July 19, 2012

Searching For The Perfect Chair

Do you find decorating to be a domino effect?   What started out to replace my den sofa has now evolved into getting a new rug (more on that later), a new accent chair and now I’m looking for a replacement chair for my husband’s recliner (he doesn’t know that yet)!     I’m 99% sure I’m getting the Ektorp white slipcovered sofa from Ikea with an additional slipcover in the Svanby beige so I can change up.     We have a very comfy recliner that has seen better days so I’m thinking that I need (want) to replace it with something more stylish but still comfy.     Here’s a few ideas I’ve found:



(via overstock.com)



(via Overstock.com)

This won’t work but it’s such a pretty chair…much like the one featured in the Southern Living Idea House (which I’ll be reposting about after the August issue of Southern Living comes out)




(via Overstock.com)


jc penney fridayPB basic

(Pottery Barn)


pottery barn swivel chair

(Pottery Barn)

I love this one…it swivels and looks like it would be so comfortable


savannah armchair PB

(Pottery Barn)

I love this one too….it reminds me of one I saw in Country Living one time


JC Penney's has a line called “Friday” by Linden Street but I couldn’t get a good picture.   One of my sweet blog friends (Kelly) also suggested I might want to consider getting a stripe slipcover for their Friday chair…a good idea since the sofa will be white.

Of course, Ikea has a Ektorp chair that matches the Ektorp sofa but I’ve heard it’s not very comfortable.    Comfort is key as we will be using the chair a lot….like every day and it’s where I blog from.    I love the ones from Pottery Barn but just not the price!

I would love for ya’ll to give me some ideas/suggestions/links for a replacement chair.    

About my new rug mentioned above….I noticed when we were at the Southern Living Idea House they used two 5x7’s (I think that was the size) from Ikea together in the den and I liked that idea so I was planning on buying two when I get my sofa.    But the other day I was in Ross and found one which was just a tad smaller than what I needed (I needed an 8x10) but this was 7.6 x 9.6 so I brought it home and it works beautifully!    The Ikea rugs were $99 each and this one was $89.00!    Even my husband likes it.



I don’t know if I’ll leave the faux zebra down but for now it stays until I bring in my new sofa and see how I like it then (can’t wait to put that loveseat back in the sunroom and bring in my new sofa)!






I also picked up a couple of burlap pillows today at T.J. Maxx for two of my kitchen chairs….of course, these are subject to change too!



My appeals hearing is set tomorrow via teleconference regarding my job loss in May.    Please keep your fingers crossed things go well….I’ll be posting about the outcome just as soon as I know.    


Ron said...

Everything looks good. I love all the chair selections. My favorite might be the Pottery Barn swivel one. It looks so comfortable too.
I love your new rug and pillow. Burlap and jute...LOVE!
Prayers being said for a happy resolution to your appeal. xo, Ron

NanaDiana said...

I have a love/hate relationship with buying new furniture...I see something I love-it is not comfortable...I see something I DISLIKE and it is like slipping into an old bathrobe. Can't win! Love your rug-I finally found one on sale, too...sort of along the same lines as your own-xo Diana

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

They look like great chairs, but I need to sit in chairs before I buy them to check for comfort. I've seen a lot of chairs that look comfortable but are not when you sit in them. I have the Ektorp chair and find it quite comfortable. I have a white slipcovered ottoman that I got from somewhere else and I paired that with it. It's also held up for at least 15 years. It sounds like you are going to have a pretty new room soon!

Donna S said...

i have the ektorp love seat...check ebay for slipcovers...i purchased a new one in the box for $40!!!!!

Blue Creek Home said...

Love the rug! And, my niece has the Friday sofa and it really is comfy - haven't sat in the matching chair but I would think they would be similar. I do love a swivel chair though.
I can't wait to see the room complete.

Between You and Me said...

We're thinking about those two ikea chairs that you mentioned were uncomfortable...uh oh. We'll have to rethink that one!

I love those chairs from PB, too, but the prices are unbelievable. :(

I had no idea that JCPenny had a line called Fridays.....heading there now to check them out on line.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! So glad to "meet" you.

Tonya said...

I have the ektorp sofa, chair and ottoman. Also the jennylund, which is great looking but not comfortable to sit in for very long. Makes a great extra seat only.
The ektorp chair and ottoman are very comfy, great for curling up in. I have the white slipcovers on those. The sofa is good for the money but not as comfy as the display so maybe over time and use it will be.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Love the rug..great rice too!! I know you don't want to hear this, but I'm liking the PB chairs.


Kelly said...

How fun to redecorate an entire room! I know it's alot of work and can get expensive, but just waiting for the outcome is so worth it! I think your chair choices are all so pretty. However, the very first one pictured may not be as comfortable as you would like. My sister bought two of them for her sunroom and I love the way they look, but they are hard when you sit down. I think they would be better used as an occasional chair for guests, but not every day tv viewing and reading. Just a suggestion. I know whatever you choose, it will look great. I love the direction you're going in. Your new rug is great too! That will look perfect with your new sofa.

Kelly -Talk of the House said...

I like the fully slipcovered (to the floor) Pottery Barn one, but it is very expensive. The Ektorp one looks very much like it, and it sounds like it is more comfortable than what Julia at Hooked on Houses experienced. That's great, and you can't beat the price at Ikea. Are you thinking of an ottoman too? I LOVE your bargain rug! Good shopping girl! And I will keep all your events in my prayers. Can't thank you enough for introducing me to all your wonderful readers!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever been to the Ballard outlet in Atlanta on Defoor? It's off Howell Mill Road. Not far from Ikea. If you're going to Ikea, swing by Ballard. I just bought the Eton club chair and ottoman there on sale--$400. You can search it on their site--I think it retails for $1200. !!! They have great deals every time I go in there, and there are always chairs. Super comfy, too.

Chair said...

This looks like a nice Chair that will comfort your spine :)

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