October 20, 2008

The "Other Woman"

Well, I never thought there'd be another woman in my husband's life but he just can't hide his feelings any longer. Today he actually called me from the mall where he'd been shopping for her! Can you believe it?!?!?! I've seen her and she's beautiful.....long blonde hair, big blue eyes, killer smile, and a diva if I've ever seen one....how can I compete with that? She came into his life about 4 1/2 years ago and it was love at first sight. Of course, I have to admit, I love her too! Have you guessed who she is? It's our little granddaughter, Taylor Elizabeth! She has her Pop wrapped around her little finger. Just to show you how much, let me tell you why he called me from the mall today.

A few weeks ago, he and a few of his guy friends went to eat at the mall for lunch. He was sitting across from the Build-A-Bear store and the Hannah Montana bear caught his eye. He bravely got up and went into the store to inquire about the Hannah Montana bear. Taylor has recently discovered Hannah Montana and all she can do is sing that song "The Best Of Both Worlds" . Her ballet/tap class even danced to it last week at parent's day. She was in heaven....but let me get back to the bear story. Over the weekend, hubby was anxious to get the bear "before they sell out". So today, he went back to the mall to get the bear and here's what he did in the name of love for her:

First you pick out the bear...in this case...Hannah Montana bear.

Then you pick up a heart for the bear and here's the part I would have given anything to see:

1. He put the heart on his head so she'll be smart

2. Put the heart on your elbow (funny bone) so she'll have a sense of humor

3. Finally put the heart close to his heart, closed his eyes and made a wish then placed the heart inside the bear.

Wouldn't you have loved to be in a Build A Bear store and see this big burly man doing all that for one little girl?

So here's how hubby summed up his experience:

Hannah bear - $22.00

Sequin guitar outfit - $13.50

Silver ballet flat = $6.00

Silver gem purse - $6.00

"Best of Both Worlds" song - $5.00

Long blonde wig - $6.00

Total cost: $59.50 (plus tax)

The look on Taylor's face on Christmas - PRICELESS!

Now if that ain't love, I don't know what is!


Alyce said...

Oh my, how sweet is that! I think that is so heartwarming..I can't say that either grandfathers of my girls would do that!

Me said...

How totally sweet! Don't we just love this sweet side of our burly men? Looking forward to seeing you, Shannon, and Taylor Elizabeth at our next gathering!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

That is truly the most heart-warming stories I have heard. Your husband is truly a keeper!! What a great Grandpa. What a blessed grand-daughter.

Inspired Kara said...

AWWW that is absolutely precious.

Picket said...

Oh that is pricless!!! And they say Burly men are all rough and tough and smelly! lol lol All my Burly Boys have a soft side to them...I think it is wonderful! have a great week sweetie!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...
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Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You're right! I would've loved to have seen that. You had me nervous there for a moment, but when you said that "she" came into his life four and a half years ago, I calmed down. Phew! ;>

Heather said...

We are expecting our 3rd son any day and my hubby is highly campaigning for number 4 because he is wanting a little girl. If it doesn't happen I totally see this in our future when grand-daughters enter our world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! Not many stories I've read lately put a tear in my eye but this one did! So So Sweet!!! Best of all this is going to be a memory they both will cherish forever! You've got a keeper there!lol Have a great week - Jeannette

Mabry's gamma said...

What a wonderful guy you have, I'd say he is a keeper. Maybe my hubby should read some of these blogs, I love him but there is always room for improvement. lol

Sugar Mommy said...

I wanted to let you know that I tried my hand with the pumpkin topiaries and I have a picture of it, with a link to your blog, on my blog. Go check it out. :)

Thanks for all of the great inspiration!

Haley said...

how sweet! nothing better than grandpa love!

Melissa Lester said...

That is so sweet! She will treasure that bear forever! We are planning a trip to Build-a-Bear for Christian's birthday soon. It will be our first trip. I hope our Daddy will think it's worth the expense to make those wonderful memories!

Spanish Princess said...

A friend of mine in college bought me a B-A-B when my husband had to go to Germany for training. We put an American flag in him and dressed him in the Army outfit. I still have him now, 6 years later, but he sits on a shelf since my puppy thinks all stuffed animals are chew toys.

Nancy said...

Very cute, Judy. My hubby has another woman too...Ruby is her name...it is his Jeep Rubicon :)

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