March 8, 2008


Here in Alabama it's not very common to get snow...especially after the 70+ weather we've been having. Last night snow was predicted in the northern part of the state and as far down as central Alabama. I had gone to Birmingham to spend the night with my son and his family to babysit and when I woke up this's what I saw. Now for you ladies that see the white stuff most of the winter, this is "old hat" but for us this far south, it's a real treat (even if it's not much and doesn't stick around very long).

Looking out across the street from the front porch

Sidewalk in front of son's house

View from back deck

By 10:00 a.m. most of the snow had melted away. I was glad cause I was a little worried about driving home.

Hope ya'll are having a great weekend!


Janet said...


I thought of you today when they said snow as far south as Birmingham and Montgomery. Glad you had your "treat" and now it is gone :)


Laura said...

We got a little snow in Arkansas too! I like it occasionally, but I am ready for spring!
I love all things southern and was drawn by your blog name. Love it!

Southern Heart said...

It looks so pretty! We were excited to have some,'s been many years since we had a really good snow. Now, come on, Spring!

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

How fun to have snow, especially when it doesn't last and it is "just a pretty thing"! Hope you are doing well and have some warm weather~ xoxo

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