January 28, 2014

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Please remind me to NEVER, EVER complain about our scorching hot summers…please!   We’re just not used to these extreme cold temperatures here in the Deep South but that’s exactly what we’re getting.      My brother commented earlier to me that our weather was “lightweight” and I guess it is to him…although he lives in Kentucky, he’s still used to more wintery type weather than we are.    


View outside my kitchen window this morning…ice just starting to form on the windows



I’ve never seen ice on my windows like this!






My car is covered with snow



Early this morning you could see ice starting to drip off our firewood



Late this afternoon ice is really clinging to everything



My birdbath is completely frozen



Back deck mid-afternoon



I took this just after dark

This morning I started potato soup in my crock pot.    I had to run to the grocery story for a few things and meant to pick up some crème cheese to add to the soup but completely forgot it!    It still tasted good and since I’ve never made the soup before, not sure what difference the crème cheese would have made but I plan to add it next time.    I crumbled up some bacon and added shredded cheese to mine and it was soooo good.   



I know my pictures don’t look as bad as other areas of the country but since we just don’t see the level of ice and snow we are experiencing it’s a real novelty to us here.      My son lives 100 miles north of me in Birmingham and his office is 10 miles from his home.    He said it took him 4 hours to get to his subdivision (after picking up 2 kids at daycare and school) and then he had to park his car at the entrance to his subdivision and walk home!   He said cars were parked all over the roads into his subdivision, which is very hilly, and everyone was walking.    Fortunately someone was able to give him and the kids a ride to their house.    My daughter-in-law left work at 11:00 this morning and she still had not made it home when I spoke to him at 5:00!    He is in touch with her but the roads are slick and cars are at a standstill.     I’m praying for her to arrive safely.

Strangely enough, we are supposed to back up in the 60s this weekend….crazy, huh?   I sure hope so because we’re supposed to go to the lake to celebrate my brother-in-laws birthday, and my son and daughter-in-laws anniversary.    

Toodles poodles!


NanaDiana said...

OH, Judy- It is awful, isn't it? At least here when we get snow we are used to driving in it and the roads are taken care of by road crews that keep things salted and clear. I hope your dil gets home safe and sound, too.

I always think about getting stuck in traffic and having to go potty with all the coffee I drink..Ohhhhh...that would be awful! xo Diana

Miss Kitty said...

Hi Judy! I live in Alabama too and I have never seen so many icicles everywhere even with other winter storms. I used to live in B'ham so I can just imagine all those hills with ice and snow on them. I hope it warms up tomorrow...I don't like the cold one little bit.

Justabeachkat said...

I know! This weather is crazy! Here I sit looking out at the beach. Snow on my lounge chairs. Road icy. Bridges closed. Hard to believe. Your soup looks good. I'm making some chicken and rice soup later.

Stay warm.

Big hugs,

Kelly said...

That potato soup looks yummy! That's the perfect meal on a cold snowy night. We didn't get the ice but did get snow. The problem though was after the cars started driving on the snow and it melted a bit and refroze as ice, so cars were stuck everywhere. We're in the same boat if it snows here. It closes everything down!

Simply LKJ said...

This is NUTS!!! It took my daughter 7+ hours to go what normally takes an hour yesterday. Things aren't much better today. Stay warm!! And yes, 60s by Saturday.

Gypsy Heart said...

This weather is something! We had that horrible ice storm in early Dec...people were stranded on the freeways up to 26 hours. I didn't get out for 3-4 days...cannot drive in ice. 9 days later there was still ice in areas where the sun didn't hit it.

I hope this summer is not brutal! I can't take our 110+ degrees anymore.

We need to keep all these people in prayer...you too!


Kelly TalkoftheHouse said...

I hope everyone got to and from where they needed to be safely. That storm was crazy. Our area ran out of salt for the roads. Not good. And then today's high was 76. Who knows what February will bring??Your potato soup sounds like it was the perfect thing to enjoy in the winter storm.

Becca said...

Ugh, I think we are ALL ready for a reprieve from this crazy winter! I hope all is melted and you're having warmer temps by now. I can't wait for Spring (and a bowl of your soup)! :)

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