November 7, 2009

Christmas On The Coosa

Saturday kicked off the Christmas season in the little town where my daughter and her family live with the Christmas On The Coosa pageant.    There are several categories and Taylor wanted to participate in the Petite Miss Christmas On The Coosa.     All along, we never talked about “winner or losers” but that it would be fun to do and MiMi (me) would have her a fabulous dress made!    Some of her friends from ballet were also participating so Taylor was really excited  and looking forward to having a good time. 

After an initial meeting and one practice session, today was the big day.     Of course, the mamas (and grandmammas) were more nervous than the little girls.    

We tried a couple of bows in her hair to see which one we liked best.  Taylor’s hair is so thick (like her mom’s and mine) that her curls fell out before we left and we had to re-roll (is that a word) her hair again.

christmas on the coosa 2009 082


christmas on the coosa 2009 080

I found a wonderful lady that makes beautiful clothes for little girls.     Taylor’s dress is a simple “pillowcase dress” that ties on the shoulders.    I had her initials monogrammed in white,  just lovely. 

christmas on the coosa 2009 084 

christmas on the coosa 2009 085

Lots of the little girls congregated in the bathroom to dress and primp.    Taylor and her friend posed for this sweet picture.     I also surprised Taylor with a little pearl bracelet with a silver cross.    She had seen one she liked a few weeks ago and I decided to gift her with one for her special event.

christmas on the coosa 2009 090

Each girl was asked a few questions about their likes, interests, and hobbies.    Here Taylor is telling the interviewer her favorite singer is Taylor Swift.    And yes, she is barefoot….it’s a Southern thing for little girls to wear their heirloom dresses and go barefoot!    She got her toenails painted a ballet slipper pink.

christmas on the coosa 2009 086

  christmas on the coosa 2009 088  Doing “the walk”….she was so poised for such a little girl

 christmas on the coosa 2009 100

How could you not fall for that face?


shannon and taylor

Beautiful mom and daughter

taylor and madison

Taylor and one of her cousins

taylor and madison#2

  christmas on the coosa 2009 102

Taylor and her sweet friend Mary Ashley.     You might recognize Mary Ashley as being the daughter of Melissa at A Little Loveliness.     

christmas on the coosa 2009 103

While neither Taylor nor Mary Ashley won a crown or title, no one can deny these girls are winners in anyone’s book.

I was so proud of how Taylor handled herself.     She went to have a good time and that’s exactly what happened.    It didn’t bother her in the least she did not get crowned.    Now that’s a winner to me!


Isabella & Max Rooms said...

What a lovely event and your grand daughter is adorable. Sounds like a wonderful day!

Renee said...

Taylor looks so pretty! I like this kind of pagent where little girls look like LITTLE girls. And I do adore those darlin' little barefeet....too much cuteness!


Tsylor is just beautiful! I am sure you are so proud of her and her poise. That little dress will be quite a treasure in the years to come. Thanks for sharing. We grandmothers love to hear stories of what is going on in the lives of other grandmothers. I am a Nana (the a is like above). Can you tell I am a retired teacher? I think everyone needs to know how to pronounce things : O )

Have a wonderful Saturday.


Debbie's Garden said...

How sweet and adorable all your girls are. Not to mention BRAVE. Up on stage and answering questions in front of a crowd! Even the pictures at the end of the event she still has an ear to ear smile. Now THAT shows good character!

Sherri S said...

Too sweet! She is beautiful (coming from someone that has judged pagents!)! And that dress is AMAZING!

Tara said...

Wow--what an event! Cuties, these two!

lkjatl said...

I have to whole-heartedly agree with Renee's is soooo refreshing to see girls dressing like "little" girls because that IS what they are. Just precious!! I have always loved the white dresses and barefeet that so many "Southern" girls sport!

Suzanne said...

Hey Mrs. Judy!
I have been meaning to e-mail you back for awhile but I have been so busy!! I guess it is called LIFE!!
What a beautiful granddaughter you have!! Such a pretty dress! I love all those pillowcase dresses.
Hope you and your family are all well.
God Bless!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Judy, I love this!

What a wonderful event. I love the barefoot girls. The pillowcase dress is so pretty! Thanks so much for sharing this! Your granddaughter is beautiful!!

Kat said...

She is absolutely darling! Love the dress and her pretty pink painted bare toes. So cute! I know you were so proud.


Stephanie@BarefeetOntheFrontPorch said...

The girls are so precious! I have been following your blog for a few weeks now and while I knew you were from Alabama, I was surprised to read about Christmas on the Coosa! That is my hometown area. :)

Michelle said...

How much fun! It is amazing to me that little girls have so much confidence and poise. So glad that we have strong, southern women who have paved the way. Taylor doesn't happen to take ballet with Ms. GiGi does she? ;-)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Awww, Judy, she is just precious! I know you are a proud G'ma. ;)

santamaker said...

She's a beauty!

Miss Janice said...

Taylor is absolutely adorable! I love her hair and her beautiful dress!

Teresa said...

Oh how lovely your little granddaughter is- Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

Mommy2Twins said...

Michelle-yes she does! I am the proud mommy of that beautiful little girl! She is a winner in my eyes and heart!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Oh my, so precious. I love the pillow case dress and I would make one if I had a little girl. She looked so sweet. Thanks for sharing.

Tonja said...

Your granddaughter is precious. I am so delighted that the style is going back to those precious little heirloom dresses. For a while they little girls all looked like made up dolls instead of little girls! The dress is beautiful, and how wise to go into the pageant as a 'fun' thing instead of to win.

Its So Very Cheri said...

How sweet are they. They look like little angels.


Nancy said...

How awesome!!! and yes, she's a winner all the way!!

Pamela said...

That is one beautiful grand baby you have!

Les said...

Sorry, but this barefoot thing is NOT southern. It's just red-neck. I'm as southern a belle as you can get, but going barefoot in public over the age of four months old is a new thing. My grandmother and mother would have considered it trashy to take a walking aged child out with no shoes. Germs, hazardous terrain, and bad weather are all legitimate concerns. This all started with portrait artists portraying barefoot children. This was never meant to carry over to real life. Not since the depression have children in the south gone without shoes. Yuck. Fake "class".

Jennifer said...

she is a doll and that dress is darling!

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