March 27, 2008

Welcome New Blogger (a/k/a Sweet Daughter)!

I know that your kids (grown up kids included) don't have to tell you everything, but I just found out my sweet daughter has started a blog. It's called mommy2twins and I'd love for ya'll to check it out (especially all the mommies out there with little ones) and welcome her. She only has one little post right now but I'm excited that she has started a blog. I guess I've talked her ear off talking about how much fun it is having mine.

On another note, I've been MIA this past week (as far as blogging goes). I finally finished the day bed I've been working looks great and I'll be posting pics of it in the next few days. Also working diligently on getting Taylor's furniture ready for her big girl room.

Finally, my job has just got a lot better. I had been working four 6 hour days (off on Fridays) on two different jobs (2 at one job, 2 at another). Last week I gave notice at one of my 2 day jobs (suffice it to say that I worked with a real you-know-what--- and I don't have to put up with that) so now I work Tuesday-Thursday for my sweet little attorney guy... that mean's I'm off Friday through Monday! I'm hoping to get a lot of projects finished and devote more time to my little booth at an antique mall.

Don't forget to check out Mommy2twins!


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

That sounds great, more time to have fun!

Nonna said...

I left your daughter a comment! I wish my daughter would start a blog, Ive asked her several times but she says she just doesnt have time right now and her computer at home is so slow! I guess I blog enough for the both of us though! haha I'll keep hoping though!

Southern Lady said...

Judy, I just visited Shannon's blog and read about the luau. What fun ... Jackson and Taylor are so precious and I know they're going to love their party. Do you live close enough to them to be able to go? I hope so.

I'm glad to hear your job situation is better now.

You take care now, and show us see your daybed pictures soon, okay?


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