May 28, 2008

Name That Bug

What a lot of cute ideas you all have suggested for my little bug. As luck would have it, I did not get my VW today but will have to wait until tomorrow (you know how "red tape" works!). Anyway, here are some of the names that have been submitted for consideration:

Buggin J (Tara)
Bugs4Me (Brenda)
Gramsbug or Jgramsbug (Rhonda)
Bug4J or Jsbug (Kat)
Ladybug (Southern Lady)
Jbug (Nona)
jtrbug (Nancy) - meaning jitterbug

....and a few others I thought of:

4Mimi (my grandchildren call me MiMi and my SUV car has 4-Judy)
MissPriss (husband's suggestion - can't imagine how he came up with this!)

There is a 7 letter limit on personalized plates so I can't use more than 7 letters. Of course, whatever I decide to use may already be taken when I go to the DMV so I am glad I have so many names to chose from in case I have to go to Plan B!


justabeachkat said...

Lots of good ideas! Here's another one I just thought of - LuvBug.
You know in Florida we have lots of lovebugs sometimes. LOL I hope you get the one you most want.


Nonna said...

Can't wait to hear the name you decide on! Your gonna have so much fun with your littl bug!

Anonymous said...

I love your bug! Wish I still had mine from the '70's cute little red number! Just wanted to tell you I love your blog; it is inspiring me to keep going with mine - I will visit often! - Have fun in your Bug!!! Hope they still have those holders for the dash for flowers!!!lol Jeannette

Mrs. B said...

So cute! I am assuming that by today you are zipping around in it!

I have a little award for you over at my place!

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! Just wanted to stop and give you a quick note of thanks for adding me to your list! I will add you to mine as well!!! I actually woke up this morning thinking of names for your bug!lol all I could come up with is IBuggie!lol Have a great weekend - Jeannette

Tina Coruth said...


I just clicked over from a link at Nonna's. You have a very nice blog!

What a great list of names for your license plate. I like Judybug! :-)

Have a great weekend!


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

Love your bug! A quick XOXO, miss you and I'll be normal in a week or, sandi

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Judy, I love your new little bug! Love Judybug too for the plate. ARe you driving it up here on Friday? Can't wait til we get to meet up for some fun.


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