March 30, 2008

From Baby Bed to Day Bed

Well, it's finally finished! We turned the baby bed we had been using for the grandchildren into a day bed for my office/work room. The baby bed was white and I first sprayed it black. Then I got the bright idea to paint it a lucious green (similer to the green used in the Ballard's catalog). It was a disaster! For whatever reason, the green bubbled up and I had to semi-strip the bed and completely repaint it. If anyone looks real close they will see some "boo-boos" but for the most part it turned out pretty much like I wanted it to.

Sooo, now on to "dressing" the bed! I decided on using black and creme toile with the green bed. I had some black and white toile pillows I was using in the guest bedroom which I used on the day bed. I bought some black and creme toile and made bolster pillows....real just buy the quilt batting, cut your fabric to go around the batting, hem the ends (something I've yet to do), tie the ends off with rubber bands and top with pretty ribbon.....waa laa....instant bolster pillows for A LOT less than you can buy them.

We had a good size piece of 5" foam rubber that we cut to fit the day bed using the baby bed mattress as a pattern. The only problem is that the baby bed sheet is a little small for the foam mattress....I'll have to do something about that.

Well, here's the final result. I'm pretty happy as to how it turned out. I am going to have to change out the curtains in this room and re-cover a pretty chair painted black with the black and creme toile but I wanted to show ya'll how my bed turned out.

(See how the foam mattress sticks out from under the sheet)?

Nice, fat bolster pillow

I've got to hem the ends

Now here's where I need suggestions, advice, help, etc. I have these two framed of "Mr. Bunny Rabbit" and one of "Mr. Monkey". I love the frames and I had these two prints that fortunately fit in the frames. Which one do ya'll like the best to hang over the bed? Hubby's no help....he likes them both!

Mr. Bunny Rabbit

Mr. Monkey

Close up of bunny rabbit

Which one do ya'll like best?


Nonnas News said...

I like the bunny best!

The bed turned out just beautiful!! You did a super job on it!!

Kelly said...

I like the bed - love the color! and it goes great with black & white.
I think I like the bunny picture best but the monkey would be cute also!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

I LOVE the green. Beautiful. Great contrast with the black and white. I like the bunny better.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

What a cute daybed, Judy! Well, you already know I'd pick Mr. Bunny for the print. Love him & the color of the bed. You did a great job!


CG said...

What a creative transformation. I love it-it's gorgeous! I love bunnies so I have to pick that one. I actually think I have that same bunnie print.

Lamp Tramp said...

Oh, Judy what a great transformation. I love all the colors, the pillows, and the overall look. I love both pictures. I'd use Mr. Bunny becuz he is horizontal which, in my mind's eye, relate beter to the horizontalness (?word?) of the daybed. So pretty!

Tara said...


rabbit hands down! This came out great, nice recycle!

Di said...

I love the green! Still trying to decide what color or colors to change my studio. As you can see in MY MESS post it needs help!

Essential Oil Premier University said...

Judy, nice blog. Thanks for checking out mine as well.

What a super transformation with that daybed. I'd pick the Mr. Bunny print myself. My favorite!

Blessings (& I'll be back :),


Janet said...

Great transformation and I have to agree with everyone else...the bunny.. for its orientation and subject matter!


Cena @ Unexpected Necessities said...

Love the bed. I'm doing something similar with Jancie's new daybed bedding. I personally would hang both above the bed, but I like the bunny if I had to choose one.

Manuela@A Cultivated Nest said...

Well I'm partial to bunnies! I love that Ballard green - you're right it's such a lucsious color. What a great re-use project - it really looks wonderful (of course I love the toile)!


Cottage Dreaming said...

I am so glad you found me. What a great blog. The baby bed to day bed is a great idea. I am all for the bunny picture. Absolutely French country and suits the theme perfectly. Monkey is a little to tropical, although still a nice picture. I am off to view the rest of you blog. I will add you to my blog roll as well.

His Doorkeeper said...

If only the nation's election would be this simple........THE BUNNY...hands down!!

Your daybed is darling! I have a black/white toile bedroom and I have found odd pillowcases at Dillard's, TJMX and other places that I have bought for next-to-nothing and have piled on the bed! Looks pretty good even if they don't all match.

Nelly said...

Ms. Judy,
Thank you for your very sweet comment the other day. I tried my best to have elegance in class in the hardest of all situations. You did a beautiful job with this bed, I love the colors. Your grandbabies are lucky to have a granny like you!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Greetings! Adorable bed! I would choose the bunny because it looks sweet like the bed.

Happy day!

Mrs. B said...

I had a few minutes so thought I'd come by and look around a little more. What a great way to repurpose a crib! Love the colors you've used. And if you're still trying to choose a picture, I like the bunny, but they're both nice. And how sweet of you to add me to your blog list!

jenni d said...

I am new to your blog. I just love the look of this baby bed to daybed creation. Do you mind sharing what color/brand of paint you used? I am having a hard time finding a green paint I like, but I want a green frame this color. Thanks for the inspiration. Jen

Lady Katherine said...

love the day bed, I have one and it has a drawer underneat. A few carving at top I still cannot bring my self to paint it. Its stained, I love to curl up on it.

Helmet said...

Nonna is right, it looks really good. I am quite impressed, everything is perfect, even down to the portraits of the rabbit.

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