July 20, 2008

Angel's Flea Market

Saturday my mom and I met my sister in Opelika. She is "loaning" me her sewing machine so I can create all kinds of fabulousness for my home. Thing is, my sewing skills are very rusty so right now I'm sticking with very simple stuff.

First stop was at Cracker Barrell where of course, they had a great display of my favorite team! Can you guess who that might be???? (Please ignore the Alabama stuff....but they always put it with Auburn things).

After eating we went to one of my favorite flea markets. I've been to Angel's several times and always find stuff to drool over. Hubby was happy that I only bought 3 little things!

Come on in and let's see what all they have........
This is such a great color and she had her booth staged so pretty

I just love this little table with it shabbiness!
Here you can how it looks....plus she has those wonderful shutters (I have a pair like them on my patio)

Beautiful mirror

Never seen a suitcase this color but it is so vintage looking....

....as well as the birdcage

This was a neat booth....the lampshades were done on burlap and painted!

Interesting door

There were quite a few trays in several booths

Here's that little table again

This chandelier makes me wish I had someplace to put it. What a delicious color!

My favorite way to decorate....using distressed black pieces

Close up of that color

This booth was so whimsical and pretty....lots of painted furniture...also the "home" of the blue chandelier

Love that mirror!

Handpainted chair

I thought $100 was a little pricey for this chandelier....it did have pretty black shades though

Four needlepoint chairs

The blue pieces on this black hutch were so pretty

Tassel trimmed pillow

This toile lamp was only $12! These are the colors in my dining room and bedroom but I am trying to get away from that now....otherwise I would have bought it

Metal chairs, don't know if they were original or reproduction

Always a good decorating tool.....old books

Look, even King Tut's been here!

Cupcake stands....so pretty

I just loved this little booth! Lots of hot pink and black which is what we've done in Taylor's room

Hand painted floor cloth

If you are ever near Opelika I'd highly recommend a stop at Angel's Antique Mall.


Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Wow...you did a great job of promoting that antique store. I don't have a clue where it is...may have to research it!

Window shopping through my monitor is almost as good as actually being there!

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

Hi Judy,
Me again...having a hard time sleeping, and found your comment. I'm from Meridian...close to the Alabama line.

We visit the Gulf coast pretty often too...it is really different since Katrina isn't it?

Don't worry about responding to all my comments...I spend lots of time looking at blogs. Guess the newness of blogging hasn't worn off yet! I love seeing your projects, shopping photos etc. and those on lots of other blogs. I have gotten lots of ideas and inspiration!

Keep the projects and pictures coming...I'll visit again soon.

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Wow! Thanks for taking me along! I got tons of inspiration from these pics.....loved that brown polka dot lampshade & all the aqua blue stuff...the chandy.

Wish that place was close to me, Hugs, DebraK

duchess said...

Great pictures - I found several things I "need" to buy.

Did you bring any goodies home?

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

That looks like a fun place to browse. Lots of great looking things. Can't wait to see what you're doing next!


Pineapple Hill said...

I could look at your pictures all day long. I love your style!

Southern Lady said...

Hi, Judy ...

I loved visiting Angel's with you and wish I could find some shutters like those somewhere close by. I want some to use for landscaping which can be left outside to "weather." I need to add them to my mental "look for" list the next time I go antiquing or flea marketing.

Enjoyed your post and pictures, as always ...



Picket said...

Gosh girl I felt like I was right there with you and I would have had to get that little table you kept showing! lol Beautiful store.and I love the Cracker Barrel!!!! lol Have a great evening!

justabeachkat said...

That was neat getting to "go" along with you. So much "eye candy"!


niartist said...

OH MY MY MY -- that tassel trimmed pillow, the green/brown/cream one would be perfect in the bedroom I'm designing for Karen right now. Another great blog, I love these shopping trips!

KARIN said...

Seriously, I saw at least 10 thing sthat I would have bought on the spot! I just can't understand why there aren't any fun places like that to shop in San Antonio, especially since we are so close to all thatfun stuff in Round Top and Warrenton. Enjoyed looking with you!


Bella said...

I have the PERFECT spot for that blue chandelier...come see my bedroom :)

Thanks for all of the pics!!! I enjoyed the tour of the antique mall!

Nice to meet you!

Abby Maddox said...

Your pictures are so inspiring...I just want to get out there and decorate! Thanks for coming by my blog. Yours is really beautiful.

new every morning said...

So much eye candy ... I feel like I'm having a sugar overload!

Love all the pics!

Donna said...

What a GREAT place to spend an afternoon!!! I'm with you - I love that blue chandelier!! I'm always touting "cottage blue" as my favorite color - and that fits the bill perfectly! Maybe I should paint mine bright blue.. .You have me thinking here!!....Donna (www.anenchantedcottage.blogspot.com)

FrenchGardenHouse said...

another super fun post! And Shopping! Yippeee....the most fun. Great photos, almost like shopping myself.
xo Lidy

sa said...


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