July 22, 2013

Wise Words From Parent To Child

I’m not sure where I ran across this but I saved it so I could go back and read it from time to time.    I’d love to give credit for it so if anyone knows where it came from, please let me know and I’ll be happy to link back to it.    I’ll bet you can “see” yourself saying at least one or more of these phrases to your child or children.    Since my babies are grown, I especially love #22 and #27!

1.. Stay true to you. Never forget to listen to yourself before anyone else.

2. Remember that your sibling is your friend forever. When you feel like no one is on your side…they always will be.

3. Even though you don’t want to listen to me at times, I will continue to talk and try to guide you. I know that you are hearing me even if you don’t want to acknowledge.

4. Sometimes friends won’t always act like friends. It happens. Forgive and move on.

5. Take time for your passions. They will always bring you joy…even when your old like me;)

6. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. It is the key to staying young. Laugh often. Laugh hard. Laugh until you are crying.

7. As you get older, you will be given more responsibility. It is our only true job. To help you become happy, independent and helpful people.

8. Make your decisions carefully and with a mindful heart.

9. Remember that grades are only one measure of success. Just try your best…truly your own personal best is all we will ever ask.

10. Remember that we look at everything you do online…if you wouldn’t stay/do/pose etc..…in front of us…then it shouldn’t be online for the world to see. Period.

11. From the time we brought you home from the hospital…we had to start letting you go. Remember to be patient with us…it is really hard to do sometimes.

12. Nothing good happens after midnight. It’s just a fact….so you won’t miss anything. Don’t worry about it.

13. Don’t assume things of other people based on appearance. Because what you are thinking in your head is usually very far from the reality.

14. Eat real food. Like fruit and vegetables. It will always help you think clearly…and makes your skin pretty ;)

15. Respect your teachers.

16. Empty the dishwasher…when no one is looking. Small acts of kindness will help make your heart sing.

17. Let me always hug you and give you millions of kisses on those cheeks.

18. Spend time with you Grandparents…when you are old you will miss them.

19. Nothing disappoints us more than lying. Just tell us the truth…no matter if it is ugly…we will always understand more than a lie.

20. Don’t forget to listen in church. It will help you solve every problem in your head.

21. Keep smiling.

22. If you catch me staring at you….it is just because sometimes I still see your little baby face and it makes me happy.

23. If you see a friend in a tough situation…be the one to help…because when you don’t help you are just as guilty as the one who is being mean.

24. When the world seems like it’s handing you too many problems…we will make chocolate chip cookies and we will solve them together.

25. One best friend is better than a dozen sort of friends.

26. If all else fails….watch some home movies. They will make you laugh…and help you to remember all your blessings.

27. I will call you peanut and bear when your 40…just get used to it.

28. Take the high road. Sometimes it seems that no one else is…but it proves to be the best path…always.

29. Always look for the next adventure…but be mindful to live in the moment.

30. We love you…more.


Since this post is all about family and children, I’d like to ask for your prayers for my son.    He is experiencing issues that may be gallbladder related and will undergo outpatient surgery on Wednesday to determine what is going on.     I’m going to Birmingham tomorrow to pick up my granddaughter and she’ll be spending the week with us here but my heart will be with him in Birmingham.    I’d appreciate your prayers for him.   Thank you!


Simply LKJ said...

Beautiful post and great words to live by. My mother was an Emergency Room nurse, so I heard #12 growing up often! Praying for your son and his team of doctors. Keep us updated!

Glenna said...

Wonderful, wise words! Prayers are being offered for your son.

Diana @ our vintage home love said...

I love this Judy! So beautiful....prayers for your son. xo

Melissa said...

This reminded me of a poem on the wall of my bedroom when I was a little girl. Each item is true! Thank you for posting this. Also sending up prayers for your son. ((HUGS))

Melissa said...

I loved this list! Everything on there is so very true. Sending up prayers for your dear son and you, and sending ((hugs))!

Karen said...

What a beautiful message to our children and is everlasting. Will be praying for your son. It is so hard watching your children when they are sick so I will send a prayer for Mama, too.

Karen said...

What a beautiful message and one that is everlasting. Lifting your son in prayer and since I know how worried you will be, I will send one up for Mama, too.

Southern Lady said...

I loved each and every one of those very wise words, Judy. Thank you for sharing them.

I will remember your son in my prayers and will be thinking of you. Please keep us posted.

Kelly TalkoftheHouse said...

Prayers sent. Hope the doctors have figured out and solved his medical problems by now. Beautiful words in your post.

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