November 30, 2009

Serene Dining Room at Christmas

I spent hours this past weekend getting boxes and bags down from the attic, then more hours getting stuff out, and trying to get a “vision” of what I was going to do this year for Christmas.    One thing I learned was this:    I’ve got w-a-a-a-y too much stuff and I’m hoping I can make myself go through all of it after Christmas and “down-size” a lot of this stuff.     Hubby had a fit when he had to put all the things I didn’t use back up in the attic, knowing he’ll have to pack it back up in about a month and store it again.     I think I got the message loud and clear that something’s gotta give…..

Anyway, I am really happy with the results in the dining room.    Let me tell ya, having that neutral palette makes it so simple to decorate, just add some greenery and some white ornaments and call it a day.      But it is so soothing and classy.    Here’s a  peek at how it turned out.

christmas 2009 009

christmas 2009 015    christmas 2009 014

      christmas 2009 021   


I’ll being joining in for some of the Christmas parties throughout blogland in a few weeks so be sure to come back to see everything then.   I’m not doing a lot this year, just a few touches in the den, kitchen and dining room.

Have a great week!



duchess said...

Looks beautiful.
I'm kinda tired of hauling totes up & down myself - way too much stuff to put out.

Pat said...

I so understand about the "stuff". I have things strewn about right now...not being able to decide what to use, what to pack up again, etc.

Your dining area is beautiful!

Lindsey Conrad - Nabors said...

So lovely!!

Patti said...

Very pretty!
I too, am going to get rid of some of my stuff.

Jennifer said...

Very calm and so festive. Looking forward to seeing all of your decorations!

Kat said...

Lovely. Simple and elegant.

I know how you feel about having too much "stuff". I went through mine about 8 years ago and gave lots of it to the kids, but you sure can't tell it.


I DO DECLARE said...

I adore all the makes me want take down all my red, gold and Christmas plaid and start all over!

Cheri said...


How nice it all looks can't wait to see the rest. We moved in but hubby says that our Christmas tree is buried at the storage unit so I am not sure a tree will go up this year.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Judy, it looks beautiful! I love it all.

I thought I had a lot of stuff until I look at my sister's house. I've got a post coming up from her Christmas decor, so you'll love seeing it too. I did fairly simple in my DR this year too.

Lou Cinda said...

Totally Gorgeous! Totally!!


Lou Cinda :)

lkjatl said...

It looks great! So soothing!! I got rid of a ton last year, but could still stand to weed out more. I am going for a more simplified look this year as well. I think it gets overwhelming to look at too much don't REALLY appreciate any one thing!! Can't wait to see the rest.

Lisa said...

Looks beautiful.

I'm with you on the too much "stuff". I took a bunch of extras to the local Animal Shelter store and donated it. Hopefully it will get the love it deserves in someone else's home and the animals at the shelter will benefit from some extra funds this year!

Nancy said...

love the colors!! When we sold our home, I got rid/gave away 2/3 or the enormous amount of holiday decor I had accumlulated over 26 years :) This year I got rid of even more!! Live with less, live more is my new motto :)

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Oh, I love the white ornaments in the white bowl on the white tray. White can sometimes look boring, safe, and flat, but you have done white so well! Are the tray and bowl spray painted?

I can't wait to see how Frog Tape works for you. If you send pics, I'll post them on my blog.

Miss Mustard Seed said...

By the way, I've added you to my blogroll. Just wanted to let you know. :)

Linda said...

Judy~thanks for coming by for a visit...I agree we must get together next year for tailgating...or does sound like we have a lot in common. I'm lovin how you decorated your dining room with all the looks outstanding! I hope to get started on mine Thursday...I'm soooo far behind. Hope you have a FUN week!


Teresa said...

Looks beautiful- you have given me some ideas-
Love your site-
Have a wonderful day

Becca's Dirt said...

Can't wait to see more. I am so looking forward to the parties. I've got to get some egg nog for this party. I downsized all my stuff some years ago and now I am trying to build it back up. That's the bad thing about downsizing you get rid of too much.

Your place is beautiful and it does look real classy.

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

It's gorgeous, Judy!! Can't wait to see more!

J and I had a "discussion" and decided to have keep, pitch and giveaway cartons, after Christmas this year.

Miss Janice said...

I adore what you've done with the silver serving set and's GORGEOUS!

Melissa Miller said...

Judy this is very serene and really lovely! I adore the greenery under the plates. You have inspired me today.
~Gorgeous dining room. :)

Melissa Miller said...

You'ver got me thinking....Hmmm.

I want to donate my entire front porch worth of fake greenery and do all "real" next year. One of our neigbors is real and it's so stunning.

Lamp Tramp said...

Oh, this is sooo beautiful, Judy. just perfect taste and elegant style. I really love it all!

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