March 10, 2008

Easter Vingettes and Bookcase Update

Kari and Kijsa are hosting a Spring Blessings and everyone is invited to participate. Please enjoy a few of my Easter vingettes around the house.

I picked up a few more Bordello plates and bowls in Birmingham this past weekend to add to my collection. This is a little vingette on my marble top table in the kitchen.

Place setting in the kitchen

Chocolate 'faux' bunny from Big Lots for $1.00! I got all they had (he-he)

Kitchen counter (the photo is of darling son, sweet daughter and me taken at the beach a few years ago)

I recently posted about my Savannah inspired place settings for the dining room. I've added a centerpiece on the table of various items on an old tarnished silver tray.

The walls are a golden color faux finished with a brown glaze (they look washed out here)

I even like the "backside" of the centerpiece (but not the Target bag hanging on the door - oops!)

Now for an update on the bookcase project I've been working on for my office re-do.

This is what it looked like after I painted it and lined it with the scrapbook paper.

It's now behind my desk. Although some of the photos don't show the wall color well, they are a deep chocolate brown.You can click on any picture to enlarge it.

I think this tray is perfect over the bookcase!

I hope to get the daybed painted in the next few days so I can get the office finished. Then off to another "project"!


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

So Easter pretty, as were the "nests" from a few posts ago. Looks like you've been busy! Your home is is so inviting and special. I'm not doing any Easter decorating as we'll be in Shreveport and there are not any little ones to dec out for any more! sob, sob!

Mrs. Decker said...

Everything looks so pretty. I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one who hangs their Target bags on the door handles.

Sue said...

This is my first visit, just came over from Lamp Tramp's and have been enjoying your blog. We seem to have a lot in common.

I've always fancied myself as a Southern Belle trapped in the north ;)


Mary said...

Oooh, what pretty plates! I love how your bookcase turned out, too. You have such a talent for decorating!

bj said...

Oh, I LOVE all of your pretties.
I especially love your tray above the bookcase. I just re-arranged some furniture and am having a hard time deciding what to put over a tall hutch I have. It so happens I got a black tray off Ebay that should be here this next week and, guess where it will go!!??!! lol Thanks so much for showing this because it is exactly what I will do with my tray. If it works for me as well as it did for you, may I use your pic. on my blog to show my inspiration, pls?
I love blogging!!
Hugs, bj

bj said...

Oh, yes, you are is OWEN. I'll run back over to my site and correct that. Poor ole mind is soooo goin'!!
hugs and thanks,

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oooo, judy! I love it all! You have a great office space, so pretty. and you know I adore all the Easter & bunny stuff you picked up. Looks SO great in your DR, what a gorgeous room. Love it all!

Now, you have got to make some time to meet up with me next time you get to B'ham!!


Swampgirl said...

Love your blog! Your Easter things look great! I think you saw a bookshelf with the inside papered on "Excuse Me While I Buy This Junk" - Yours turned out wonderful....I'm inspired!

The Feathered Nest said...

Very pretty bookcase and I do like the tray over it. Those chocolate bunnies from Big Lots are so cute - I gotta make a trip there tomorrow!


Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

Love all of your Easter stuff! I have some similar items. I also have the chair prints that you have hanging over your desk.

Sweet Designs said...

Lovely vignettes and tablesettings!
Your bookcase turned out nice too.

Pat said...

Everything looks so pretty. I love the dishes! You did a super job on the bookcase ~ looks very nice.

Brightest blessings,

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