February 8, 2011

Best Chicken Salad Evea!

Thank you so much for all your positive comments on my journey to healthier eating and living....it helps keep me motivated to carry on.     Tomorrow (Wednesday) I'll go for my weigh in....kinda excited cause my scales show I've lost about 3 1/2 pounds!

This afternoon I made chicken salad for supper.    Here's what I used:

1 - 13 oz. can 98% fat free chicken breast in water

1 small can of crushed pineapple, drained very well

grapes (I used purple seedless)

chopped pecans

Lite mayo (just enough to make mixture moist)

I also used a SMALL amount of powered sugar - probably about 1 tablespoon

Drain water off chicken, then chop on a plate

Thoroughly drain ALL the juice off the pineapple

Mix all ingredients together and serve with crackers

The chicken is 1 point for 1/3rd cup

Pineapple is 2 points for 1/2 cup


chicken salad 008


chicken salad 009


I didn't count the grapes, lite mayo or pecans so not sure exactly what the points would be for a serving of the chicken salad but I'd say no more than 5 points for a very generous portion

I've had a couple of people asking about the points value on the cake I posted over the weekend - I gave the points with the recipe - 4 points per serving.     I will try and list the points value of every recipe but if I don't I will try and list the information so you can figure the points for yourself.

Now here's where I need some suggestions from those of you that want to participate in a recipe swap or healthy eating linky party....I've never hosted a link party but from what I'm reading on other blogs, the linky system that has been used  in the past  is now going to charge something like $24.00 a year to use their services...not something I'm interested in doing right now.     So I'd love to hear from ya'll the best way we can all share our recipes and "link" to each other so we can get wonderful recipes and support each other on our journey to better living.   


On a very different note, I got word today that the husband of a friend of mine suffered a massive heart attack yesterday, he "coded" twice in the hospital and they put a pacemaker in, which is only operating at about 10%....he is only 56.    Please keep this family in your prayers.


Simply LKJ said...

Yum! I love Chicken Salad!! So sorry to hear about your friend. My friend and neighbor lost her husband just before Christmas due to a massive heart attack. He was in his 60s and had just been given a clean bill of health!!

jojo said...

I can't believe how many blogs I have read today about someone having heart attacks...it's scary, I will send my prayers his way.

The salad looks wonderful...thanks for including the points. I did WW years ago and I still keep the points in mind when I eat.

take care..;j

Lindsey said...

yum! I love me some chicken salad!! So good! I can eat it plain too! Praying for your friend and family!!

Jack Canfield quotes said...

Looks very yummy to me! Can't wait to make one!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend...hope he will be okay very soon. I have made this salad and I LOVE it:) My daughter at Auburn works at Chicken Salad Chick...have you ever been there? If not...you must try it...it's out of this world good...they have about 12 different kinds of chicken. I'm not sure how we can do a party without using a linky site...I just signed up with Linky Tools and Brent is a very nice guy to work with. I'm looking forward to making that cake later this week.


Kat said...

So proud of you for sticking with the plan. Hoping you got good results at your weigh in.


Kat said...

That sounds really good!

We LOVE Chicken Salad Chick around here, but I'm not sure how low-calorie it is! (It's so good that you just can't worry about that!)

I hope your friend is ok.

Dear Sweet Home said...

I hope your friend makes it through ok.

I adore chicken salad! It is my favorite "chick-food" - that is what my husband calls girly food! I have not seen this recipe and I will make sure to make it soon! Looks good!

Sandra said...

Oh that looks so yummy! I will have to make that here:) Looks delish. You're friend is in my prayers.

brian.byler said...

Grapes and pecans in chicken salad is my absolute favorite. Thank you so much for posting your delightful recipe.

Anonymous said...

You can also mix your mayo half and half with plain yogurt. It tastes exactly the same and has lower fat and calories. (Idea was from Weight Watchers)

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