July 11, 2008

Outdoor Projects Continue....

Here's the glider I painted black....

....and the swing

I found this material - on sale - this week to use on the glider and swing. You can go here to see the cushions I found at Target - since I bought all the cushions they had I was really happy to find this material which blends with those ready made cushions. The floral fabric was 1/2 off 1/2 off (does that make sense?) so it was ALMOST FREE! The striped fabric was 1/2 off the regular price of $19.00 a yard and I needed a little over a yard of that.
See how good they go together?

These black and lime green pillows from Wal Mart were $5.00 each!
I'll use them for accent pillows
Click to enlarge the pictures and you can see the lime green in both pieces of fabric and that's why I got the green pillows. I love how this combination looks together.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I think this will finally complete my patio and deck projects. I do want to paint a harlequin or checkerboard "rug" on the deck but that will be later down the road...maybe this fall when things cool off or even next spring. But it's definately on my "to do" list.

The next outdoor project will be adding a planter wall across from my kitchen window and some stepping stones from one side of the yard to the deck area - this is where my dog has dug holes to China so I'm hoping to discourage her from that! Of course, she'll just find a new place to dig.....any suggestions on how to stop a "digging dog" will be much appreciated!
We're off to son's house to cookout for his birthday. Ya'll have a safe and happy weekend!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

How elegant! What a wonderful job you did, Judy.

CraftyT said...

The fabrics look wonderful together!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Judy, I know you're probably in B'ham today celebrating that birthday! I'm SO relieved for you after reading about the accident your daughter was in. Praise God they were OK!

Love all your fabrics, that is gonna be a snazzy outdoor space when you are completely finished.


Picket said...

Hey girl..I love those fabrics!!!! Hope you are having a great Sunday afternoon...thanks for coming by and that paint color is called Deep Ochre by Benjamin Moore...one of my favorite colors...that cottagey white bird cage on the foyer table is starting to bother me alittle bit though! I may have to 'rust' it up a little! lol

duchess said...

The fabrics are beautiful & a bargain to boot.
Can't wait to see them in place.

Shanda said...

You will have to be sure and let me know when you paint your rug onto the patio. I have been interested in doing this to my patio also. I'm chicken. It's just paint I know, but my patio has been sealed and I am not ready to fool with muratic acid and all that good stuff to break the seal. i would love to see what you do. Maybe it will convince me. gfor now I just bought a clearence outdoor rug from Hobby Lobby. boring, boring but easy. Please inspire me to try a little paint adventure will ya.
Your sewing project looks wonderful.

Nonna said...

Wow!! You've been busy! I love the fabrics together! Did you ever name your volkswagon?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful.The fabrics look great together.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Judy

Between my trip to UAB and my Mom and Aunt's visit here last week, it's been awhile since I've been by for a visit. Wow, girl! You've been busy. I've enjoyed catching up with you tonight. I'm so so thankful your daughter and granddaughter were not hurt in that terrible accident. I can only imagine how frightened you were until you saw them for yourself. Praise God!


Susie Harris said...

I think it came out great. I could spend some nice evenings out there... about the dog... when someone comes up with an idea please share it with me. smiles... Susie h~

PAT said...

Hi Judy
I'm still wandering through blogland trying to catch up from our time away.

It's good to hear your daughter is ok!!

I'm loving your patio redo. Absolutely beautiful.

When you have a minute, come on by the back porch and sign up for my 200th post giveaway!

Have a wonderful week.

Donna Kay said...

Beautiful!!! Can't wait to see the finished product. You have great taste!!!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Your outdoor projects are turning out wonderfully! I love the fabrics, especially the floral! Hope your son had a great birthday! He is a handsome fellow! And I am so glad that your family escaped injury from the car accident! I imagine that was very scary for you all! Thank God, they were all alright! Hope you are getting along well!

Hugs, Rhonda :)

Joy said...

I love the furniture you painted and the pillows you picked up at Walmart! Great deals!

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