January 6, 2008

The Beau is Back!

We went to Biloxi this past weekend for a little R&R. Before we left I had to stop at one of my favorite shops to buy some new black jeans. Coming out of the jean department, I saw this navy and white display and fell in love with the white city shorts and navy sweater outfit. I have several pairs of white city shorts (which I lived in last summer) and now I want the Ralph Lauren sweater! Doesn't this just make you think of Spring?

Saw these cute capris and tank top at a shop at the Beau Rivage. They say gray is the hot color this year and I've always loved it.

The Beau is Back! The Beau Rivage suffered signifacant damage during Hurricane Katrina. It had it's grand re-opening in December 2007 when we were there. They kept the Beau's charm and sophistication in the rebuilding and remodeling process. This is probably one of the most beautiful hotels on the Gulf Coast.

I know phones are everywhere now but I've not had the urge to call anyone from the throne room yet!

Our room (sorry it's so dark)

The grounds are just beautifulLast year they told us the water was up above the arch!

Better view of the arch and how massive it is

This is inside the lobby area - none of these are real flowers

Hard Rock Cafe, next door to the Beau Rivage, was just days away from opening when Hurricane Katrina hit

Mary Mahoney's - a wonderful old restaurant with delicious food

If you are ever in Biloxi you should try to eat here

An old beauty being brought back to life

The entire front of this house was blown away

I love this house. It sits across from the beach. Look at these trees!

There seems to be hundreds of these old oak trees. Thankfully, many survived.

Nothing left of this house but the foundation

A souvenier shop just down from the Beau

Biloxi has done a lot of re-building since we were here last December. However, there are many abandoned houses and lots that are still like they were after the hurricane. I wish only the best for those proud people of the Gulf Coast. Their spirit and determination is to be admired.


Kelly said...

I LOVE all of those old houses down there and all the huge oak trees! So pretty and so Southern!

Mary said...

Hi Judy,
What beautiful old houses and oaks -- so sad that so many more were lost.

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love that Lauren sweater!

Lamp Tramp said...

OOHH Can't beleive you were down here. My husband and I drove past the Beau Friday afternoon. We dropped off an antique clock for service in Ocean Springs. It's still painfull for us to drive HWY 90. You must have had an awesome time- the Beau is so pretty. Let me know the next time you come down.

Kim said...

The site magically got healed! No clue what was wrong before.

Did you buy the sweater? Can I have it when you get tired of it?! Gray is one of my favorites, too. All my winter stuff is black,gray and red (and some pink; you know me.

The pics are great. We have never been down there, but have some Delta friends who live in, well the delta. Maybe this summer. We are going skiing in February (NC) or wherever Gary is flying to. We didn't get to go to Chile Christmas. It is summer there and the plane was PACKED!

Michelle said...

It just amazes me the devastation that is still present. It sounds like you had a great time.


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