July 18, 2008

Best Friends

We all have a circle friends of one kind or another....some are casual acquaintenances, others are found at work, church, and in our neighborhood. If we are really lucky, we have a best friend, the one person that is there for you through thick and thin, that loves you warts and all. I am lucky enough to have such a friend. Her name is Judy, just like mine! We tell folks that we are sisters and our parents could not decide which one to name Judy, so they named us both that. (Okay, a little juvenile at our age to still be telling that story but we still tell it). We've been best friends for almost 30 years now and I can honestly say never had a cross word. Oh, sure, she'll get aggravated me at times as I have her but the love and respect are there always.

Just before David asked me to marry him, in addition to asking my family's permission, he also went to Judy because he knew of the special bond we had. She knew for about 6 weeks before he asked me and said it was the hardest thing to not say anything to me. Judy's husband and my husband are a lot alike so thankfully they get along great. One time when we were dating, David was telling Judy's hubby that I had a few "little ideas" for the house he was living in at the time. Judy's hubby said "man, don't let those girls in your house....when you get home there will be mirrors, pillows, tassels and lamps everywhere....plus they'll paint everything in sight."! He was serious too! Everytime I visit with Judy, her husband wants to know what that trip will cost him (I have NO IDEA what he's talking about)!

Judy says I have taught her how to decorate and I say she has taught me how not to make fashion faux pas. She is a very stylish lady and never leaves her home without looking 100% put together. You can go here to see how she decorated her house for Christmas.

Anyway, last week Judy came by my house to show me her new "toy".

They have personalized Auburn tags for everything - including her Auburn golf cart!

Posing with her "Z"

Next weekend I will be joining her at the beach for 3-4 days. She has practically lived at the beach this year and keeps asking me when I'm coming to visit so we finally decided on a weekend.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Judy is so cute with her new car! Love those things. Hope y'all have fun at the beach. There's nothing like those old close friends. I have a couple of those myself & treasure them.

Hey, looks like Friday, Aug. 1st will def. work for me for our get together.


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I hope that you two Judys have a blast together. Your friendship is a huge blessing, but then you know that. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man to have asked Judy for her permission, too. Fantastic story!

Southern Lady said...

Judy, I loved your story about you and Judy. How wonderful that you are still so close after all these years ... and the fact that your husbands enjoy each other too is just, well ... lagniappe!

She's so cute with her new car and I know y'all are going to have a great time cruisin' in it at the beach next weekend.

We'll look forward to hearing all about it and hope that "what happens at the beach doesn't stay at the beach!"

Have fun!



PAT said...

Hi Judy...I came by to wish you a great weekend! Wonderful friends post! Judy is cute and I love her new car!

I have friends from old school days...junior high school! We still cannot believe that was over 50 years ago! We love getting together and yes, our husbands all get along, too.

One of my good old friends is driving down from Wisconsin for a family reunion at the lake. She will be our guest for an overnight, here on the way down. Trying to get some of the other "girls" together while she's here. Although we're scattered all over the place we try to get together now and then and we e-mail every day!

Have a great time at the beach with Judy. Pat

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