February 2, 2011

A New Day, A New Me

Today I started back on Weight Watchers.    I joined about 8 years ago when I was a lot lighter and lost down to my goal weight.    When I got remarried almost 8 years ago I wore a size 6!     Now, well.....I'm not saying what size I wear but it's not a 6.    And I'm so ashamed and embarrassed....there's no excuse except for laziness.      Hubby and I are both guilty of eating out a lot, being couch potatoes and just in general not taking care of ourselves.     And as I get older, I know it will be harder to lose weight but I've got to do something.

One of my good friends is going to "hold my feet to the fire" as I start back on on this journey.     She is the one that got me started all those years ago and now she's going to help me again.    We work at different law firms but we stay in touch via e-mails and phone.    

Today she sent me several good recipes for sweets which are my weakness.   Seems like every night after we eat supper David and I crave something sweet so instead of going to the Dairy Queen, I'm going to make healthy alternatives for us to eat.   

So here's what we had for supper tonight:

Fat free hot dogs on wheat buns

Steamed onions (on top)

13-15 baked french fries (yes, you have to count them out)


And for dessert I made these:

Peanut butter cupcakes!

6 tablespoons peanut butter (you can use fat free but I used regular) - softened in the microwave a little

1 tub of fat free cool whip

Mix the peanut butter and cool whip together until thoroughly mixed

Line a muffin tin with 12 cupcake liners

Fill each cupcake liner about 1/3 to 1/2 full - should make 12 cupcakes

Drizzle with a little bit of chocolate syrup and freeze (I used fat free chocolate syrup)

This was a big hit with the hubs!   They are very rich tasting and I could only eat 2 bites!


I didn't gain all this weight overnight and I know it will not come off overnight - it will be a slow process but I'm determined to give it my best shot.

I'll be sharing recipes from time to time and please feel free to share any with me that you have found to work for you when trying to take off weight.

Bon Appetit!


Loui♥ said...

sounds delicious..
yep.. I too USED to be a size 6..
then it was an 8..
and and now a 10..
all petites..
but I'm with you and welcome your shared recipes..
consider me another cheerleader..
who's also trying to lose weight!
warmest hugs..

Melissa Miller said...

You can do it Judy! It is so important to eat well now and for life. Make sure you eat three meals a day, drink tons of water and exercise is the key. Stay positive! Even if you don't lose everyday or week it WILL happen.

I'm proud of you and will pray.
Keep us posted. ~Melissa :)

Terri said...

I saw you at Melissa's. I am doing WW, too, and I am going to try your dessert recipe. I hope you will continue to share recipes. My husband and I both are doing WW together. It is so good to have support at home!

I am your newest follower!

Jen said...

Congratulations on getting back on the wagon! I too am doing WW (just started in Jan) and am loving it so far. The weight loss has been slow going compared to other programs I've tried but I know this is healthier. Good luck!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Okay girl...we are in this together!!!! I have just started back on a diet...I have got to get some pounds off before Haley's wedding in July...pictures show everything. I'm working out and using my treadmill at home. Tonight I had baked chicken and baked potato. I hope that we can get off some needed pounds:)


Designs on 47th Street said...

Best wishes to you! You can do it! As far as exercise, my best advise is to get a friend to go with you. An accountability partner is the key! Ask me how I know....I've been going to the gym for almost six years and it works! :)


Simply LKJ said...

Judy, you are such an inspiration! I remember the days of being a 4 or a 6! Then life, kids, family and everything else got in the way! Good for you for taking control!!! I hope to do the same!! Thanks for the inspiration.

jojo said...

looking forward to more recipes! I have a huge sweet tooth too...and it shows. Best of luck to you, WW is a great group..;j

Kat said...

You go girl! I've never joined WW, but I'm on a fitness and "better eating" routine myself so you might have noticed my post lately have centered a lot about that. Your recipe sounds delish and easy. I look forward to cheering you on.


Wendymo said...

I too just joined weight Watchers on Sunday. Thank you for posting the recipe. I can't wait to try it out! Good luck on the weight loss!

Wendymo said...

I too just joined weight Watchers on Sunday. Thank you for posting the recipe. I can't wait to try it out! Good luck on the weight loss!

Sarah A said...

What is the Points Plus value on those cupcakes? I will have to try them!! I am doing WW as well.. It works for sure...

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Good for you Judy! I also lost a lot of weight on WW years ago. I was able to keep it all off until recently. I have been thinking about joining again too. I have made the dessert several times and it is really good. Best of luck to you.

Zoe said...

Congratulations on your decision to be good to yourself! I am on Weight Watchers too and am really enjoying the program. It feels good to finally be taking care of myself and it sounds like you'll be doing the same for you and your husband. You go girl!


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