March 6, 2008

Pink, Pink and more Pink!

Last weekend Shannon and I finally finished painting the stripes in Taylor's big girl room. What a job! When we first started this project last October we had to put three coats of base coat on the walls because the builder had used flat paint. After we got the base coat on, we measured for the stripes and taped off. We got two walls done before we pooped out for the day. We kept putting off finishing up but she pushed to get it done so we are now officially through painting. Next will come the furniture and then fluffing and decorating!

I wish I could get a picture of the whole room instead of just a little bit at a time because it really does look great.

She took a Victoria's Secret bag to the paint store and they matched the two pinks perfectly.

Each stripe measures 15 inches

She got a hot pink shag rug for the middle of the room. (Don't know why the color is off here).

All the furniture will be painted and distressed black. We are using my four poster bed from when I was a little girl, a french style dresser and a nightstand. She has a pink crystal chandelier to hang down over the nightstand for a little bling! Curtain rod will be black with pink tab top curtains.


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

I love it.... how awesome for any girl, little or older to have such an inspired room! OOhhh!!! ....lucky child !

Nonna said...

That is going to be a very cute room!!! Can we see pics once its all finished and decorated?

N M B said...

Wow!! I did stripes on the wall behind my bed- just coral over the existing white and it took HOURS. I can't imagine doing an entire room with two different colors! Great job!

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