July 1, 2008

Free Works For Me!

For the past week I've been painting (lots of painting), sanding, scraping and giving my patios a newer, fresher look. I guess you could say that I'm lucky that hubby goes "dumpster diving" for me on a regular basis! A lot of what I've furnished my patio with this season are "freebies" which, fortunately, have turned out to be a good thing! I do love the thrill of the hunt and finding something that I can repurpose and/or renew into something that's new to me and my constant endeavoring to "primp my house" (I didn't say pimp!). Let me show you what I mean....

This little pedestal I found a few years ago in a wonderful little antique shop in Birmingham - not free - but it's appeared several places in my house. It has been in storage but I recently had hubby bring it home. Don't you love the color?

Little round glass top free (found behind storage building); rusty lantern, terra cotta angel (with no feet!)

The wrought iron chairs are some I've had for 20+ years and we still enjoy them

Cushions are new this year from Target....you'll see more at the table on the upper deck
I also have a two seat glider that is getting painted black. I will have to make some pillows for it and it will face the two chairs. For about two years I've had a wrought iron table and 4 chairs in this spot but since I got the free one (see below) the "old" one is making it's way to daughter's house

I love this little chippy table (free off the street) and the two rusty old garden chairs are another free find!

All three of these plants came from my uncle's home about 2 years ago. They are still in the old pots he had them in...I can't bring myself to repot them yet. The "lace" fern is rooted from one that belonged to my grandmother - my mom has that one and it is about 75 years old!
I got a little carried away underneath the table but have since removed that stuff

See the wooden swing? That's another paint project....I will also be painting the frame and making pillows for it as well

I know for some folks these chairs are just a little too rusty and crusty but once I dress them up with pillows, they will look a little better. However, for myself, I like the rusty look

Here's the "new" table and chairs. Someone had thrown them out on the street and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them. Spiffed them up with a new coat of black paint and waa-laa!
Found the limey green placemats at Goodwill - 8 for $4.00!

Used black chargers, Wal Mart plates and Bordello plates to set the table
I will probably "mix this up" again but I wanted ya'll to see how good they look with the cushions

Part of the reason I was in such a hurry was because we were going to be cooking out some with family here over the 4th of July weekend. Now, we are going to the lake, which I never turn down! Anyway, my porch re-do is almost complete and I'm very happy at how it has turned out.

P.S. Please excuse my droopy plants you can see on the fence in some of the pictures. That is the result of our 90+ temps and humidity here in good ole Alabam.....they got a good drink of water late this evening, which is the only time to water here!


Picket said...

Morning girl...I always love looking at your beautiful treasures...but I gotta tell you when I saw the pic of the chippy table and rusty chairs I almost started crying...I can't explain it but those are so beautiful and move my heart in such a way and then the plants from your uncle with that fern from one off your grandmother's...ohhhhh where is that kleenex box....there is just something about time worn things like that from the past that give me so many happy memories and make my heart swell with joy...love this girl..I loved it...if you ever get tired of the chippy table and rusty chairs..just let me know..I'll do check or money order!!!! lol lol Have a great day my friend!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Happy Fourth! Your patio is looking great, I do my best work when I have company company! Funny how that works. Nice of your hubby to do the dumpster diving! My hubby used to do that for me too. Back in the day when I wanted more stuff. Now I am trying to get rid of stuff as we got a little carried away.

Have a great weekend with friends and family and enjoy the lake!


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I love your patio redo! I can't believe you got that table free...it looks great!
Enjoy the 4th!

linda said...

Your backyard look sooo inviting...just beautiful!

Have a great 4th at the lake!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, I love your patio, the new table is great with the chairs & new cushions. And you know I love all the chippy stuff too. It looks perfect back there. Love it all!


Sue said...

Hi Judy,
Your patio is gorgeous. The new cushions look like they were custom made for your chairs. Gotta love Target ~ Every thing looks so inviting.
Have a safe and blessed 4th.

