July 16, 2013

Low Country Boil, Big Bertha and the Director

Wonder what all of that has to do with one another?   By the end of this post, I hope it will make better sense!

This past weekend we had a small respite from all this rain.   I’m thankful for it but enough already!!   So we headed to the lake for some family time which always involves food.    My sister decided we’d do a low country boil.    For those of you not familiar with what that is, it’s simply shrimp, sausage, new potatoes and baby corn….all boiled together with some Cajun seasoning and literally thrown out on a table for all to enjoy! 

lake 7-13-13 024

We let the fellas be in charge of cooking….one pot was “spicy” and the other “medium”…I had some of both and they were both divine!

In the past we’ve “served” it on newspaper but Saturday we went all out and used a Dollar Tree plastic tablecloth!    Yeah, we’re classy like that!     If there was such a thing as a shrimp eating contest, my son-in-law would have taken the prize….here’s his plate after he finally finished….

lake 7-13-13 019

My daughter teased him that he kept his “hammer” close by in case anyone tried to steal that lobster off his plate!   Messy but oh-so-good!


lake 7-13-13 022


When we finished, we put the leftovers in a pan and gathered up the tablecloth with all the mess and just tossed it!   For dessert we had strawberries and ice cream…no one went home hungry!

Before eating late in the evening, the kids enjoyed swimming and riding on Big Bertha.    My two granddaughters learned how to ski this weekend too!    It was so cute to see them ski by the dock waving at us so proud of themselves.   

lake 7-13-13 004


lake 7-13-13 008


lake 7-13-13 009


lake 7-13-13 017

My youngest grandson had a "large” time all day and finally conked out sitting up!   


lake 7-13-13 006

My son and his baby boy


lake 7-13-13 026

Here’s the view from the top of the upper deck looking out toward the dock.    My son didn’t get out his pontoon boat but there were plenty of  other “toys” ….trust me!

Were you wondering how the “director” part fit into this?    My sister just got a huge promotion to director at her job!    It was a long time coming but no one is more deserving.     Congratulations Betsy!    (Just remember I’m still the boss of you”)


Simply LKJ said...

What a great weekend! The sun is finally out here too. I really want to do a low country boil this summer. Maybe now that the sun is out.

Ron said...

Looks like a fun weekend. Family time is always best:) xo

Cheri said...

Well congratulations to your sister and what a fun weekend you had. Wish I was there.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

judy, this looks like a perfect day! the food looks great - all of my favorites. I've heard of he low country boil from a friend who lives in Louisiana. your day is my favorite to enjoy....good food, good friends, great family...and at the end of the day, pure exhaustion.


Deserae said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all?!?!?!? Congratulations to your sis too :o)

Sarah Spitz said...

Those look so yummy!
I just visited your blog for the first time and am in love with it.
I have no clue about southern cooking (being a german-egyptian from Europe), but definitly wanna explore this butterheavy, soulsoothing food.

Greetings from Germany,



Southern Lady said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all ... I especially loved the picture of your little sleepy headed grandson ... so precious!

With congratulations and best wishes to Betsy on her promotion ...


Leigh Anne said...

Looks like a fun weekend!!

Kelly TalkoftheHouse said...

Oh how I miss Low Country Boils!! Yours looks delicious as all get out!! Since I developed an allergy to shellfish, they have been a big no no. You are reminding me what I miss!! Looks like a VERY fun day. One day I am going to buy a boat with a motor - enough of this paddling stuff!

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