February 18, 2011

My Husband's "Side" of Things

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?



Please tell me you do!    This is my husband's "desk" area next to his big boy chair.     I've had a lamp table here before but he said it wasn't big enough for his stuff so he pulled out this beauty one day (when I had it designated for the trash pile) and it's sat next to his chair since then.     Please tell me I'm not the only one who has a design challenged mate!

Want more?    Okay, here ya go....


This area is what he calls his "toothpick graveyard"!!!!   Yuck!



"His" magazine pile



And just in case he needs some pumping up before football season starts again, a reminder of Auburn's big win!

Seriously, I need to replace that "table" with something but I don't know what.    It would have to be something small that would hold all his "junk" (preferably out of sight but easily reached).     But every idea I come up with doesn't work because it sits next to a mahogany chest (more on that on another post) and two tables that close together look "stupid all over" (I heard that from a certain 6 year old).    

Please give me some ideas/suggestions so this shabby excuse for a table can go to its rightful resting place and I can replace it with something that looks normal.

Thank you, thank you very much!


Cindy said...

Is his "big boy chair" is NOT a recliner, you could get a ottoman with a lift up top...he can stash all his magazines & remotes in it.
OR, at TJ Maxx/Marshalls you can find nice baskets. Some with liners & some w/different compartments. He could stack his magazines in one side and his remotes on the other. GOOD LUCK!!!

Nancy said...

Great idea, Cindy!! I'd go with that one, Judy. Kirkland's has some also and I saw some nice square ones at TJMaxx just this week.

Gypsy Heart said...

Well, I don't have a husband so cannot really offer advice. :-) I think Cindy's suggestion is spot on. I have a friend whose husband is a "stacker" and it drives her crazy too.

Have fun looking for a solution!

Judy said...

Cindy - thanks for your suggestion but the chair is a recliner and he won't get rid of it. The main problem isn't really the mags but all the stuff he wants to have out on top of the table....guess I'll just have to keep my thinking cap on to come up with some kind of solution!


Debbie's Garden said...

OMGosh YES! I feel your pain. I put a tiny little side table where he sits so he couldnt put much on it. Included a little basket for little crap. Does he not notice how everything is barely balanced on the table?! The little basket is overflowing. There's no way he even knows whats in it anymore. I think a table with drawers might help. Update if you come up with something!

Lamp Tramp said...

So funny, except my husband is exactly the same way. It is a constant battle. If I didn't pick up his crap collection, we could go on TLC's "Hoarders"!
And it is really not funny but frustrating. I love the shabby little table, I'd leave it. If you got one with a larger surface, he'd just fill it up more. I use baskets for his beloved cigar catalogs, Cigar Aficionado, Golf Digest, and golf catalogs. Oh, and he clips his finger nails and leaves them on his table next to his "big boy chair"!
I think I'll do post on his side, you should do a linky party. I'd love to see how others deal with their messy husbands.

kellli@restoreinteriors said...

HA! This reminds me of my dad...He has oen with a drawer in it. It hides A LOT of his "stuff." Maybe that would help? Good luck with that:) I don't know why CI is closing. Micky said they went bankrupt which I can't imagine. Things were constantly flying out of that store. We did really well there. IT's really sad because I love Micky and Lana. Anyway... there is talk today that the guy from HOOVER ANTIQUES many take it over. We shall see.....

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