Janera said...

Judy, your patio is beautiful and inviting! I can just imagine a group of family and friends enjoying chicken salad and iced tea at your lovely outdoor table! Now, why don't I ever find goodies like those? I've gotta get with it!

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Hi Judy, everything looks so beautiful and inviting. It is so great to have a little "history" behind peices of furniture. Hope your 4th entertaining goes well! I did the same...started my D.room project, but haven't completed like you did your patio. Now sorry as having a few people over for burgers. No one here wants to sit outside to eat this time of year, so we have to be in unfinished D. room. Oh well!
I'll be in Huntsville the weekend that you'll be here! Too funnny! This story is a whole post I'll do shortly. It is another place hubby considering moving to. I love Huntsville, though.
Have a wonderful 4th weekend. I know your guets will enjoy!

Lynne said...

Oh I love all of your treasures.. I'm going to have to go on a mission to locate the striped cushions.. they would look great with the floral ones I already have.. Hope you and yours have a wonderful w/k... ~ lynne ~

Susie Harris said...

Your back patio looks like a dream... I love how you use old and new. looks great to me! I could so sip a sonic coke and chat with you about dumpster divin'.... Love it! Susie H~

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

I love finding cast offs! Especially love the white chippy table! All the old things look right at home there.

We had chairs like that on the front porch when I was a kid....I remember sitting on that porch & eating tons of my fav potato chips. It's funny what we remember sometimes.

Happy 4th, hugs, DebraK

Gollum said...

LOVE the rusty chairs and the white table. Me, I like the stuff under it. Don'tyou just love plants that have a family history? My mother has her mother's Christmas cactus, and it has bloomed every year since my grandmother died in 1981. Have a wonderful 4th.

Melissa Lester said...

Did you get your pretty green plates at TJ Maxx? I bought three like that in Montgomery, thinking I would hang them on the wall. But then I discovered how pretty food looks on them, so I'm always on the lookout for more. They look so pretty and fresh on your table!

Nancy said...

Hi Judy, You've been very busy, I see! I love what you've done!! Hope you have a happy 4th of July. Nancy

His Doorkeeper said...

Hey Judy! Love the white table and your"new" patio table and chairs! I love to think of how to redo old things! A little paint (or lack of )goes a long way, doesn't it?

Hope you have had a great Fourth!

PAT said...

Your patio is lovely, Judy! I never find anything on the curb! Or at least I don't find great free stuff, like you did!

Have a wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! Love all your freebies and the plates match your cushions perfectly. I guessed I missed dinner!! Hope you are enjoying or did enjoy your time at the lake!! Now I just wanted to say that I gave you an award (which you probably have already received I'm sure) but I appreciate your words of encouragement on my first post and I really enjoy your posts and your beautiful blog! Sincerely, Jeannette

Monkey's Momma said...

I love rust too! The rustier, the bstter, I say. Everything looks great. You have a beautiful blog.

Picket said...

Hey gril...just came back to take another look at that chippy painted table and that rusty chair..yea.I know it's call coveting!!!! lol lol Hope you had a great 4th weekend my friend and that all is well with you and yours..take care and have a great day!

Southern Lady said...

Hi, Judy ...

I enjoyed your "Free Works for Me" post and was amazed at your "dumpster" finds, especially the chippy table. I like your rusty chairs too ... they have so much character.

I gave you an award this morning on "Southern Lagniappe." It's called the "Just Plain Fun to Read" award and I think it's very appropriate for your "Gracious Southern Living."

I hope your day is filled with "fun things."



Kimba said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog but I'm so glad I did. I love it! Your patio is beautiful! I love all the wonderful finds you have out there.

I'll be back to visit!

Deserae said...

All that hard work really paid off! Your new patio is gorgeous as is the rest of your yard :o)

Kara said...


Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my headboard project!!

Let's just say thre words:

Chippy. Table. Envy.

Yep, that explains it all.

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