November 27, 2010


Wow!   If you know anything about SEC football, you know that the Iron Bowl is one of the most anticipated games of the year.      Friday was the Iron Bowl and man what a nail biter!     Alabama came out and dominated Auburn the first half but after the half, Auburn showed up and showed what they are made of!       Final score 28-27….WAR EAGLE!


SEC championship

Cam Newton, QB for Auburn, celebrating with the crowd.


Husband and I decided that if we got as far at the SEC championship game, he and son would go.      Then I decided I wanted a ticket and we couldn’t leave out daughter.      So we ended up buying 5 tickets (a friend of daughter’s is going too).      Some of us are going over Friday for fan day and son and DIL will come from Birmingham on Saturday before the game.

I am so excited about attending my first SEC game.       I plan on having a blast!



Nancy said...

We are huge Bama fans :) but so happy that one Alabama team will be going to Atlanta!! AU played a great game and it was such a nail biter! NOW, go grab the SEC title and bring home the BCS trophy in January!!!!!

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Now what a game...I never gave up, but I wasn't far from it! What an awesome 2nd half...those guys just don't give up. I had a feelin' that tonight was going to be a good good night! LOVE those AUBURN TIGERS! War Eagle Judy!


Sandra Rowell said...

I bet I came near to having a heart attack several times during that game. War Eagle! Wish I were going to the SEC game, but we will definitely be cheering them on from home.

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

My husband was pacing the floor during the first half! We are big Auburn fans since my husband, son and daughter all graduated from there. Have fun at the SEC game.

Sharon said...

War Eagle! What a great weekend of football! FSU beat UF too! Go Noles!

Kat said...

I don't follow any sports actually, except tennis (does that count?), but I can "hear" the excitement in your words. I hope you have a wonderful time.

I'm busy decorating for Christmas, but I'm taking plenty of breaks to visit my blog friends. wink, wink


Anonymous said...

War Eagle! We have watched that second half at least 3 times. So proud of our team. Have fun at the SEC championship game. Oh, and we are #1 in the BCS!!! WDE!!

Mom on the Run said...

Come up to Marietta on Sunday, we're having our Pilgrimage. The director is a huge Auburn fan--when her house was on the tour she had her dad's AU letter jacket on the bed and his little notebook with old football plays on the dresser (I think she sent the playbook to AU afterwards--they'd just found it in his stuff). We always like it when Tennessee makes it to the championship game because tons of them come to the pilgrimage on the way home! Stop up to Mayretta if you have time. I'll be at the front door of the Archibald Howell Home Sunday afternoon.

Blue Creek Home said...

Judy, Ya'll are going to have a ball!
I still can't get over that big come back on Saturday - AMAZING!!!

Be safe - we will be glued to the tv!

War Eagle

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