May 3, 2011

No Words

Due to the massive tornado outbreaks in my beloved state of Alabama last week, my plans to spend last weekend at my sister’s lake place on Lake Martin for our annual girl’s weekend were cancelled.   Instead she came to Montgomery to stay with us and we had a great time shopping.    She was able to get to her lake house on her way to Montgomery and fortunately it was spared.    But so many others have lost literally everything, including lives, many still unaccounted for.

Sunday afternoon my husband and I drove up to Lake Martin.    While the images you see on television and the ones I’m sharing below are disturbing, it does not adequately capture the actual horror of what has taken place.

Traveling on Highway 9 toward Santuck, the first significant damage I saw was a nursery leveled.    We have stopped at this nursery and bought plants from time to time on our way home from the lake.    

tornado april 2011 005


You could see the path the tornado took by the effected areas.    Some places were utterly destroyed yet their neighbor was spared.    I’m going to just share some pictures and let them do the talking.

tornado april 2011 007


tornado april 2011 009



tornado april 2011 012


tornado april 2011 013


tornado april 2011 014


tornado april 2011 016

All of the above photos were taking on Mount Hebron Road.    Some of the debris had been cleared off the road but both sides of the highway were just unbelievable.   Many utility trucks were already replacing power lines.     You could hear chain saws and see neighbors helping the neighbors dig out….if there was anything to salvage.


Next we came to Mount Hebron Baptist Church.    It was totally leveled to the ground.    The story is a table was the only thing left of the church with a Bible on it….the Bible was opened and one word jumped out….BELIEVE.

tornado april 2011 017


tornado april 2011 019


tornado april 2011 021


tornado april 2011 027


tornado april 2011 022


tornado april 2011 026


Another church destroyed

tornado april 2011 037


tornado april 2011 040


My husband always called this the “Leave It To Beaver” house….now destroyed


Turning onto Co. Rd. 399 you could see the path the tornado continued on


tornado april 2011 041


tornado april 2011 042


tornado april 2011 044


Just past these homes (and not a mile from my sister’s lake house) here’s what we saw….

tornado april 2011 045

….like nothing had happened!


We headed over to Children’s Harbor which we heard had been destroyed.   My daughter’s wedding reception was held at the lighthouse there and she got married at The Church in the Pines so I was really worried when I heard this.    Thankfully the Church and lighthouse were not touched but many of the cabins located on the property that are used for special needs children were in bad shape.

It is going to take quite some time to rebuild and some places may never recover.    The loss of life is staggering.     Thank you to everyone who has expressed concern and offered prayers and help.    Please keep us in your prayers….we are grateful to all of you.


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

These pics are so awful...Lake Martin is a very pretty area and it's so sad to see the damage. Happy to hear that your sisters house did okay.


Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

Judy, I understand this devastation all too well as I am livng through it too...and you are right, pictures just cannot express how horrific these tornados really were and what they left in their path...

So glad you and yours are okay and her lake house was spared...


Lou Cinda

Maggie Elizabeth said...

I am glad to hear that your sister's house was spared. It always brings tears to my eyes to hear the stories from each person. I love that God is in control no matter what and I also love that he reminds us of that. Like the church with the BIBLE!
I hope you have a great week!

Simply LKJ said...

It is heartbreaking. We know several who have homes on Lake Martin, and the devastation just to our north in Ringold leaves me speechless.

sharon said...

The pictures look the same in our area. I live in Huntsville and the area is so sad. We finally got power back on yesterday but some of the area is still without! Continue to pray for all!

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

This is so tragic. I can't even begin to imagine how these families are going to start putting their lives back together. Thank goodness your sister's house is fine.

Babs said...

Judy, I'll certainly remember, in my prayers, those who lost family and homes. I'm so glad your sister's house was spared and that your family is safe.

9405018--Pat said...

Omgosh,thes pics are heartbreaking. Glad your sister home was spared.

Blue Creek Home said...

It still takes my breath away when I drive past the hard hit areas on my drive in and out of Dadeville.
I am thankful that your sisters lake house came through without damage.

I am definitely joining you in lifting up those who have been so badly affected.

lvroftiques said...

It's staggering how brutal the tornados have been. My heart is breaking for all those who've lost their family members and friends. It had to be like driving on a different planet for you...sooo surreal. And just so sad. Vanna

Saun said...

Glad your ok thanks for sharing your pics. I can't even imagine take care

Sharon@Decorating is Bliss said...

Wow....we had a huge tornado come through my town on Good Friday a couple years ago and it's amazing how long it takes to rebuild and how long you can see the "scars". A path cleared where trees used to be is there for a long time. I am glad that you are ok and I am praying for everyone affected.

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