November 8, 2010

My Loss is My Gain

Goofy title but let me explain.    While driving back from Birmingham last weekend, I got a call from husband who said our dog had had an “accident” on my seagrass rug in the dining room.      This rug had been a custom cut rug we ordered 2 years ago when I started the dining room re-do.     He said he had tried to get out the worst of it but I would need to call a carpet cleaning place to get them to come out to see what they could do.    Now I was really worried!     When I got home, the smell was the first thing I noticed, then I saw the numerous (huge) unmistakable brown poo and pee spots.     Now I’m not talking about a little poo or pee, I’m talking LOTS!     I first called my daughter’s brother-in-law who has a carpet cleaning business.     He quickly told me they won’t even touch a seagrass rug due to shrinkage from the water.      So I ran out to Wal Mart and bought some Spot Shot (the only rug cleaner I use), some brushes and gloves.     Got home, sprayed everything and decided to wait for it to dry some so I wouldn’t smear it worse than it already was.     On Monday morning, I worked up my nerve to start the cleaning process.      Word to the wise, seagrass is almost impossible to clean!      Water is it’s enemy and stuff gets all down in all those “cracks.”     I waited for husband to get home to see for himself and to inform him we’d need to order another rug…..he was not happy about that at all.      When I checked the rug site where we’d ordered from 2 years ago, the price had almost doubled!      At this point, “we” decided to go ahead and get a bigger rug for the room…..actually husband’s idea!      I remembered two of my blog friends who had ordered their seagrass rugs from so I got on line to check out their prices and sizes.     Fortunately,  I was able to find exactly what I was looking for at a very reasonable price and $1.00 shipping!!!     All the reviews of this rug were great and I double-checked with my blog friend (Rhoda) about hers.      I have seen her rug on several occasions and it looks great so based on what I know about her rug I feel pretty good about ordering my new rug from        According to the UPS tracking information, my rug should be here this week.     

basketweave rug


I ordered the 8 x 10 basketweave seagrass rug with black border which is what I had before.     The price of this rug was only $167.99 plus $1.00 shipping!!!!    I just checked on line and as of today, this rug has sold out but apparently they anticpate receiving more of them.    I hope so because if this one works out, I will order another one to replace the el-cheapo one in my den.    Then the el-cheapo will go in the sunroom where the dog also left a few “surprises”!.      

We are leaving Thursday for a little road trip to north Alabama to check out the fall colors.     This is the same trip we took about this time last year.      Sweet little backroads, quaint towns with wonderful shops and darling homes.     You can read about our trip from last year here.    I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Have a great week everybody.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Sounds like a great price on the rug. That's really reasonable for one that large. Can't wait to hear all about your trip. Hugs, Marty

ButterYum said...

I would never have thought of looking on overstocks for a seagrass rug. Good idea. Hope it all works out well.


Kat said...

Yikes...what a mess (quite literally!)

Sounds like you came out okay though, thank goodness.

Enjoy your trip. Don't forget your camera.


Donna said...

Look forward to seeing the new rug pic! What a story. Yikes...been there myself. Glad you got such a good deal on another.
Have a nice trip!!

Blue Creek Home said...

Forrest Gump said it best-
"Sh*t Happens!" :)
I'm glad it worked out though.

I haven't been to Southern Accents in over three years. I loved everything except the prices and it took forever to get someone to give us a price on anything. It sure was fun prowling through all of it.

Be safe and have a ball on your trip.

Lamp Tramp said...

Hey Judy
Cathching up with you, wonderful deal on the rug at overstock. I'm shopping for one but need a 10 x 14.
Love what you and DIL did to your new grandbaby boy's room, such a sweet post. Have a wonderful trip and hope you find lots of treasures!

Mr Lonely said...

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Anonymous said...

I've always had great luck with those Overstock seagrass rugs.

I don't know how to cut the pear honey recipe in half. We were talking about doing just that. J's grandmother put apricots in her pear honey, along with the sugar, lemon and pineapple. We wanted to try that on a small batch, but haven't. I suppose it would be 5 cups of sugar to 8 cups of pears, but then I thought the syrup would not be thick enough. There are several pear honey recipes online. There might be one for 4 or 5 half pints or less.
Sorry for not being much help with this.

Miss Janice said...

LOVE these rugs but I also have puppy mistakes that happen. Looks sooo good though!

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