided to cook hot dogs and roast marshmallows but hubby didn’t want to cook outside on the firepit or grill cause it was 21 degrees and none of us wanted to get sick.    So we used our fireplace, being careful to put a rug down in front for any messes.    Taylor really got into it but Jackson only participated a few minutes…he was more interested in watching Sponge Bob and playing with his trucks.   


shakespeare weekend 001


shakespeare weekend 017

Hubby likes his crispy (burnt!)


shakespeare weekend 018

Taylor just likes to blow off the flames!


shakespeare weekend 019


shakespeare weekend 020

Jackson finally decides to get in on the fun…


shakespeare weekend 021

….he’s just not sure about standing that close to the fire so Pop roasted his for him


Earlier in the day we had gone shopping and Taylor found an Auburn cheerleader outfit she wanted.    So what’s a grandmother to do but buy it?     Of course, it’s too big but she should be able to wear it next year.   When she got to the house, she just HAD to put it on….you can see how big it is but that didn’t stop her from modeling it for us!


shakespeare weekend 008

War Eagle!


shakespeare weekend 009

Future Auburn Tiger cheerleader!    She’s already planning on going to Auburn (smart girl)


Later on I found her on the computer AND the phone calling her mom and dad who had gone out to eat and a play….I think we’re going to have our hands full in a few short years.    She’s already very computer savvy and LOVES to talk on the phone.


shakespeare weekend 010 


I’ll leave you with a little project I just did on Friday.    Like so many of you, I get a lot of inspiration from Pottery Barn, just not loving their prices.    


PB book bundles

Pottery Barn

$39.00 for a set of 3 book bundles from Pottery Barn

After seeing how everyone was making their own book bundles I got myself a few books for 75 cents (vs. the $39 price tag from Pottery Barn), tore the covers off and tied them together with some jute twine I had on hand.     I showed hubby the PB photo and mine and he actually thought I had bought them from PB….silly man!


shakespeare weekend 030


shakespeare weekend 031


shakespeare weekend 032


I love the way they turned out and will be making several more bundles.    This is a quick and cheap project.    Just get yourself some books at Goodwill, thrift stores, your home, etc. (be sure they are not collector’s editions!), rip off the covers and tie them together.    For someone who likes instant gratification, this was a perfect project for me!   


I hope all of ya’ll have a great week.    Be safe & stay warm!


Simply LKJ said...

How fun! I remember roasting marshmallows and hotdogs in the fireplace when I was little living up north. Love the cheerleading outfit. Our oldest cheered middle school thru high school. Chose not to continue...tired of being hurt!! LOL I am loving all the book bundles. Plan to make some for our library.

Sue said...

To me, there is nothing like a crispy marshmallow cooked on the fire! I like to blow out the flames, too.
Love the books- I've been doing them for a while, using waxed twine. Am sending along this link you may want to look at.Let me know what you think of this blogger's stance on this. I think she is carrying it a bit too far. Yet, she has many comments agreeing with her opinion. But- we ARE all entitled to our own opinions. As for me, I'm certainly not destroying a masterpiece of a first edition when I rip off a cover from a cheap book from a yard sale or the Goodwill store! I'm just decorating!
:-) Sue

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Now that Taylor is one smart girl...love her outfit! Looks like y'all had one fun night. I have plans to rip some covers off...so I better get started:) Love the idea about AUBURN blog buddies getting together...we need to get it started.


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Grandchildren or littles as I call them have been my salvation from the pits this month.....just blah....

Love your blog and great pictures today

Unknown said...

Roasting marshmallows in our fireplace is one of our and our guest favorite activities..what fun! The books look great way better than PB.

liz@alittlepeaceofhome said...

love the books bundles! and nothing better than roasting marshmallows with your favorite people - especially on a cold, blistery day like today!

cryobank said...

Love the books bundle,The bundle of books available on the book store or library.Also loving the book bundle.

Valerie said...

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