March 4, 2008

Around the House

Do you recognize this table setting? In Savannah we went in The Paris Market where they had used brown kraft paper for "placemats" and had these wonderful little bird's nest with quail eggs on green plates. I bought some of the bird's nests and quail eggs, found some Bordello plates (at Ross) that I've been wanting, and made my own "tablescape." I bought a roll of the brown kraft paper, cut it to the size I wanted then just scorched the ends until I had a shape I liked. Simple and easy (my kind of project)! This is the beginning of my Easter tablescape and I think it turned out pretty neat.

Kitchen table
In the kitchen I used what I had....round woven charges with a mixture of solid green plates and some green and white toile plates with a little faux chocolate bunny placed in the middle. For the centerpiece - an apocothary jar, a cute green bunny (I tied a brown satin ribbon around his neck) and some books.

I've also been working on converting the office/nursury/junk room into more of an office/grandchildren's room. The baby bed we have converts to a day bed and instead of buying a day bed to replace the baby bed, hubby suggested I paint the bed and use it (it was originally white). First I painted the bed looked pretty good. Then I found a new paint color that I fell in love with by Krylon called "Ivy Leaf". It looks a lot like the green color used in the Ballards catalog so I decided to paint over the black with the green. I have brown glazed walls with a leopard boarded area run and that color green looks great with brown (and black). OMG what a mess! The paint started bubbling up. I finally took it to a professional furniture stripper who said he would not touch it because the bed came from the factory with a baked on finish and it probably would buckle if I tried to strip it. Soooo, on to my favorite paint store, who sold me $50+ worth of stripper, sandpaper, steel wool, and said I had "my work cut out for me." Well, long story short, I finally got some green paint on the bed and it STILL bubbled up in places! I haven't even started on the main portion of the bed so I'm praying for patience and success!

Here the finish looks smooth as a baby's butt!

Don't you love this color? I do!

This was an old ugly bookcase that I sprayed black and lined with some black and creme paper I got at Hobby Lobby (another blogger did this - sorry I can't remember who - and I thought it was a great idea). This is going in the office as well.

Keep your fingers crossed that the baby bed/day bed project doesn't have me pulling my hair out before it's finished or that baby bed might just end up on the street!


Janet said...

Your tablescapes look great. I feel your pain with the baby be...what a lot of work and frustration. Hope it works out great for you. I guess that is why the "experts" always say you should try a small area in an unseen spot first, huh?? "They" always tell you this, but I never have the patience to start small, I just dive in head first!!

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Love the brown paper idea & like the way it looks too!
Your room will turn out great! The green color is so pretty & black will be a nice accent.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

How cute, Judy! You know I love all that bunny stuff & those eggs are just too cute. Love them.

Hope you get that paint problem figured out, that is a pretty green.

And I loved the rest of your Savannah tour. I just love that city. Glad you got to eat at Paula's. That is still on my list of things to do one day!

Oh, I just did my bookcase like that with paper on the back & will post it on Friday!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Adorable...what a fabulous idea for the nest! Can't wait to see your stripes!

smiles, kari & kijsa

Nonna said...

I love your Easter tablescape! Just beautiful and so natural looking.

And the green bed is so pretty. You should be on HGTV!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Your tablescape looks great! Love that shade of green. I can't imagine why the paint would bubble. Did you spray it with primer first?


bj said...

oooo, your tablescapes are fabulous. I just never have decorated for Easter or St. Patricks Day so I don't really have anything to use. Your's looks so nice, tho, I may just have to find something!
Thanks for

Kelly said...

I love that green! I think it will look so cute with the brown! I want to do our nursery in green and brown!
Oh and your nests and eggs are SO cute and springy!

Charming Sam said...

Beautiful photos! I also wanted to let you know Charming Sam is running another contest this month. :-)

Tara said...


Love looking at all your projects they so inspire me!

PAT said...

The brown paper placemat is a wonderful idea, I might need to steal!! Your tablescapes are beautiful. I should get started on mine! You inspire me, Judy!


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Hi Judy....sorry I've been MIA. Glad you had a great trip to South Carolina. I'll email you shortly when I get my laptop working again. It has your email address on it.

cindy said...

Adorable tablescape! Love the mix of the brown paper/leaf plate/nest. So cute.


Jen r. said...

I love a green color, and your table settings look great!
Jen R

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