May 20, 2011

Sweet Tea with Lemon Please!

….a simple request right?    I pulled up at the drive thru at  McDonald’s this afternoon on my way to daughter’s (more on that later) to “help” get ready for Taylor’s first spend the night party.     Here’s how my simple order went down:

Me:    I’d like the $1.00 sweet tea with extra lemon please.

Them:   Would you like to try our frozen strawberry lemonade?

Me:   No thank you, just the sweet tea with lemon.

The screen showed my total to be $7.19!    I pulled around to pay for my order and the worker said “how did you want that tea?”!!     (I’m thinking to myself, WTH is wrong with you people?)

Me:    Sweet tea with extra lemon.

I also pointed out the total on the screen was wrong….after which I ponied up $1.10 for my tea.

When I pulled forward to the next window to get my tea she handed me a cup so full the lid would not stay on and one puny lemon!     I handed it back to her, asked her to pour out some of the tea, add more ice and two more lemons (please!)

When I got my tea back, it had two lids and no straw!



Later on I’ll be sharing about Taylor’s first ever spend the night party tonight.    This weekend is the twin’s 7th birthday(!) and tomorrow will be Jackson’s turn….a swimming party!     Here’s a little preview of one of the decorations I worked on for Taylor:


tissue paper poofs 011


Tissue paper pom poms!    So easy and so cute….don’t they look like big roses or peonies?

I’ll share how I made these and more on the birthday party.    I hope Shannon survives tonight…..8 girls spending the night, all under 7 years old!


Unknown said...

Oh, you must live in my town because I get the same kind of run around at my McD's. It's always something!!

Eight girls under the age of seven? I bet that will be the one and only time that happens.


Anonymous said...

How annoying about the McD's drive through--don't you wonder just what they hear when you talk to them?

Hope your daughter survives the sleepover. I have two grown daughters and remember all too well the sleepover parties--including the night they decided to slide down my stairs in their sleeping bags.
Let us know how it went!

Justabeachkat said...

I know how you feel about drive throughs! When I place my order I will say "one regular hamburger with extra onions please". They then ask "would you like cheese on it?" Grrrr...if I wanted a cheeseburger I would ask for a cheeseburger and wouldn't say a regular hamburger. So frustrating. George asked for his "plain, just meat and bread please". They then ask "would you like cheese". No "No lettuce or tomatoes sir?" NO


I hope the parties go smoothly.


joanne said...

you would think it was such a simple request but it must have sounded like you wanted seven of them overflowing with no lemons please?!
Those pom-pom flowers look me how to make them! Enjoy..;j

Sylvia said...

I experience the same thing in almost all drive throughs. But, most of the time the employees are teens and have been told what to say/ask. Now, getting the order wrong is a different story. I just sit in front of the window and check the order. They don't like it if the line is held up. Well, get the order right and I won't sit here. BTW, as a teacher, I see this an inability to follow verbal directions and poor listening skills. Imagine some of these same kids trying to do a science lab.
I remember sleep overs with great fondness. So much fun for my son and his friends.

Babs said...

LOL.. the last one I went to.. and I was desperate.. said they never have lemon. I asked "why does the picture of the iced tea show a slice of lemon on the side of the cup?" Duh! All I got was "we don't ever have lemon". Another reason I don't frequent that particular fast food chain. Although, I heard they are going more upscale in look..lets hope in customer service as well.
On a more positive note...LOVE your paper flower pom poms for the party. It should be so much fun with all the little girls sleeping over.
Have a great Monday and hang in there for getting iced tea with extra lemon.

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