January 22, 2014

New Pillows for New Chairs

A few weeks ago I shared the two new chairs I picked up at Pier 1.   I immediately started looking for a couple of pillows to use with them as they looked kinda “nekid” on their own!   My first though was to use a couple of leopard print pillows but so far I’ve not been able to find any…I will most likely have to make them.    But last week I was killing time before my hair appointment and went into K-Mart, of all places, when I saw these pillows.     The price was really great and when the clerk rang them up, they were on sale….so yay for me!   


They are a little big for the chairs but I really like how the colors work not only  with my chairs but they give a little pop of color with all the neutrals I have in my den.   


I still haven’t cut the price tag off my chairs **in case** I change my mind about them but I doubt I am going to so it’s time to cut those suckers off!









I’ve decided I’ve got to upgrade my camera, take a course on how to use it and invest in a tripod and wide range lens….I never can get my colors to be “true” to life…my floor is not as red as it seems in these photos nor is my wall color so washed out!    I also noticed some of the chairs seem “bluer” and sometimes a washed out color….I really want to be able to take better pictures!    I’ve been using my Canon PowerShot for a few years so I think I’ll stay with a Canon.   

It’s been soooo cold here….at least as far as this Southern girl is concerned!    I’m really ready for some warmer temps but I know we’re not having it as severe as other areas of the country.    My sister and I are planning our annual getaway to the beach the last of April and I cannot wait.    We usually go to the lake house for the weekend but this year we’re doing something different.    We even talked about taking a little cruise but she can’t take off enough time from work.   

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are!


Ron said...

Pillows look great, Judy! The colors are perfect. If you sew, you could even cut them in half to make a lumbar pillow so that you can see the tufting of the back of the chairs. It is freezing here in NOLA too. Bring on Spring! xo

Simply LKJ said...

They are gorgeous Judy! Loving the colors. And yes, what is up with this crazy weather!! Baby girl is in Waco, mid Texas, and they are predicting a winter advisory for south of her!!!!

Diana @ our vintage home love said...

Gorgeous!! I'm so ready for warm summery weather! :)

Kelly said...

Those pillows are the perfect color! They add a lot of personality to those chairs too. The cold weather has been harsh this year hasn't it? So much for global warming! LOL.

Fairhope Supply Co. said...

This is a beautiful area! I say take the tags off and welcome those chairs home! The pillow fabric is wonderful.
Good job!

Stacey said...

They are perfect there and kind of spring. :)

Jody and Stan said...

Love your new pillows! New Follower!

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