February 15, 2016

Annie Get Your Gun...and other random musings

What a week last week was!   If you read my blog you will recall I asked for prayers for a precious family whose daughter had taken her life on Super Bowl Sunday.   She was a friend of my 11 year old granddaughter, they had played tee ball and softball together for several years.    The memorial was held this past weekend at the high school.   There are just no words to describe something this horrendous....I still can't take it in.   

I started having a stomach bug that Sunday night and into Monday.   Then on Tuesday my daughter called saying she and the baby were home sick.   I went to her house and she was literally lying on the floor burning up!   I took her to an Urgent Care as the doctor couldn't work her in until Thursday!   I knew she couldn't wait that long.    Oh, and did I mention the baby had been diagnosed with the flu on Monday!?    She did not test positive for flu or strep but the doctor put her on Tamiflu and an antibiotic anyway.    I went to her house Tuesday through Thursday and by then she was much, much better.    But I forgot how much work a little 13 month old baby is....he's constantly on the move!   I had to run to the store to get some groceries for her as she had not had a chance to go.    Thankfully her husband has not been sick (yet)!

My husband and I had planned on going out of town on Friday then onto our son's house for the weekend but I got up Friday morning with major headache and sore throat.    I got my doctor to call me in a prescription and I stayed in bed all weekend.

Yeah, it's been fun around here but I think we're all on the road to recovery, finally!

This may be a touchy subject for some of you and I don't want to post anything that will bring about conflict or disagreements.    I'm talking about gun ownership.    For years my husband has wanted me to get a small one for protection.    I'm terrified of guns and don't even like to look at them.    But some things have happened to me recently that have me giving consideration to owning one.

About a month ago I was at one of our local malls.   I had picked something up I'd ordered and was just browsing on my way out to my car.    All of a sudden I heard a man yelling very loud the word "B_____________" (fill in the blank).    He yelled it several times and I thought maybe a couple was having a big argument in the store.   When I turned to see what was going on I saw this huge guy yelling at the security cop!   The guy was taking clothes off the racks and throwing them at security....he even threw the metal rack at the security man!   I was scared to death!   I hightailed it out and as soon as I got in my car I called the police who said they had someone either there or on the way (I was so shook up I couldn't remember what they said).     I later found out the guy had been banned from coming to the mall but he came anyway.

The very next day I was in a drug store and heard a woman yelling!    She didn't curse but she was telling the pharmacist she was "tired of it" and just generally making a fool of herself.    When she went to check out she had a small package of toilet paper and was yelling at the manager that if he wouldn't take her coupon that wasn't "the end of it".....I really don't know what she was talking about but when I checked out the manager said she didn't want to follow rules.    I guess with this happening the day after the mall incident, it brought home to me how vulnerable we are when we are out and about going about our day and something like this can happen anywhere and any time.

Now I know neither one of these incidents is extremely bad but they were (and are) upsetting to me.   I now am having second thoughts on having something to protect myself in the event I find myself in a precarious situation.     I don't even know if I could use a gun.    I do know that if I go that route, I plan on taking a course in the proper use of handling a weapon and defending myself.

Do any of you have a gun?   Did you take a course and do you feel that helped?   

I don't want this post to evolve into a political discussion....I will just delete those comments as I have found you can't argue politics or religion with anyone.    I simply want to know how you would go about defending yourself if you are even in a situation that you would need to.

On a different note, I hope anyone in the path of the severe weather headed your way stays safe and warm.   I think we are only supposed to get some pretty heavy rains.    Spring can't get here soon enough for me!


Kelly said...

I was so shocked and saddened to hear about your grand daughters friend! My husband is a firefighter and has been on numerous suicide calls but seldom a child. That is the worst!!! Regarding getting a gun, I think you should if you feel unsafe. I've heard they make smaller ones for women. I have never shot one either but my husband could teach me if I got one. You can practice at the gun range too.

Granna said...

I don't have a gun but I too have thought about buying one. I would definitely take the class. My son carries a gun at all times. He said he was at our mall before Christmas, in the broad daylight, and two men in a truck approached him as he was getting in his truck. They asked him if he wanted to buy a music CD that they had made. After refusing twice and finally telling them he had a pistol, they took off.

Rebecca M said...

Owning a gun is your right as an American citizen. If you feel it would give you peace of mind, go for it! A class is definitely the right step. just be safe!

OneEnglishLady said...

I find this interesting as I live in Australia where we have strong anti gun laws, no one is legally allowed to own a gun. We still have the type of situations you mentioned - I was in the Accident and Emergency dept with my father yesterday and a guy was shouting and banging - but we don't think of reaching for a gun. I think I would deal with the situations you describe by leaving....quickly and putting myself away from the danger but it is upsetting, I found it so last night. Could I ask and you don't obviously have to answer and I am not asking to upset anyone would you, could you ever shoot someone because I guess if you have a gun then you are going to seriously consider using it. Our 2 societies are so alike and yet so different. I would love to visit your beautiful country but I am not sure about the guns. Thank you for reading. Cheers from Brisbane Australia - my name is Lindsey Back.

Gypsy Heart said...

It's heartbreaking to think of a young child taking their life. My cousin's daughter did ~ a beautiful young lady in college & had a spat with her boyfriend. A friend took her life too. It leaves such anguish and guilt for the survivors.

I've had a pistol for eons. My dad gave it to me and I used to target practice when he had this large acreage. It's probably rusted by now as I haven't cleaned it (not sure how) nor have I practiced with it. A friend and I are thinking of taking a class soon. That's the only way I would feel comfortable now. Isn't it sad that our country is in such turmoil? Just seems there are so many angry & rude people and some are just wound too tight.

Not long ago, I was at Walmart...parked my car and was getting ready to get out. I saw a van pull up and park 2-3 spaces from me. It was a man & woman and I didn't give it much thought. As I walking toward the store, the man came up to me ~ major alert! ~ and asked if I could walk over and give he and his wife directions to XYZ. I told him I didn't know where that was and hightailed it into the store! Once I was inside, I watched and they drove away. I had horrible thoughts of being kidnapped and in that van! :/ It all happened so fast that I didn't really get the license plate # or any real identifying information to share with police. I really try to be aware of who is around store entrances and in parking lots. I'm never out at night unless I'm with someone. Just a whole different world now.

Sorry I rambled! :)

Garima said...


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